Akamai Adaptive Media Player

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Adaptive Media Player - Standard Release

Build 4.123.14 - 04/04/2019
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  • AMPWEB-759: Improvements: Refactor caption settings to conform to CSS rules and standards
  • AMPWEB-765: BugFix - Caption API instructions not reflected in settings UI
  • AMPWEB-1062: New Features: New Segment plugin integration - support capabilities
  • AMPWEB-1308: Improvements: Low Latency Dash
  • AMPWEB-1381: BugFix - HTML: IOS: Simulating desktop mode in iPad throws a runtime error.
  • AMPWEB-1382: Improvements: IMA SDK events exposed at the page level
  • AMPWEB-1384: BugFix - Chartbeat: removing content tracking after a destroy event.
  • AMPWEB-1387: Improvements: Conviva: terminate conviva requests after destroy event
  • AMPWEB-1388: BugFix - Player is displaying incorrect values for localized strings that have a default value but no locale specific value
Build 4.122.10 - 20/03/2019
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  • AMPWEB-883: BugFix - Overlapping CC on mobile browsers and control bar increased.
  • AMPWEB-1271: New Features - New PreBid Header Bidding Support Capabilities
  • AMPWEB-1285: BugFix - autoplayPolicy "default" not being honored
  • AMPWEB-1364: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: VPAID ads timeout when autoplay is disabled in google ad manager
  • AMPWEB-1365: Improvements: Update MOAT plugin to allow dynamic init parameters
  • AMPWEB-1367: BugFix - Disney: IMA: adpause event is not being fired in Android.
  • AMPWEB-1370: BugFix - Content playback for hls.js under the MS Edge is not being fired.
  • AMPWEB-1372: BugFix - Google IMA exit fullscreen beacon/event is not being tracked
  • AMPWEB-1374: Update IMA Implementation to dispatch the proper view mode in admanagerloaded event
Build 4.121.9 - 07/03/2019
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  • AMPWEB-974: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Progress bar appears when casting a live stream through Chromecast
  • AMPWEB-1050: Improvements: Updates in Nielsen DCR certification
  • AMPWEB-1305: Improvements: New flag to disable pageview track in google analytics
  • AMPWEB-1310: Improvements: New Implementation of ad break transforms
Build 4.120.9 - 21/02/2019
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  • AMPWEB-1185: New Features - New customization API/CSS capabilities
  • AMPWEB-1283: New Features - New multi language support capabilities
  • AMPWEB-1295: Improvements - New multi-language overrides support at plugin level
Build 4.119.13 - 07/02/2019
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  • AMPWEB-1269: BugFix - HTML: autoplay detection is causing a 1 sec video playback in IOS
  • AMPWEB-1273: BugFix - HTML5: IMA plug-in: On mobile mid rolls are not working due to video element conflict
  • AMPWEB-1285: BugFix - autoplayPolicy "default" not being honored
  • AMPWEB-1287: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of undefined
  • AMPWEB-1288: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
  • AMPWEB-1289: BugFix - ReferenceError: Hls is not defined
  • AMPWEB-1290: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'enabled' of undefined
  • AMPWEB-1291: BugFix - IMA Plugin could not be registered
Build 4.118.7 - 23/01/2019
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  • AMPWEB-683: Fox News: Implement customer-specific "resume" requirements for long form content
  • AMPWEB-811: WhereverTV: Chromecast: UI change according to Chromecast best practices
  • AMPWEB-1131: Crown: Chromecast: Create CafAds plugin for CAF-based ad capability with VAST/VMAP
  • AMPWEB-1189: BugFix - HTML5 - Accessibility - Player container reads out the text content of the container
  • AMPWEB-1194: SonyInd: Include Yospace's error code in error payload
  • AMPWEB-1195: Create a generic Error Interface for all player errors
  • AMPWEB-1207: Chromecast: DRM support
  • AMPWEB-1213: BugFix - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token {
  • AMPWEB-1215: BugFix - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ,
  • AMPWEB-1216: Deprecate any octoshape based sample from the samples list.
Build 4.117.1 - 10/01/2019
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  • AMPWEB-1144: BugFix - Outdoor: React: on Mobile control bar does not auto hide.
  • AMPWEB-1190: BugFix - Chromecast: Cannot cast due to runtime error in receiver
Build 4.116.4 - 26/12/2018
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  • AMPWEB-1184: BugFix - Duration property is getting back in null, firing null pointer exceptions and stopping the playback after ads
Build 4.115.7 - 13/12/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1145: BugFix - IMA Google Pre-roll is not shown, audio is playback behind
  • AMPWEB-1146: BugFix - The mediachange event firing out of order
  • AMPWEB-1147: BugFix - Missing poster image
  • AMPWEB-1148: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'medium' of undefined
  • AMPWEB-1150: BugFix - Missing or undefined property 'AUTHENTICATED'
  • AMPWEB-1151: BugFix - Missing image from external resource
  • AMPWEB-1152: BugFix - Null property 'appendChild'
  • AMPWEB-1153: BugFix - MediaError code: 4
  • AMPWEB-1155: Remove Subply sample or create method to rotate samples in and out of releases
  • AMPWEB-1156: BugFix - MediaError code 4
  • AMPWEB-1157: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
  • AMPWEB-1158: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getPlayState' of null
  • AMPWEB-1159: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: akamai.amp.AMP.loadDefaults is not a function
  • AMPWEB-1160: YoSpace: integrate click through functionality
  • AMPWEB-1161: BugFix - Uncaught ReferenceError: dashjs is not defined
  • AMPWEB-1164: BugFix - Sample Media Source 404 (Not Found)
  • AMPWEB-1165: BugFix - Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: a.getProxyName is not a function
  • AMPWEB-1166: BugFix - Uncaught ReferenceError: value is not defined
  • AMPWEB-1167: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearTimeout' of undefined
  • AMPWEB-1168: BugFix - Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: google is not defined
  • AMPWEB-1182: BugFix - OWN: amp-web-google-Analytics: VideoEnded event is being fired mistakenly
  • AMPWEB-1183: BugFix - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'display_name' of null
Build 4.114.3 - 11/28/2018
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  • AMPWEB-1141: React: Control bar does not auto hide on iframe.
  • AMPWEB-1143: MediaAnalytics: Stream errors are not being tracked, causing misreporting of availability in QOS Monitor
Build 4.113.2 - 11/14/2018
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  • AMPWEB-1140: Chromecast: Cannot load new content while casting
  • AMPWEB-1136: Chromecast: Poster image is not present on sender while casting.
  • AMPWEB-1135: Chromecast: Sender's control bar is missing while casting
  • AMPWEB-1078: HTML5: Fullscreen button needs to click 2 times to work on IE11 Win/7
Build 4.112.6 - 10/31/2018
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  • AMPWEB-1133: Outdoor: IMA: non linear ads stopped working after version 107
  • AMPWEB-1132: Outdoor: HTML: Poster image persist during content playback
  • AMPWEB-1130: ABCNews: Omniture: 'close' events are being fired mistakenly
  • AMPWEB-1129: ABCNews: Omniture: Omniture beacon is not being fired on first ad playback
  • AMPWEB-1128: Altitude,NBA: Microsoft Edge duplicates live closed captions
  • AMPWEB-1127: ABCNews: Omniture: Plug-in cannot be initialized.
