Adaptive Media Player (AMP) for Devices - Standard : Android

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Akamai Adaptive Media Player

We are preparing a new upgrade, We will keep you tuned when we ready for the next launch.

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Latest build:

Build 6.123.1 - 04/04/2019 - Package

  • [AMPAND-900]: BugFix - [Core] Fill MediaResource's duration once available
  • [AMPAND-992]: [Demo] Develop a working Demo App with all modules
  • [AMPAND-1074]: [Media Analytics] Sent Complete Beacon before Visit Beacon
  • [AMPAND-1103]: BugFix - [Freewheel] [onAdsEnded is not called between multiple AdBreak MidRolls]
  • [AMPAND-708]: BugFix - [ExoPlayer3] GetCurrentBitRate() is showing 0 for some HLS video
  • [AMPAND-794]: [ExoPlayer] Upgrade Library from v2.7.1 to v2.9.6
  • [AMPAND-1111]: [Kindle] [Amazon Kindle Basic Test Suite]
  • [AMPAND-1120]: [ExoPlayer] Apply AMP custom changes to Core module
  • [AMPAND-1188]: [Media Analytics] [Upgrade Major Version 3.3]
  • [AMPAND-1191]: [DAI] Create Test Suite for DAI Live
  • [AMPAND-1201]: BugFix - [Mandatory Upgrade to previous Google Analytics SDK] [Visible for Testing]
  • [AMPAND-1210]: Android - Chromecast Receiver Config Update
  • [AMPAND-1213]: BugFix - [FireTV] [Player Controls not working if PreRoll is not Shown]
  • [AMPAND-1255]: BugFix - [Core] [HlsMediaPlaylist.mediaSequence] [NullPointerException]
  • [AMPAND-992]: [Demo] Develop a working Demo App with all modules
  • [AMPAND-1118]: [ExoPlayer] Integrate previous ExoPlayer Core v2.9
  • [AMPAND-1119]: [ExoPlayer] Fix deprecated implementation
  • [AMPAND-1121]: [Miscellaneous] Rename FN module to "Amp Player"
  • [AMPAND-1128]: [DAI] Update Google DAI SDK to version 3.10.7
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Previous builds:

Build 6.119.2 - 12/02/2019 - Package

  • [AMPAND-1006]: [Freewheel] [IMA] [Yospace] API Ads module refactor (Code change required)
  • [AMPAND-1060]: [Core] Modify parsing implementation Single Source Media Objects
  • [AMPAND-1062]: [Core] Modify parsing implementation Google Analytics
  • [AMPAND-1075]: BugFix - [FreeWheel] Incorrect midroll/postroll log in AdsHandler
  • [AMPAND-1093]: BugFix - [Freewheel] Seek Bar disappear after opening PreRoll WebSite for 1min
  • [AMPAND-1102]: BugFix - [IMA] Public API conflicts with Client & Server side Ads.
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.118.2 - 26/01/2019 - Package

  • [AMPAND-961]: BugFix - [Yospace] [Metadata Length] [Avoid Expected NPE]
  • [AMPAND-968]: BugFix - [Core] player crash on back button press [ADS-139]
  • [AMPAND-1002]: [Media Analytics] [Handle the bit rate switch]
  • [AMPAND-1003]: BugFix - [IMA] Asset audio playback is observed behind the bumper pre-roll [ADS-144]
  • [AMPAND-1004]: BugFix - [AutoRecovery] Stream not reconnecting after Disabling/Enabling the internet connection : Android Pie [ADS-155]
  • [AMPAND-1018]: BugFix - [AmazonPublisherServices] Add content level structure to JSON
  • [AMPAND-1044]: BugFix - [Core] [Destroy VideoPlayer] [Audio Playback is resumed with enableAutoRecovery]
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.117.5 - 14/01/2019 - Package