  • AMPWEB-1125: Sony, Altitude: Yospace fixes and improvements
  • AMPWEB-1124: Altitude: AIS: Set mvpdName into Media Analytics
  • AMPWEB-1123: ABCNews: Comscore Streamsense review feedback
  • AMPWEB-398: ABCNews: Comscore Streamsense: Player still sending old data after destroying player instance
Build 4.111.4 - 10/17/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1126: HTML5: Mouse cursor does not back properly after hidden
  • AMPWEB-1122: HTML5: Trigger an event when CC file fail to load
  • AMPWEB-1116: ABCNews: Chartbeat: configuration object is being overwritten
  • AMPWEB-971: ABCNews: Upgrade ComscoreStreamsense to v6
  • AMPWEB-917: ABCNews: ComscoreStreamsense: Remove stop() call from AD Pause player event.
  • AMPWEB-398: ABCNews: Comscore Streamsense: Player still sending old data after destroying player instance
Build 4.110.2 - 10/03/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1120: Altitude: Console error related to Yospace integration being observed during ad breaks
  • AMPWEB-1118: Unexpected media sequence using start levels higher than 1
  • AMPWEB-1117: MAE: Updated MAE samples to latest version
  • AMPWEB-1115: Product utilization tracker should record hosted deployment "apikey"/li>
  • AMPWEB-1027: MAE : ".map" file is not found
  • AMPWEB-993: Sony: Explore/understand support for VEWD platforms /Sony HTML5-based TV's
Build 4.109.10 - 09/19/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-945: Altitude: AIS: Per-asset authz
  • AMPWEB-1100: Implement seek-preview for VOD mode for WebVTT thumbnail file
  • AMPWEB-1107: Add absolute time (UTC) support to AMP Web
  • AMPWEB-1108: UTC UI: Add UTC time to hover UI for end user
  • AMPWEB-1109: Altitude: AIS: asset id is not being added to asset access call due a typo
  • AMPWEB-1112: Refactor AIS Plugin's AISEvents to generic AuthEvents in player core codebase
  • AMPWEB-1113: Refactor AIS plugin's UI and styles into generic React components
  • AMPWEB-1114: SeerTech: On replay for DASH, playback is failing due to missing credentials via cookies
Build 4.108.8 - 09/05/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1104: Click-to-pause not working consistently
  • AMPWEB-1103: AIS: Content not playing after asset access call is made in other IDPs.
  • AMPWEB-1102: Sample page "paths" has bad layout in AMP Standard
  • AMPWEB-1101: AIS: Player is not doing asset authorization check after changing media.
  • AMPWEB-1099: Altitude: AIS: Asset access request does not include asset_id
  • AMPWEB-1098: HTML5: onMouseEnter doesn't work on desktop with touchscreen
  • AMPWEB-1096: Upgrade hls.js version
  • AMPWEB-1095: Update dash-js version to support low latency
  • AMPWEB-1077: Docs: Create docs for Omniture plugin
  • AMPWEB-880: FoxNews: Free Preview: FP counter disappears when user hit replay button
Build 4.107.12 - 08/22/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1099: Altitude: AIS: Asset access request does not include asset_id
  • AMPWEB-1097: ABCNews: ChartbeatAnalytics: misspelled event names.
  • AMPWEB-1096: Upgrade hls.js version
  • AMPWEB-1095: Update dash-js version to support low latency
  • AMPWEB-1094: IBMI: Enhance VTT sidecar parser to allow customer-provided WebVTT format
  • AMPWEB-1093: HTML5: IMA: in IOS player fails to play content after preroll
  • AMPWEB-1092: Create API docs for Mux plugin
  • AMPWEB-1091: Update AMP and Plugin docs to use DAC ESI header and footer files
  • AMPWEB-1077: Docs: Create docs for Omniture plugin
  • AMPWEB-1068: Migrate Ad plugins to new plugin architecture
  • AMPWEB-1066: Docs: Create public docs for "yospace" plugin
  • AMPWEB-977: Create a way to include template variables in plugin project files
  • AMPWEB-924: DAI sample page should allow passing of ad targeting parms
Build 4.106.5 - 08/08/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1065: Docs: Create public docs for "freewheel" module
  • AMPWEB-1064: Docs: Create public docs for "ima" module
  • AMPWEB-1089: First click for unmute is blocking action from the controls
  • AMPWEB-1085: HTML5: When autoplay keep the mute on until user change the volume option
  • AMPWEB-1084: Outdoor: [HTML5] - IMA overlay for banner is not being shown properly
  • AMPWEB-1088: Produce sample demonstrating default caption style for WebVTT
  • AMPWEB-1070: Sony: Update Yospace web plugin to 1.6
  • AMPWEB-1086: SonyIndia: For IMA, Need ability to config ad "loadVideoTimeout"
  • AMPWEB-1016: Update compiler to allow third party libraries to be bundled in plugin output
Build 4.105.6 - 07/24/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1083: Docs: Create public docs for Chartbeat Analytics plugin
  • AMPWEB-1081: Docs: Create docs for IMA DAI plugin
  • AMPWEB-1076: Docs: Create public docs for Yospace plugin
  • AMPWEB-1067: Docs: Create public docs for "comscorestreamsense" plugin
Build 4.104.2 - 07/12/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-922: Crownmedia: HTML5: Sometime timedmetadata event is being fired twice.
  • AMPWEB-1063: ABCTV, others: In x.102, can't seek after replay.
  • AMPWEB-1075: Docs: Create public docs for Nielsen plugin.
  • AMPWEB-1076 Docs: Create public docs for Yospace plugin.
  • AAMPWEB-1080: Calls to amp.end() during ad playback result in TypeError.
Build 4.103.11 - 06/27/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1072: ABCNews: HTML5: on mobile player requires double tap in order to get out from idle state
  • AMPWEB-1071: Outdoor: [Flash] - AutoRecovery plugin prevents controls bar to be shown - IE11 /Win 7
  • AMPWEB-1069: ABCNews: HTML5: when mutedinline autoplay policy mute button require two clicks.
  • AMPWEB-1063: ABCTV, others: In x.102, can't seek after replay
  • AMPWEB-1061: Iris: Sometimes content is skipped between Freewheel preroll and postroll
  • AMPWEB-1002: Documentation: Create approach public docs each module
  • AMPWEB-996: Remove AMPConfig class and loadDefaults function
Build 4.102.4 - 06/13/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1044: Add ability to select HTML only version of amp hosted js library.
  • AMPWEB-1045: Altitude: Missing semicolon is creating an error in customers bundled script
  • AMPWEB-1053: HTML5: Cannot bind data through Nielsen plug-in
  • AMPWEB-1041: HTML5: IMA: VTT captions appear over ad container during pre roll playback on iOS
  • AMPWEB-1043: HTML5: IOS Playsinline is no longer working
  • AMPWEB-1060: HTML5: Imadai plug-in is being registered before React plug-in
  • AMPWEB-1058: HTML5: Timedmetadata event payload does not match across browsers.
  • AMPWEB-1047: Hosted: Update folder structure to use symlinks for the latest, amp and keys folders
  • AMPWEB-1055: NDN, WebMD: IMA: Cannot click through ads
  • AMPWEB-1056: NDN: Cannot pause/resume playback when the content is clicked.
  • AMPWEB-1057: Nielsen DCR: Ad timeupdate starts in -1 instead of 0
  • AMPWEB-1052: Nielsen DCR: Loadmetadata event is missing after midroll playback
  • AMPWEB-1046: Remove loadDefaults functionality from the player
  • AMPWEB-1059: Should replay() trigger a play request when autoplay is false?
  • AMPWEB-1054: [HTML5] DAI sample is not redirecting visitor on click over the ad playback
Build 4.101.9 - 05/31/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1041: HTML5: IMA: VTT captions appear over ad container during pre roll playback on iOS
  • AMPWEB-1040: Allow withCredentials to be set per media
  • AMPWEB-1038: Sony: Customer reports bug in mobile playback for Android
  • AMPWEB-1037: Sony: Customer reports bug in mobile playback for iOS
  • AMPWEB-1036: Sony: Customer reports IMA ad hidden in full screen
  • AMPWEB-1035: ABCTV: Evaluate introduction of ad-only playback
  • AMPWEB-1028: EMS pause instruction issued prior to canplaythrough in auto play scenarios
  • AMPWEB-1026: FoxNews: IMA: autoplayblocked event is not being fired before ad start
  • AMPWEB-1025: Add ability to intercept player errors with a transform
  • AMPWEB-1001: Perf: Evaluate aggregation of plugins for better performance
  • AMPWEB-991: Sony: Support simultaneous IMA client-side for prerolls and Yospace for midrolls
  • AMPWEB-923: Add an official sample for "authorize" feature.
  • AMPWEB-876: HTML5: AUTOPLAY: Research/consider approach for new autoplay prevention in Chrome and Sfari
  • AMPWEB-777: HTML5: AUTOPLAY: IMA: Safari 11: Ads are getting skipped when "Stop Media with Sound" option is selected
  • AMPWEB-679: HTML5: React: IMA: Skip-able ads: Ads Auto Fit not taking effect in React builds starting from 2.81.16
  • AMPWEB-376: Weather Channel: Change color icons for play button
Build 4.100.7 - 05/17/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1034: Hosted: Add support for "loose" referrer checking
  • AMPWEB-1031: Sony: Postrolls playing behind the last frame of video
  • AMPWEB-1030: Sony: IMA+YoSpace: Possible race condition: Pre-roll is playing underneath
  • AMPWEB-1029: Restore the ability for an implementer to provide a preexisting video element
  • AMPWEB-1024: HTML5: IMA: After an ad-break player is not longer clickable.
  • AMPWEB-1023: Aframe: Change scroll orientation (look-controls)
  • AMPWEB-1021: WEBPLAYERFW-3360: Android:Playback stalls after replay instruction
  • AMPWEB-1020: JS errors in minified React js file preventing player from loading in non-debug mode
  • AMPWEB-1019: Add support for DVR stream in Yospace plugin
  • AMPWEB-1017: SonyIndia: Customer reports issue with multi audio (HLS manifest has mismatched video / audio tracks)
Build 4.99.6 - 05/02/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-1018: Absence of type checking / proper scope causes Utils.override failure
  • AMPWEB-1015: Update dash.js to version 2.6.8
  • AMPWEB-1014: Hosted: referrer checking fails over SSL
  • AMPWEB-1012: JSfiddle exploration
  • AMPWEB-1011: Nielsen DCR: ads events are not being fired.
  • AMPWEB-1010: Add option to remove webkitkeyerror listeners after first event is received
  • AMPWEB-1008: Add withCredentials qs param to dash-multikey sample
  • AMPWEB-1007: Add DASH to ABCTV build JSON
  • AMPWEB-1006: Foxnews: HTML5: IMA: After a mid roll ad, control bar disappears
  • AMPWEB-1000: SonyIndia: Chromecast: enable YoSpace Plugin
  • AMPWEB-991: Sony: Support simultaneous IMA client-side for prerolls and Yospace for midrolls
  • AMPWEB-988: Sony: Support timedmetadata EMSG in DASH
  • AMPWEB-902: Product: Bleacher: Allow pause() to be honored during ad load routine (see AMPWEB-268 and AMPWEB-900)
  • AMPWEB-860: Error when switching media during ads
  • AMPWEB-662: Premier: With dash & freewheel player stalls for few seconds and midroll ad breaks when seeked till midroll ad pod
Build 4.98.3 - 04/18/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-998: Tracking: Implement tracking beacon
  • AMPWEB-997: Tracking: Implement tracking endpoint in edge config
  • AMPWEB-995: Sony India: Validate Fairplay DRM
  • AMPWEB-994: Foxnews: Mobile: Enable toggle mute button in control bar
  • AMPWEB-990: Sony: Validate live streams in DASH mode
  • AMPWEB-987: Add support for transforming ad requests before they are sent.
  • AMPWEB-986: AMP: Utils getSafariVersion method does not work in Safari 11
  • AMPWEB-985: FoxNews: update flash to allow MRSS media-restriction
  • AMPWEB-983: HTML5: Integration can not be done with many instances on the same page
  • AMPWEB-965: FoxNews: Review AppNexus pre-bid plugin
  • AMPWEB-933: Hosted: Design/update iframe approach
  • AMPWEB-799: Encompass: amp.ads.requestAd() should support Freewheel Ad Manager
Build 4.97.4 - 04/04/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-984: DAI sample pages does not work, errors out on infinite loop
  • AMPWEB-982: Consider ordering enhancement for plugin resource loading
  • AMPWEB-980: DVR: Scrub is missing for DVR modes
  • AMPWEB-979: Freewheel terminateAd method is not working
  • AMPWEB-978: React plugin failing to load intermittently
  • AMPWEB-942: AutoHide requirements
  • AMPWEB-937: Hosted: Secure access to the main player javascript from direct downloading from the HAMP environment
  • AMPWEB-924: DAI sample page should allow passing of ad targeting parms
  • AMPWEB-678: Chromecast: IMA: Preroll ad is playing in chromecast, but content never plays
Build 4.96.7 - 03/21/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-975: Improve the muted indictors
  • AMPWEB-972: Chromecast: Poster image is not being updated after changing media
  • AMPWEB-969: FoxNews: Chromecast: Ended event is not being fired on sender.
  • AMPWEB-968: Produce working DASH multikey sample
  • AMPWEB-967: Octoshape: Review AMP is working in basic scenarios of Octoshape
  • AMPWEB-964: ABCTV: Update AMP to use latest dash-js multikey implementation
  • AMPWEB-963: AT&T :Update AMP's Octoshape integration to use latest to be compatible to High Sierra
  • AMPWEB-962: Buffering graphic remains after error occurs during a manual quality switch
  • AMPWEB-961: Investigate: Send AMP/FPS error events from Fairplay implementation (WEBPLAYERFW-3222)
  • AMPWEB-960: Chartbeat: New plug-in is throwing Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of undefined error
  • AMPWEB-956: ABCTV: Freewheel rendition getter methods are inaccessible (WEBPLAYERFW-3217)
  • AMPWEB-955: ABCNews: [Flash] amp.feed.getData() returns null
  • AMPWEB-954: Outdoor: Cannot unmute player on iOS when autoplay false and muted true
  • AMPWEB-953: Produce AMP POC of multikey DRM
  • AMPWEB-939: FoxNews: IMA: in iframe after an ad error 'media not supported error' is being thrown
  • AMPWEB-929: Hosted: Add and enforce expiration date to licenses
  • AMPWEB-913: Product: Settings menu closes immediately on change of bitrate through UI
  • AMPWEB-906: Product: When user switch between the audio track in multi audio track samples , no event is been dispatched
  • AMPWEB-820: ABS-CBN: add vertical volume bar on react skin
  • AMPWEB-739: iHeart: HTML5: Audio playback is throwing an error on IOS
  • AMPWEB-733: [FLASH] Octoshape is not working
Build 4.95.3 - 03/07/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-952: Chromecast: Added ID3 events for Chromecast receiver
  • AMPWEB-951: Debug dash.js 2.6.6 to play upLynk DASH/Widvine
  • AMPWEB-950: Update to latest dash.js 2.6.6
  • AMPWEB-948: HTML5: Quality option not present in Safari
  • AMPWEB-947: Moat: in Flash when MOAT is enabled ads won't play.