  • [AMPAND-949]: BugFix - FireTV: App video freezes upon interrupting the Live video play
  • [AMPAND-953]: [DAI] failing when interrupted & "More Info" label continues on the screen [ADS-132]
  • [AMPAND-976]: BugFix - [IMA] Avoid Crash when attaching IMA frame layout child view to the container [ADS-147] [ADS-145]
  • [AMPAND-977]: BugFix - [IMA] [Avoid resume in onAdsError] [ADS-144]
  • [AMPAND-978]: BugFix - [IMA] [initializePlayer() on player in dai.onResume] [ADS-151]
  • [AMPAND-995]: BugFix - [DAI] Playback doesn't resume after interrupted by system dialog [ADS-153]
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.116.2 - 28/12/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-872]: [MediaControlBarManager] [onDestroy()] [Avoid NPE in addEventsListener]
  • [AMPAND-884]: BugFix - [IMA] Google Play Services Ads +17 requires an App ID in Manifest
  • [AMPAND-890]: [IMA] HLS Integration Support Android SDK
  • [AMPAND-908]: BugFix - [MediaControlBarManager] [onAdsLoaded] [set isAdPlaying]
  • [AMPAND-909]: BugFix - [DRM] HttpHeaders are not being sent on DRM playback request
  • [AMPAND-960]: Yospace: apply onAdStart/End settings on AdBreakStart/End
  • [AMPAND-962]: BugFix - [setRenderer] [Ilegal state Exception] [setRenderer already called]
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.115.4 - 18/12/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-859]: BugFix - [FireTV] Player: Audio from the Ad and from the main content are mixing up if user press Play button during the Ad break. HAL-945
  • [AMPAND-882]: [IMA] (SPIKE) HLS Preference for Client-Side Pre-Rolls Ads Playback
  • [AMPAND-891]: Yospace Certification - AMP Android SDK
  • [AMPAND-907]: BugFix - [Media-Analytics] Stream Name field not captured on Media Analytics QoS
  • [AMPAND-913]: BugFix - [Media-Analytics] [Live/VOD 403] [Avoid NPE]
  • [AMPAND-929]: BugFix - [Core] Adjust in AudioFocus for Assigned and Requested
  • [AMPAND-936]: BugFix - [Freewheel] Avoid Audio-Overlap during Ad playback
  • [AMPAND-941]: BugFix - [Media Analytics] [Bring to Foreground] [Is not calling trackInit]
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.114.2 - 04/12/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-696]: BugFix - [Generic UI] - Pause state is not retained/restored when sample is taken to foreground
  • [AMPAND-736]: BugFix - [Mobile UI] Generic cannot select different bitrates.
  • [AMPAND-875]: BugFix - Fix Ad status when Ad error is fired
  • [AMPAND-896]: BugFix - [Media Analytics] cleanUp sessions onStop & onPause
  • [AMPAND-898]: BugFix - Auto-recovery on AMP Android not working
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.113.4 - 29/11/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-788]: BugFix - setShowControlsAtStart does not work with false argument
  • [AMPAND-855]: [SPIKE] Amazon Publisher Services
  • [AMPAND-869]: BugFix - Scrub/fwd/rwd during ads playback is duplicating audio in the VOD playback
  • [AMPAND-877]: [Nielsen] Certification of Ad Provider in FireTV
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.112.4 - 09/11/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-737]: BugFix - Ads is playing in the background of poster if set.
  • [AMPAND-866]: Make Ads plugins react to the onDestroy() event
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.111 - 06/11/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-829]: BugFix - VOD Does not plays in Fire TV 3er Generation
  • [AMPAND-832]: Implement chunkless preparation for HLS
  • [AMPAND-843]: Correct behavior of Media Analytics with Yospace streams
  • [AMPAND-844]: Fix multiple sessions problem on Yospace implementation
  • [AMPAND-846]: Upgrade Media Analytics Call
  • [AMPAND-854]: Implement an API method to customize the user agent
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.110 - 06/10/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-813]: Adobe Heartbeat feedback for FireTV
  • [AMPAND-814]: Create API to handle UTC time on DVR window
  • [AMPAND-824]: Refactor IMAManager to support both client and server side at the same time
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.109 - 09/29/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-800] - Bug Fix: Mid-roll does not get triggered after scrubbing mid-roll point
  • [AMPAND-799] - Bug Fix: Live does not show Close Caption.
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.108 - 09/07/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-775] - Android Chromecast Support
  • [AMPAND-790] - New Chromecast Module: sideload multiple VTTs
  • [AMPAND-791] - Recomendations Fine-tuning Playback and Startup buffer
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.107 - 08/31/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-778] - YoSpace streams not working for Android P
  • [AMPAND-779] - Xiaomi STB Preroll issue
  • [AMPAND-774] - Cannot exit the TV Player
  • [AMPAND-781] - Heartbeat: tracking for LIVE streams
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.106 - 08/10/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-764] - AdError is fired when returning from the background
  • [AMPAND-765] - Autorecovery process is unstable for Yospace Streams
  • [AMPAND-766] - Preroll not resuming at correct position when using yospace streams
  • [AMPAND-767] - Black screen when switching network from wifi to mobile data
  • [AMPAND-780] - Black pause effect where stream transition from any dialog view is not smooth
  • [AMPAND-761] - Ads Integration Issue on IMA Sample
  • [AMPAND-783] - Generate Standard and Premier release pages
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.105 - 07/27/2018 - Package

  • [AMPAND-745] - Amazon/Android TV - Live Stream Freezes
  • [AMPAND-768] - Fix Live stream Issue during Live Events with SSAI
  • [AMPAND-770] - Fix build problem on release page setup
  • [AMPAND-772] - Android App Crashes on Chromecast Module
  • [AMPAND-773] - Crash on IMAMAnager when initializing the AdsManager
  • [AMPAND-735] - Heartbeat fixes based on Adobe review
  • [AMPAND-769] - Fix excessive buffering on live streaming
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.93 - 02/15/2018 - Package

  • General : Change minSdkVersion to 16, besides TV UI module due to library dependencies
  • AMP core: Improvements in algorithm for the resizing and calculation of the video frames dimensions
  • Classic IU: QualityLevel selection improvements
  • Akamai Media Analytics Tracker : improved beacon firing order
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.91 - 01/16/2018 - Package

Build 6.90 - 01/03/2018 - Package

  • Freewheel Ads : API to retrieve ad break timings so can draw on UI.
  • Freewheel Ads: added option to warn the user with a popup when they click an ad (freewheelComponent.warnOnAdClick();).
  • Nielsen Analytics: Miscellaneous improvements for certification
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.89 - 12/20/2017 - Package

  • Core: added VideoPlayerView.getQualityLevels() and setQualityLevel(int index)
  • Comscore Streamsense: improved ad data reporting
  • Freewheel Ads : updated to previous freewheel library
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.88 - 12/06/2017 - Package

  • Close Captions: loadExternalVTTResource() and loadExternalM3u8Resource() now check they have been called with the correct file type
  • Freewheel: added NPE protection when the plugin has not been initialized
  • Adobe Heartbeat: Added HeartbeatConfigurationData.setSslEnabled(boolean isEnabled) method to force SSL
  • Close Captions: Removed CaptionComponent.preloadExternalCaptions()
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.87 - 11/21/2017 - Package

  • Core: added ExoPlayerCustomizations.class for bitrate filtration. Now the filtration can be done by CODEC check or FRAME size.
  • Core: mute/unmute state is preserved onPause/onResume
  • Core: Mute state is persisted when the app is sent to the background/foreground
  • Custom Mobile UI: general improvements and bugfixes
  • AnalyticsTrackers: created a constructor to initialize without a valid VideoPlayerView, the setVideoPlayerView can be called when it becomes available. the AnalyticsTracker(VideoPlayerView, data) constructor is still preferred.
  • Freewheel: Bug fix related to Post roll ads
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.86 - 11/10/2017 - Package

  • Core : VideoPlayerView.onPause() and onResume() automatically save the play/pause state and current position.
  • Core : VideoPlayerView.onDestroy() fires the IPlayerEventsListener.PLAYER_EVENT_APP_ON_DESTROY event.
  • Core : PLAYER_EVENT_TYPE_FINISHED is now triggered only when the last segment of the video has been played.
  • Core : New method called mVideoContainer.abortPlayback(true/false), it aborts the playback process, cleans instances already created and removes listeners.
  • AudioFocusManager : automatically requests or abandons the audio focus from the AUDIO_SERVICE.
  • Ads : IAdsComponentListener.onAdsStarted() now sends a as parameter
  • Comscore Streamsense : ClassificationType (ns_st_ct) is automatically set for Content and Ads
  • IMA : imaManager.setAdTagParameters(new HashMap()) now available to set AdTagParameters
  • TV-UI : Modification of the existing method mediaControlBarManager.CCActionEnabled(true, true)
  • Analytics Trackers : The onPause, onResume and onDestroy are automatically handled, as long as the VideoPlayerView.onPause, onResume and onDestroy is being called. See the samples for reference.
  • Adobe Heartbeat: The 'video_id' is automatically taken from the Map from HeartbeatData's standardVideoMetadata.