  • AMPWEB-944: MOAT: Flash plug-in is throwing undefined error due scope issue
  • AMPWEB-941: Chromecast: Live indicator is missing in sender while casting
  • AMPWEB-934: Allow "media" objects to be sourced from remote files rather than just objects
  • AMPWEB-925: React: Move remote assets for React plugin into distro package
  • AMPWEB-907: Product: Disallow end user input while level switching?
  • AMPWEB-904: HTML5 [ IOS ] : end slate is not displayed on IMA postroll ad end
  • AMPWEB-875: Autoplay: Show MUTED visual indicator (separate from regular volume icon)
  • AMPWEB-603: Update autoplay functionality to include user settings
Build 4.93.9 - 02/06/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-912: HTML5: With ads enabled and autoplay set to true, during ad playback if user pauses and then tries to resumes by clicking on playoverlay button , playback is not resumed
  • AMPWEB-911: Premier Build failing
  • AMPWEB-910: Cannot resume playback after seek
  • AMPWEB-909: Altitude: YoSpace: getInProgress is not a function error
  • AMPWEB-908: Selecting current bitrate always initially selects index 3
  • AMPWEB-905: HTML5: Multi Audio Track: When any of the track is selected from audio UI and when the audio UI is closed and reopened, the track is defaulted to first one
  • AMPWEB-901: Hallmark: Not seeing CC button on Android
  • AMPWEB-900: Bleacher: Pause instruction during IMA ad processing causes ad playback failure
  • AMPWEB-899: HTML5 [IOS] : playsinline works differently with IMA and freewheel ads
  • AMPWEB-898: HTML5 : in preplay state volume slider doesn't move
  • AMPWEB-897: HTML5: display spinner instead of play overlay whenever quality level is changed manually
  • AMPWEB-896: HTML5 [Android] : play overlay displays during playback when seeking while paused
  • AMPWEB-895: FLASH:Flash content playback not started , when MRSS Plugin is enabled
  • AMPWEB-882: Arch: Determine whether SeekedCommand workarounds are still necessary
  • AMPWEB-872: WebMD: A-frame: Add mouse speed option in aframe config.
  • AMPWEB-871: WebMD: A-frame: User cannot scroll when aframe is enabled.
  • AMPWEB-855: AMPC compiler build process fails to include FlashPlayer class
  • AMPWEB-848: CSOD: HTML IE11 uses Flash component even though it's disabled
  • AMPWEB-821: Investigate using AMP plugins with CAF receiver
  • AMPWEB-797: WhereverTV: React: Player controls mess up in sender when casting.
  • AMPWEB-712: Bleacher: HTML5: Customer reports intermittent fatal JS error in IMAProxy (due to adDisplayContainer being null)
  • AMPWEB-703: XyVid: Customer reports unexpected results in their ID3's since we move to hls.js text tracks
  • AMPWEB-71: HTML5: Implement YoSpace Ad Insertion in HTML5 mode
Build 4.92.13 - 1/26/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-895 FLASH:Flash content playback not started , when MRSS Plugin is enabled
  • AMPWEB-893 Add Hls.Events.LEVEL_SWITCHED notification / PlayerEvent
  • AMPWEB-890 HTML5: AIS samples page failing to load
  • AMPWEB-889 HTML5: JS error stopping load of content when media transform samples page is been loaded
  • AMPWEB-888 Bleacher: Ad calls not going out consistently
  • AMPWEB-887 The playsinline attribute is being set by default
  • AMPWEB-886 HTML5 [ADS] : Click on play overlay doesn't resume Pre-roll ad
  • AMPWEB-885 HTML5 [Freewheel] : On mid-roll ad end Spinner stuck through out video playback
  • AMPWEB-884 HTML5 [Freewheel] : On midroll ad end seekbar resets to video start duration and then moves to duration where video paused prior to mid-roll ad
  • AMPWEB-881 HTML5: Default error message typo
  • AMPWEB-878 Update build scripts to ampc version 1.2.9
  • AMPWEB-877 HTML5:when player is in preplay state and user clicks inside scrubber , scrubber moves to seeked position but ideally it shouldn't move.
  • AMPWEB-873 Update build scripts to ampc version 1.2.8
  • AMPWEB-870 HTML5: on pre-roll ad end seek bar doesn't reset to video start position
  • AMPWEB-869 HTML5: Play overlay displays for a while whenever quality level is changed manually
  • AMPWEB-868 HTML5: Spinner doesn't display when seek is performed
  • AMPWEB-866 HTML5: on seek Seekbar / Seekbar handle doesn't move to seeked duration immediately
  • AMPWEB-863 Update all plugins and sample pages to use new transform API
  • AMPWEB-852 HTML5: Ad info doesn't reset when switched to another content
  • AMPWEB-850 Altitude: AIS: Authorizationfailed event not longer available.
  • AMPWEB-847 FoxNews: IOS11: player becomes unresponsive when playsinline is enabled
  • AMPWEB-846 HTML5: on end slate jump back button is not working
  • AMPWEB-843 HTML5: Can we disable seek bar when player state is ready?
  • AMPWEB-841 Create API to allow for the manipulation of time values in the player
  • AMPWEB-834 HTML5 [Freewheel] : Mid-roll ad continues playing even after switching to another content on mid-roll ad playback
  • AMPWEB-743 Akamai: Customer reports Error slate after few seconds of playback
  • AMPWEB-735 ABS-CBN: Flash: Captions not showing up with HDS
  • AMPWEB-695 Weather: Customer reports double loading of streams before and after ads (F-CS-2339200)
  • AMPWEB-648 Bleacher: Mobile: React skin does not fit properly in responsive layout
  • AMPWEB-642 Premier [Android]: play overlay stuck during video playback when pause and seeked / drag seeked
  • AMPWEB-574 Premier [Freewheel]: on midroll ad end could see seekbar playhead moves to end of video and resets to duration where midroll ad configured
  • AMPWEB-556 USDA: HTML - Multi embedded captions via stream packaging not working
  • AMPWEB-525 Fox News: HTML5: Player is getting stuck when clicking play button before video loads
  • AMPWEB-268 FoxNews: HTML5: Paused prior to midroll but content still played
Build 4.91.10 - 1/11/2018
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-865 HTML5 : Progress bar not updating on video playback
  • AMPWEB-864 HTML5 : Click on Rewind / forward button throws JS error
  • AMPWEB-859 HTML5 Share functionality: url on embed payload not working
  • AMPWEB-858 Bleacher: IMA: mediasequenceended event is not getting fired after post roll error.