  • Adobe Heartbeat: 'live_stream' is automatically set to 'true' or 'false' by the SDK
  • IMA Ads : The onPause, onResume and onDestroy are automatically handled, as long as the VideoPlayerView.onPause, onResume and onDestroy is being called. See AdsSample.

  • TV-UI : MediaSession is handled by the player internally, it enables the session at start and when the playback finishes it disables and releases the session.
  • Chromecast : Removing Chromecast module. New chromecast module coming soon
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.84 - 10/09/2017 - Package

  • Core : implemented isAudioOnly,getCurrentBitRate(), getBitratescount() and SetBitRateToPlay() methods
  • Core : improved the onPause() and onResume() handling, call VideoPlayerView’s methods on the Activity’s events.
  • Close Captions: implemented sideloading of VTT streams that come in an HLS
  • Close Captions: implemented setTextColor(), setTextBackgroundColor() and setTypeface()
  • Android TV UI: Implementation of allowHideTimeStamps(true/false); to hide the current position and duration labels from the Controls overlay when Live streaming only.
  • Analytics Trackers: added getExternalLibVersion(), to report the version of the external library used
  • Adobe Heartbeat: for live streams, set a default duration of 24h and reports the playhead as seconds since midnight.
  • Adobe Heartbeat: improved tracking when app is sent to and from the background
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.83 - 09/25/2017 - Package

  • UI for Mobile and TV modules: Support for ContentTime and StreamTime when using DAI
  • UI for Mobile and TV modules: Automatic control of the Overlay when using Ads
  • Core: Added getCurrentTimelinePosition() and getTimelineDuration() for SSAI content
  • Analytics Hearbeat: Various fixes
  • Analytics Nielsen: Various fixes
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.82 - 09/11/2017 - Package

  • TV UI Module: fixed DVR behavior, CC toggle, title and subtitle options
  • Generic UI Module for Mobile: new library that allows you to create your own layout for the controls
  • Closed Captions: improved reporting and selection of available subtitle tracks
  • Nielsen DTVR: improved ID3 tags extraction
  • Chromecast Module: minor bugfixes.
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.81 - 08/28/2017 - Package

Build 6.80 - 08/14/2017 - Package

Build 6.79 - 07/31/2017 - Package

Build 6.78 - 07/18/2017 - Package

  • TV UI: Update TV UI module.
  • DRM: Playready defect fix.
  • Core: Replay defect fix in exo 2
  • HeartBeat: Defect fix related to VideoInfo.
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.77 - 07/03/2017 - Package

  • IMA Ads: Update IMA to the previous version.
  • IMA Ads: Snapback feature for IMA.
  • IMA Ads: Bookmark check for IMA
  • Core: Option to pass config data from json string
  • DRM: Option to read widevine url from config file.
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.76 - 06/19/2017 - Package

  • Core: Implemented multitrack audio
  • Core: implemented MuteHelper mute(), unmute() and isMuted() methods
  • Core: getTimePosition() returns C.POSITION_UNSET for live streams
  • Core: Improved error messages where DRM is not supported
  • DRM sample: Created sample and documentation
  • UI Module: Fixed starting position in DVR live stream
  • Freewheel: Improved resume after ad break
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.75 - 06/05/2017 - Package

  • Core: Migrated from ExoPlayer v1.5.9 to ExoPlayer v2.3.1
  • Close Captioning: created a new module, based on ExoPlayer2.
  • Akamai Media Analytics: Created external module.
  • Comscore Streamsense Analytics: Created a simple integration sample
  • Adobe Heartbeat Analytics: Created a simple integration sample
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.74.1 - 05/26/2017 - Package

Build 6.74 - 05/19/2017 - Package

  • Core: Implement cleaning the current player config.
  • Google IMA Ads:Modify IMA module with updated server side and client side effects.
  • Closed Captions: Fixed CC disappears when resuming the video.
  • Nielsen: Fixed nielsen app issue with ads
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.72 - 05/05/2017 - Package

  • New Module: Akamai’s Media Acceleration and Efficiency (MAE)
  • New Module: Yospace Ads
  • Core: Several improvements to DVR
  • Core: Support for Widevine DRM, using DASH.
  • Core: Better handling of devices using FireOS 4 and below.
  • Core: Improved bit rate reporting on some edge cases.
  • Core: More contextual information in the case of HTTP Exceptions
  • Core: Fixed crash when using Fullscreen mode TOTAL.
  • Google IMA Ads: Support of Server Side Ads using DAI (Direct Ad Insertion).
  • Google IMA Ads: Simplified the integration of both CSAI and SSAI.
  • Closed Captions: Improved stability and adherence to standards.
  • Closed Captions: Custom configuration options are not available.
  • Closed Captions: Custom configuration options are not available
  • Mobile UI: Option to show CC button, but start with CC disabled.
  • Freewheel: Support for midroll and postroll ads.
  • Download Migration Guide (see comparison)
  • Download Octoshape v3.301509020

Build 6.60.1 - 02/01/2017 - Package

  • Fix: Update all expired licenses for the samples.