  • AMPWEB-856 ABCNews: Nielsen beacons firing with `http`
  • AMPWEB-854 HTML5 [DASH] : RTE is observed whenever seek is performed
  • AMPWEB-853 HTML5: progress bar expands to the full duration of the media when media is changed
  • AMPWEB-851 HTML5 [Freewheel] : Seekbar issues during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-844 HTML5 [ HLS ] : Player freezes when quality level is changed manually
  • AMPWEB-842 HTML5 : Seek bar flickering during video playback
  • AMPWEB-837 DASH.JS Upgrade to v2.6.4
  • AMPWEB-836 HLS.JS Upgrade to v0.8.9
  • AMPWEB-827 CrownMedia: Nielsen DTVR: Plug-in is sending non Nielsen ID3 tags.
  • AMPWEB-808 Fox News: Customer requests changing from MRSS media-status to other due to possible mis-use
  • AMPWEB-788 Altitude: Support advanced workflow for stream selection
  • AMPWEB-771 HTML5: Safari Browser: DASH Multi Audio Track playback fails after 7 seconds.
  • AMPWEB-769 Fox News: Free Preview: Add Sponsorship feature
  • AMPWEB-729 HTML5 : In UI highest quality level is not marked as selected
  • AMPWEB-727 HTML5: Multi Audio Track samples : When relevant tracks are selected from multi audio track menu UI, selected audio is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-721 Captions overlay moves above control bar when toggled different captions font size
  • AMPWEB-719 Premier : Captions text position is fixed in devices android and IOS
  • AMPWEB-668 Premier: scrubber doesn't reset to start position when switched to another content during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-66 HTML5: Implement 360/VR plugin POC via Mozilla AFrame
  • AMPWEB-34 Integrate Adobe AuthZ for ABCTV live case only
Build 4.90.9 - 12/29/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-542 Premier [React] : Play overlay stuck when clicked on forward/rewind button before clicking on play button
  • AMPWEB-543 Premier [React] : Spinner stucks during Midroll ad playback if seeked with keyboard left/right
  • AMPWEB-573 HTML5 [Freewheel]: bitrate & playback rate resets to default on midroll ad completion
  • AMPWEB-653 FoxNews: Chromecast: Player progress bar's timestamp does not appear when casting
  • AMPWEB-732 HTML5 [Devices] : control bar hides while modifying settings from settings panel
  • AMPWEB-763 FoxNews: HTML5: Scroll type is not being updated.
  • AMPWEB-778 HTML5 : Player freezes with spinner stuck when pause seeked using keyboard right arrow button
  • AMPWEB-779 HTML5 : Safari - Video seeks to end on double press of keyboard right arrow
  • AMPWEB-818 HTML5 [Freewheel] : Ad content displayed as poster when switched to another content during ad playback with autoplay false
  • AMPWEB-826 FoxNews: MOAT: initMoatTracking is not being invoked during mid and post rolls.
  • AMPWEB-830 HTML5: With ads disabled pause seek scenario fails/broken
  • AMPWEB-833 HTML5: settings/share menu stuck without control bar when menu kept open and left idle for few seconds
  • AMPWEB-835 HTML5: Keyboard shortcut to rewind/forward is broken
  • AMPWEB-839 HTML5 [Freewheel]: Speed [ playback rate ] resets to default on midroll ad completion
  • AMPWEB-840 HTML5 : Click on forward button throws JS error
  • AMPWEB-845 HTML5: Seek bar doesn't reset when switched to another content
  • AMPWEB-849 MOAT: initMoatTracking is not being invoked onadbreakstart
Build 4.89.14 - 14/30/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-829 HTML5: Next content in the thumbnail is not loaded when counter reaches 0
  • AMPWEB-828 HTML5: Content playback never pauses, when user tries by clicking inside the player with ads enabled
  • AMPWEB-825 DASHJS Upgrade: Latest version
  • AMPWEB-824 HTML5: Control mode not working as expected
  • AMPWEB-823 Fox News: MOAT: adContainer overload is being passed as undefined.
  • AMPWEB-822 CrownMedia: Nielsen: disable setPlayheadPosition beacon when DTVR is enabled.
  • AMPWEB-819 HTML5: Switching between content not working
  • AMPWEB-813 HTML5: Sample page only - mediachange event triggering twice
  • AMPWEB-812 HTML5: Progress and volume siders controls are not working when player is in carousel
  • AMPWEB-794 HTML5 : Control bar wont auto hide in full screen mode
  • AMPWEB-787 Altitude: AIS: Migrate AIS to external plugin
  • AMPWEB-774 Media Analytics new implementation not reporting performance
  • AMPWEB-767 Crown: Customer reports "ended" event not firing at correct time when there is a Freewheel postroll
  • AMPWEB-766 URL to JS map file is incorrect in minified plugin JS
  • AMPWEB-758 HTML5: Caption Settings UI - Font type and character edge style values are not updated when Captions API is used
  • AMPWEB-746 ABS-CBN: poster image not working with player maximized (iOS)
  • AMPWEB-706 Fox News: IMA: Content pauses after playing a shorter midroll ad
  • AMPWEB-704 HTML5: Safari 11 issues
  • AMPWEB-698 HTML5: External and External audio samples seems to be broken
  • AMPWEB-667 Altitude: AIS: Add AIS "identity" call to enable additional metadata access
  • AMPWEB-657 WebMD [HTML5] : In custom skin, live and Go live label alignment issues in dvr sample page
  • AMPWEB-636 HTML: isLive method not working properly
  • AMPWEB-623 Premier: Play overlay stuck during Midroll ad playback
  • AMPWEB-380 ABCTV: Freewheel Ads: During ad playback could see that ad counter keeps flickering
  • AMPWEB-330 HTML5: Freewheel: could not stop VPAID ad when setting a new feed.
Build 4.88.8 - 11/30/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-280: HTML: Content is not resumed and end slate is not changing when drag seeked till end of the playback and then again seeked back
  • AMPWEB-654: Premier [Android]: control bar position is not fixed when tapped on player controls
  • AMPWEB-781: ABS-CBN: Auth headers not working on Safari
  • AMPWEB-800: Caption styles are not removed when amp.destroy is invoked
  • AMPWEB-804: HLS.JS: Upgrade to latest one (0.8.7)
  • AMPWEB-806: HTML5 : playback rate 0.5 displays as .5 in UI
  • AMPWEB-814: MediaAnalytics new plugin, Geo Location should be diabled
  • AMPWEB-815: HTML5: Clicking on Volume Control Bar button [Mute/Unmute] Functionality not working
Build 4.87.18 - 11/16/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-796 New Plugins do not load in IE 9-10
  • AMPWEB-768 IMA ads play behind black background in Safari
  • AMPWEB-738 DVR: Unlimited DVR sample not showing scrub bar in build 84
  • AMPWEB-403 asianet: Default playsinline if no config present
  • AMPWEB-419 xyvid: Flash: id3/timedmetadata event is not consolidated.
  • AMPWEB-786 Multiple parallel rendering captions displayed when tracks added at runtime
  • AMPWEB-761 HTML5: Safari browser: When amp.hls.instance.audioTracks is used in console throws JS error
  • AMPWEB-762 HTML5: Safari Browser: When seek is completed and when onCanPlayThrough event is triggered, in console(When used through API (amp.audioTracks)) could see that same audio tracks are repeating in Tracklist.
  • AMPWEB-770 Missing some sample Nielsen DTVR page
  • AMPWEB-494 Remove old token based binding system in favor of DataBinding.coffee
  • AMPWEB-722 HTML5: Multi Audio Track: Non fatal JS error could be seen in console during player load
  • AMPWEB-709 HTML5: DASH: Audio: samples page: When medium: audio for DASH content ,JS error not allowing playback to happen
  • AMPWEB-317 ABCNews: Params array value not binding during ready event of New Relic plugin
  • AMPWEB-720 Premier : Web VTT Captions text displaying beneath control bar in IOS devices
  • AMPWEB-460 Plugins: Migrate NielsenDCR to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-728 HTML5: [EVENT] When relevant tracks are selected from multi audio track menu UI, event name [AMP EVENT] audiotrackchange or [AMP EVENT] audioswitch should be triggered
  • AMPWEB-730 HTML5: [EVENT] : When autoplay button is toggled ON/OFF, event name something like [AMP EVENT] autoplaychanged should be triggered in console
  • AMPWEB-725 HTML5: Multi Audio Track: UI Enhancements for display of Multi Language in CC
  • AMPWEB-772 HTML5 : IE 11 - In UI selected quality level is not marked as selected
  • AMPWEB-773 CrownMedia: Nielsen-DTVR: Unexpected payload is causing an error.
  • AMPWEB-776 Standard: JS error breaks player to load in standard build
  • AMPWEB-783 CrownMedia: Nielsen: DCR is not being initialized in new plug-in
  • AMPWEB-784 Include React skin to release package for all custom builds
  • AMPWEB-782 Standard [React]: Flash player control bar is not present on IE9 and 10
  • AMPWEB-792 HTML5: JS errors breaking player
  • AMPWEB-793 FLASH: Flash player old UI displays instead of React UI
  • AMPWEB-781 ABS-CBN: Auth headers not working on Safari
Build 4.86.20 - 11/02/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-242 [MCS-2421] MediaAnalytics: for MSE based browsers custom dimension PlayerId (pd) not getting tracked during initialization
  • AMPWEB-397 Discontinue support for XML configuration files
  • AMPWEB-707 ABS-CBN: Authorization headers not working
  • AMPWEB-717 Flash: Flash player not loading completely in hls.html
  • AMPWEB-723 HTML5: DASH multi-audio stream tracks are duplicated
  • AMPWEB-724 HTML5 [ IOS ]: On click of Audio setting throws js error and breaks all settings functionality
  • AMPWEB-736 IR: Customer guidance for FPS implementation
  • AMPWEB-740 [HLS.JS] Upgrade to latest version 0.8.5
  • AMPWEB-741 HTML5: create-destroy samples page: When player is destroyed during playback by clicking on Destroy player button, JS error could be observed in console
  • AMPWEB-742 HTML5: Once player is destroyed and created and during player load or playback if mouseover to player non fatal JS error could be observed in console
  • AMPWEB-744 HTML5: Safari: Fatal JS errors observed in console, If user navigates to settings button-> audio in safari (If content does not have multiple audio tracks in it)
  • AMPWEB-747 Default path to Flash OSMF AASP plugin in not HTTPS friendly
  • AMPWEB-748 Rename Flash chromeless assets
  • AMPWEB-750 Make single multi-audio sample page to show DASH and HLS Content
  • AMPWEB-752 Change Flash default assets to chromeless
  • AMPWEB-753 Audio track nullification and deletion leaves empty array items behind
  • AMPWEB-754 TrackList.clear operates on changed array indexes
  • AMPWEB-755 Duplicate audio tracks are displayed in audio track selection UI
  • AMPWEB-756 Token bindings within strings are incorrect
  • AMPWEB-757 HTML5: Caption Settings Edge style, edge and window color not getting applied to captions text
  • AMPWEB-760 HTML5: IE11 - captions text is not updating during video playback
  • AMPWEB-764 WebMD: HTML5: SetVolume is firing volumechange twice
  • AMPWEB-734: HTML5: Settings menu alignment issues in edge keynote page
  • AMPWEB-749: ABCTV: VOD caption styles are incorrectly applied
Build 4.85.5 - 10/19/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-672: Investigate lazy loading hlsjs, dashjs and other libraries
  • AMPWEB-417: FoxNews: HTML5: Ensure error in hls.js triggers error to Media Analytics
  • AMPWEB-682: Update AMP to use new Media Analytics (2017) JS HTML5 plugin
  • AMPWEB-630: [Upgrade] DASHJS to latest version [2.6.0]
  • AMPWEB-452: [React: UI] Sometimes waiting spinner is squares
  • AMPWEB-716: HLS multi-audio stream tracks are duplicated
  • AMPWEB-715: ABCTV: Investigate feasibility for "autoplayblocked" event
  • AMPWEB-673: Audio tracks: Add UI for audio track selection to React skin
  • AMPWEB-701: Remove ABC TV specific files and streams from the React repository
  • AMPWEB-711: HTML5: DASH AUDIO TRACK Samples page: Non Fatal JS error is seen in console when user tries to open the Audio submenu from right arrow key from keyboard
  • AMPWEB-718: [HLS.JS] Upgrade to latest version v0.8.4
  • AMPWEB-726: HTML5: API Enhancements around Multiple Audio Tracks.
  • AMPWEB-731: HTML5: [EVENT] [AMP EVENT] eventstatechange should be triggered when there is update in the state.
Build 4.84.10 - 10/05/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-673: Audio tracks: Add UI for audio track selection to React skin
  • AMPWEB-701: Remove ABC TV specific files and streams from the React repository
  • AMPWEB-711: HTML5: DASH AUDIO TRACK Samples page: Non Fatal JS error is seen in console when user tries to open the Audio submenu from right arrow key from keyboard
  • AMPWEB-680: HTML5: JS[Unhandled Promise Rejection:] error stopping ad and auto playback
  • AMPWEB-674: Premier : Picture in picture broken in latest build
  • AMPWEB-579: React/HTML5: infinite js errors thrown when player is paused and kept it idle for 5-7 mins and resumed
  • AMPWEB-699: Add buffering event to player API
  • AMPWEB-649: ABCTV: Audio tracks: Expand audio track get / set API for DASH and hls.js (multi-audio)
  • AMPWEB-552: ABCTV: Live stream stalling intermittently still occurs
  • AMPWEB-675: FoxNews: Chromecast: Title bar not longer working.
  • AMPWEB-681: IHeart: HTML5: HLS audio playback throws an error when medium is "audio".
  • AMPWEB-684: Chromecast: PREMIER: Non fatal JS error after cast not affecting playback
  • AMPWEB-689: HTML5: Non fatal JS error observed in console, when cookies are blocked at browser level
  • AMPWEB-691: Chromecast: FOXNEWS: Volume Increase OR decrease should it be allowed through AMP control bar or cast app control bar
  • AMPWEB-692: Chromecast: FOXNEWS: chromecast-sender-freewheel: No cast option is provided once player load is complete
  • AMPWEB-693: [UPGRADE] HLS.JS to latest one 0.8.3
  • AMPWEB-694: iHeart: HTML5: DVR temporalType is not working into a feed.