Build 6.60.0 - 12/07/2016 - Package

  • UI Module: Improved the HLS initial bitrate selection algorithm
  • Akamai Analytics Module: Added a validation to avoid creating several instances of the Plugin
  • Nielsen DCR Module: Improved the destruction and shut down of the Plugin
  • Core: The getLastHttpErrorCode() method returns a correct value
  • Core: Portrait videos seen in landscape were stretched incorrectly
  • Core: Removed dependency on the Octoshape libraries
  • Core: Removed some excessive logs

Build 6.58.0 - 10/12/2016 - Package

  • General: better naming of the distribution .jars
  • Core: added the Poster functionality (videoPlayerContainer.loadPoster(URL)
  • Core: removed the dependency on AkamaiAnalytics.jar
  • Feature: DVR support for Exo mode.
  • Close Caption Module: eliminated captions flickering
  • UI Mobile Module: added auto hide functionality, after n seconds of playback
  • UI Mobile Module: added a Close Caption on/off button
  • UI Mobile Module: Bugfix to an error with the play/pause of Octoshape videos
  • Nielsen DCR: updated to Nielsen's previous version
  • Nielsen DCR: added the option to configure without an external config file
  • Adobe Heartbeat: added the option to configure without an external config file
  • Comscore Streamsense: added the option to configure without an external config file (edited)

Build 6.55.0 - 09/26/2016 - Package

  • Feature: Nielsen DCR Analytics support.
  • Feature: Adobe Heartbeat Analytics support.
  • Feature: Comscore Streamsense Analytics support.
  • Feature: DVR support for Exo mode.
  • Improvement: Changes in UI modules to support DVR live videos behavior.
  • Improvement: Changes in Config objects implementation to automate UI and
  • Captioning display, Feed and Media objects, and Media Analytics.

Build 6.52.0 - 07/26/2016 - Package

  • Support for Media objects for playback
  • Support for Feed objects (based on MRSS) for playback.
  • Support for Configuration files (json format) for the following features: Nielsen, Google IMA, Freewheel, Media Analytics, Google Analytics, Media and Feed usage.
  • Updated to previous ExoPlayer (v1.5.9)
  • Added live DVR support for HLS in ExoPlayer mode
  • Tested on Android N (API Level 24)
  • UPCOMING: Nielsen DCR module (certification in progress)
  • UPCOMING: Adobe Heartbeat module (certification in progress)

Build 6.45.0 - 04/25/2016 - Package

  • MPEG - DASH support
  • Extra HLS decoding mode
  • Multitrack audio support for DASH videos
  • Automatic playback mode selection
  • Octoshape delivery support (services to deliver high quality video over the Internet)

Build 5.39.0 - 01/5/2016 - Package - Modules

WARNING: Some of these old samples that were published in 2015 might not run nowadays (since we gave the licenses an expiration date of a year or so).

Build 5.36.20865 - 11/26/2015 - Package - Modules

Build 5.35.0 - 11/06/2015 - Package - Modules

  • New Feature: Chromecast module and sample.
  • New Feature: Added the playMutedUrl() method for the Hardware Advanced decoding mode.
  • Improvement: Upgraded to Akamai Analytics version 2.6.5.
  • Improvement: Removed all references to org.apache.http , for compatibility with Android M and compileSdkVersion 23.
  • Improvement: Added and improved the javadoc documentation of modules.
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.33.0 - 10/20/2015 - Package - Modules