  • AMPWEB-696: HTML5: *AUDIO ONLY* Sample page for different audio only content in one sample page
  • AMPWEB-697: HTML5: Improvement in autoplay UI element in settings UI
  • AMPWEB-700: Add buffering indicator to React UI
  • AMPWEB-702: iHeart: React: Adjust "audio" mode to show poster during playback
  • AMPWEB-705: HTML5: After auto-advance, next media item has fatal ad/content sequence and content doesn't play
  • AMPWEB-708: HTML5: Intermittent React plugin loading error
  • AMPWEB-710: HTML5: AUDIO CONTENT: poster should be available throughout the playback rather than black screen
  • AMPWEB-714: Premier : Media Analytics changes breaking premier player
Build 4.83.14 - 09/21/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-257 :React: Create React UI for AMP Premier featureset
  • AMPWEB-456 :React: Add autoplay toggle to player UI
  • AMPWEB-474 :ABCTV: Investigate Fairplay DRM for upLynk DRM HLS stream (FLASHPLR-????)
  • AMPWEB-541 :Premier [React] : Portion of Video area/div moves up when tab focused with control bar hidden
  • AMPWEB-546 :Premier [Android Chrome]: Pinch and Drag seek Functionality
  • AMPWEB-594 :Premier [React] : Startup sequence UI is no longer smooth
  • AMPWEB-614 :React [Flash]: Disable Flash UI elements for React mode
  • AMPWEB-628 :HTML5: Event management plugin could not be registered.
  • AMPWEB-629 :HTML5: React: Share needs to override entire plugin config.
  • AMPWEB-631:Premier [Captions] : UI Level tick mark icon is not applied to selected caption settings for font color, background color, window color, edge color, edge opacity
  • AMPWEB-632 :Premier [Captions] : UI - font opacity option 100% is always selected even after selecting other options
  • AMPWEB-633 :Premier [Captions] : UI - background opacity option 0% is always selected even after selecting other options
  • AMPWEB-634 :Premier [Captions] : UI - Window opacity option 50% is always selected even after selecting other options
  • AMPWEB-635 :Premier [HTML] : Captions advanced settings UI level issues
  • AMPWEB-639 :Premier : ad control bar is flickering when browser developer tools dock opened in bottom
  • AMPWEB-641 :IBC Demo 2017: DRM sample page for IBC Demo
  • AMPWEB-643 :HTML5: AIS: Play-overlay appears when chooser is there.
  • AMPWEB-644 :Bleacher: On customer page, can't bring up control bar with touch on mobile
  • AMPWEB-645 :Safari PnP show up on iPhone but this feature is not available on iPhone
  • AMPWEB-646 :Bitrates in quality levels menu should be rounded to whole numbers
  • AMPWEB-647 :Premier: IOS iphone devices full screen button is hidden
  • AMPWEB-650 :Flash: Media analytics beacons are not tracked in Flash
  • AMPWEB-651 :[Upgrade] HLS.JS to 0.8.2
  • AMPWEB-655 :NDN [HTML5]: volume control alignment issue
  • AMPWEB-656 :Premier: switching to another content throws JS error in safari
  • AMPWEB-658 :Premier [devices] : IMA Learn more link overlapping with ad info /bar
  • AMPWEB-659 :Fox News: Chromecast: resume handler is not defined error
  • AMPWEB-660 :Fox News: Chromecast: Cannot read property 'getVolume' of null error
  • AMPWEB-661 :Premier : player breaks with dash + freewheel in safari
  • AMPWEB-664 :Bleacher: Workarounds for pre-prod deploy issue with 2.81
  • AMPWEB-666 :[Android] IMA Mobile Skippable Ads for Chrome
  • AMPWEB-670 :Premier [Flash] : Player control bar is not visible and throwing JS errors
  • AMPWEB-671 :New mediaanalytics plugin not evaluating token
Build 4.82.17 - 09/07/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-57 Android: HTML5: Seek beyond mid roll ad and once content playback starts from resumed point could see buffering bar not been removed and time update not been is seen in player control bar
  • AMPWEB-63 ABS-CBN: Customer ad get into loop to resize
  • AMPWEB-64 ABS-CBN: Customer "static image preroll" doesn't proceed to content properly
  • AMPWEB-264 Safari 10.0.3: HTML5: Content Playback Ends : Recommendations Enabled: Move to Next tab and come back: duration change event triggered
  • AMPWEB-281 Freewheel: HTML5: Once post roll playback is complete, seek ahead wrong time stamp is displayed and when seeked back seek back not working
  • AMPWEB-365 Asianet: Bitrate Meter UI: Bitrates displayed in bitrate meter UI is not displayed properly
  • AMPWEB-483 Move Share and SharePanel plugins into Controls plugin
  • AMPWEB-561 React: Captions: Default selected caption settings are not getting reflected in options UI
  • AMPWEB-562 React: Captions: Selected caption settings in options UI disappears when, options UI is closed and opened again
  • AMPWEB-575 [React] EdgeColor missing from caption settings menu
  • AMPWEB-576 Fox News: AIS Free Preview failing for new VOD stream but regular sign-in works
  • AMPWEB-585 React [Flash] player control bar is missing once player load is complete in Flash
  • AMPWEB-586 React [Flash] : click on ads not opening in new tab
  • AMPWEB-595 React/HTML5: Can see ad counter on top right prior to ad start
  • AMPWEB-596 UPGRADE: HLS.JS to v0.8.1
  • AMPWEB-597 Premier: Bitrate not changing in UI while switching bitrates of dash stream
  • AMPWEB-598 Premier: Settings window is broken and throwing JS error when switched from least bitrate to highest bitrate and clicked on settings quality label
  • AMPWEB-599 React: Keyboard accessibility: JS error stop displays of settings menu UI when used with keyboard spacebar or enter button
  • AMPWEB-600 React: Ads: During ad playback (IMA or Freewheel) settings and CC button should not be visible in control bar
  • AMPWEB-601 React: qualitychanging : Going back to settings menu and selecting any of menu items will not open any sub menu items, If it takes more time for quality change.
  • AMPWEB-602 React: ratechange : When playback rate is changed in speed UI, the relevant say ratechange is not triggered
  • AMPWEB-604 Captions: SRT: Fatal JS error displayed on player load causing player not to play the content.
  • AMPWEB-605 Captions: parallel rendering samples page: seems to be broken
  • AMPWEB-606 Captions: subply: non-fatal js error could be seen during content playback
  • AMPWEB-607 Captions: subply vod: non-fatal js error could be seen during content playback
  • AMPWEB-608 React[Flash]: Error displayed in console during playback, if user clicks on settings button in control bar
  • AMPWEB-609 React[Flash]: [Windows 7,IE 11] Error is displayed in console, if user tries to apply any of the captions settings.