Build 5.32.20587 - 09/16/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improvement: resets current position when an invalid segment index is requested (goes to previous live position or the initial stream position).
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.31.0 - 09/14/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improvement: For a better handling of the UI buttons, added the following methods to the class: enableFullscreenButton(), disableFullscreenButton(), showFullscreenButton() and hideFullscreenButton().
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.30.0 - 09/02/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improvement: Handling of in VideoPlayerViews: setEventsListener() is @Deprecated now because its name is misleading. Multiple listeners can be added so the method used now is addEventsListener().
  • Improvement: To avoid possible memory leaks, a removeEventsListener() method is also provided.
  • Improvement: HTTP redirects implementation. 3xx HTTP status codes are handled 'automatically' by, but in Android 6.0 that's no longer the case. Now the AMP SDK decides when and how to manage the redirects to avoid conflicts using Android 6.0
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.29.0 - 08/14/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improvement: setVideoPlayerViewHiddenState() method added to select which visibility state to use for VideoPlayerView when using the Ads Module
  • Improvement: Documentation for Google and ComScore Analytics integration
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.28.0 - 07/31/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Bug Fix: Changes added to avoid memory leaks during playback
  • Bug Fix: Native libraries for Closed Captioning fixed to support differente architectures
  • Improvement: Update of IMA SDK in Ads Module
  • Improvement: Option to set the Tracking Id directly in the code using the Tracker Constructor for Google Analytics
  • Improvement: Description of various methods added in the Documentation
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.27.0 - 07/10/2015 - Package - Modules

Build 5.26.0 - 06/26/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improvement: Sample projects in Android Studio for Basic Video playback, Ads insertion, ID3 tags and Closed Captioning added as part of the release package
  • Bug Fix: Skip Ad Button appears accordingly regarless of the orientation state
  • Bug Fix, Audio error using bluetooth headphones: Removed the BUFFER_MULTIPLIER multiplication when calculating the _bufferSize in the createAudioTrack method, this avoids an out of memory error when creating the AudioTrack object
  • Bug Fix: Native libraries added to support parsing of 608 Closed captions
  • Bug Fix: Changes in Ads module to avoid integration issues
  • Bug Fix: Progressbar is now dismissed properly when the sdk is done rebuffering
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.25.2 - 06/02/2015 - Package - Modules

  • New feature: VideoPlayerView implementation should fill its area with a background color
  • Bug fix: Validation added in onError(), VideoPlayerViewHardwareAdvanced to determine if the native library for OMX is loaded correctly
  • Bug fix: Low memory error on release media codecs
  • Bug fix: Exception resetting the audio worker: stop() called on uninitialized AudioTrack
  • Bug fix: Remove warning Exception resetting the audio worker: play() called on uninitialized AudioTrack
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.24.0 - 05/29/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Fixed getTimePosition() giving negative values for an OnDemandStream, when played after the LiveStream.
  • Download API documentation

Build 5.1.5 - 05/14/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Fixed Hardware advanced h.264 decoding issue: Index out of bounds exception raised due to corrupt data while parsing the video segments on low end devices
  • ID3Tag libraries updated for armabi, arm64-v8a, x86 and x86_64 architectures —Premier version only
  • Download API documentation

Build - 04/27/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Fixed Hardware Advanced decoding issue affecting Samsung Galaxy Nexus device: no initialization data was provided to the to the video format creator
  • Fixed Hardware Advanced video artifacts issue affecting several devices on specific streams
  • Fixed Hardware Advanced null pointer exception on seek() method
  • Improved playback and error recovery behavior under slow network conditions
  • Fixed race condition causing seek operations to hang on Hardware Advanced mode (OpenMAX)
  • Fixed playlist being identified as audio-only when codec information is not present
  • Fixed PLAYER_EVENT_TYPE_FINISHED event not being raised on stop() for NATIVE_BASIC decoding mode
  • Fixed Hardware Advanced (MediaCodec) decoding issue: First NAL unit being skipped by mistake
  • Fixed Hardware Advanced (MediaCodec) decoding issue: Single packet segments being incorrectly parsed
  • Fixed stream duration being truncated when using float values in #EXTINF
  • Download API documentation

Build - 05/14/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Fixed stream detection (TS with video and audio was detected as AAC only due to an issue in aacdec.c)
  • Native: using NDK r8e. Modified output libs folder inside the SDK
  • Added stripped-down version of the SpongyCastle libs, used by the SDK for x86 Android 4 devices
  • SpongyCastle libs are used for x86 and between 14 and 20 API - ONLY
  • Removing old complete Spongycastle libs
  • Download API documentation

Build - 05/14/2015 - Package - Modules

  • Improved seek logic, fixing seed at startup issues
  • Fixed random exception on failover to OMX engine
  • Fixed fatal crash affecting x86 devices on encrypted streams (new libraries: core-, pkix- and prov-
  • Download API documentation