  • AMPWEB-610 React[Flash]: Bitrate not getting applied when user tries to apply it from API or from Quality Meter UI
  • AMPWEB-611 React[Flash]: Default value Normal is not been populated against speed
  • AMPWEB-612 React[Flash]: playback rate not getting applied when user does it from API or from UI(Settings(button)->Speed UI-> select any playback rate
  • AMPWEB-613 React: [AMP EVENT] qualitychange event is not observed when bitrates are selected from low to high or high to low
  • AMPWEB-617 React[Flash]: During playback if user enable captions could see captions getting hidden on bottom back side of control bar
  • AMPWEB-618 React[Flash]: When captions enabled , if user tries to apply the caption settings caption text disappears
  • AMPWEB-619 React[Flash]: Options UI remains visible during mid roll ad playback (freewheel or IMA)
  • AMPWEB-620 React[HTML5]: Options UI remains visible during mid roll ad playback (freewheel or IMA)
  • AMPWEB-621 React[FLASH]: During ad playback(IMA or freewheel), if user clicks inside player ad playback is not paused and ad content is not opened in separate tab or window
  • AMPWEB-622 React [HTML5]: Applying Caption settings from options menu UI is not working
  • AMPWEB-624 React [HTML5]: With no captions text displayed in the player, could see [AMP CAPTIONING EVENT] cue change event been triggered
  • AMPWEB-625 React[HML5]: autoplay(true) broken in latest build
  • AMPWEB-626 React [HTML5]: Edge Opacity is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-627 React [Flash] Error causing none of the captions samples page to be loaded.
  • AMPWEB-630 [Upgrade] DASHJS to latestone [2.6.0]
  • AMPWEB-637 React: Share: No way to disable the share button
  • AMPWEB-638 Premier [Flash] : during ad playback on mouse hover control bar is not coming up
  • AMPWEB-640 Premier [Flash] : captions turns off when caption advanced settings are changed
Build 4.81.16 - 08/24/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-520: React: "Go Live" it too close to timecodes
  • AMPWEB-523: Move captioning UI to controls plugin
  • AMPWEB-519: Add HTML5 only build of AMP Standard to release process.
  • AMPWEB-530: HTML5: Volume level resets up page reload
  • AMPWEB-462: Plugins: Migrate GoogleAnalytics to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-555: Fox News: HTML5: Pop-out captions improvement
  • AMPWEB-256: React: Captions overlay text doesn't reset if we do rewind till starting position with Scroll effect selected as Roll-on or Paint-on
  • AMPWEB-537: Premier [React] : Captions text displaying behind control bar in devices [ IOS, Android ]
  • AMPWEB-339: Asianet: CC button is not highlighted when captions are turned on
  • AMPWEB-534: Premier [React] : Control bar is flickering on rollover during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-495: Standard [React]: Tall panel menus being clipped by player div
  • AMPWEB-453: React: UI: Error slate should be freindlier
  • AMPWEB-469: FoxNews: Rollon Captions for sidecar are duplicating lines
  • AMPWEB-261: React: With Bitrate playing in auto mode and if switched to same bitrate manually then its not getting selected in UI
  • AMPWEB-311: HTML-1089 : Manual bitrate when switched to different bitrate levels using API then in UI current bitrate icon (tick mark) is not getting applied appropriately
  • AMPWEB-531: React: On iPad, controls to do not autodismiss
  • AMPWEB-449: React: UI: Add Chromecast button
  • AMPWEB-526: React: UI: Add PnP button (Safari sierra OS and above only)
  • AMPWEB-17: HTML5: DVR: Update Player UI to accommodate DVR playback [HTML-842]
  • AMPWEB-337: HTML5: if captions font size is selected as extra large and caption text is of 3 or more lines then play overlay button is displaying behind captions display area
  • AMPWEB-448: React: UI: Add Airplay button (Safari only)
  • AMPWEB-591: React: PnP control bar icon getting cut off slightly
  • AMPWEB-532: Xyvid: Customer assistance on React issue
  • AMPWEB-553: Bleacher: HTML5: Question on React 15 v React 16
  • AMPWEB-463: Plugins: Migrate MediaAnalaytics to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-236: [Test Case] Refactor and update in Zephyr
  • AMPWEB-527: ABCTV: DRM: Adjustment to work with ABC FPS streams (FLASHPLR-2777)
  • AMPWEB-528: HTML5: PREMIER: JS error causing the html5 player not to load
  • AMPWEB-533: Premier [React] : Ad Markers misaligned and color to be yellow
  • AMPWEB-529: Standard [React] : Could see react player control bar and its buttons are no more displayed
  • AMPWEB-535: Premier [React] : black background displayed during ad playback in devices [ IOS, android ]
  • AMPWEB-536: Premier [React]: JS error causing DVR samples page not to load
  • AMPWEB-538: Premier [React] : Midroll ad markers are not displayed in seekbar
  • AMPWEB-539: Premier [React] : With multiple midroll ads configured, on ad start hyphen is added to ad duration for a second
  • AMPWEB-540: Premier [React] : JS error related to companion ads is observed when IMA ad tag with multiple midroll ads configured
  • AMPWEB-544: Premier: Unable to configure control bar mode through config block or API
  • AMPWEB-545: Premier: Seek Preview and recommendations features are not integrated in react UI
  • AMPWEB-547: [DASH.JS] Upgrade to latest version
  • AMPWEB-572: Premier [Freewheel]: playback speed is getting applied to ad
  • AMPWEB-548: [HLS.JS] Upgrade to latest version
  • AMPWEB-549: HTML5: MA: Disable lookup serverip
  • AMPWEB-551: ABS-CBN: multiple player in one page is not working
  • AMPWEB-550: HTML5: Tokenization error is preventing player load.
  • AMPWEB-554: Premier [React] : unable to set branding logo through config
  • AMPWEB-557: OWN: HTML5: On auto-advance player gets stuck when playing MP4 and Freewheel
  • AMPWEB-558: Premier [React] : Using tab focus click on different control bar icons using space/enter key pauses player instead of rewind, forward ...
  • AMPWEB-559: React: Captions settings are not getting applied in latest sprint
  • AMPWEB-560: React: Captions : JS error is displayed when Background opacity is selected
  • AMPWEB-563: React: Captions: Character edge style and Scroll is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-564: Premier: Flash player not loading
  • AMPWEB-565: Premier [React] : Autoplay not working
  • AMPWEB-566: Premier [React] : Captions text is displaying during freewheel midroll ad playback
  • AMPWEB-567: Premier [React] : google analytics beacons are not triggered when configured through amp.premier.json
  • AMPWEB-569: Premier [React] : Issues with freewheel ads
  • AMPWEB-570: Premier [Freewheel]: ad progress bar is not in sync with ad duration
  • AMPWEB-571: Premier [Freewheel]: on ad start ad duration text is not displaying properly
  • AMPWEB-577: HTML5: player is not loading for all custom builds
  • AMPWEB-578: Premier [React] : JS error is thrown when drag seeked to start point
  • AMPWEB-580: React/Flash: playoverlay mistakenly visible during midroll ad playback
  • AMPWEB-581: Premier [Flash] : full screen not working
  • AMPWEB-582: React/Flash: Playoverlay and poster blocking display of ad during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-583: Premier [Flash]: IMA : Ad countdown timer not working during pre,mid or post roll ad playback
  • AMPWEB-584: Premier [Flash] : Volume slider not working on click
  • AMPWEB-587: Premier [Flash] : Midroll ad markers are not displayed
  • AMPWEB-588: Premier [Flash] : end state is displayed before post roll ad
  • AMPWEB-589: React [Flash] : captions broken in flash
  • AMPWEB-590: React [Flash] : freewheel ads not playing with flash
  • AMPWEB-592: Premier [HTML5] : Player not loading in weatherchannel and bleacher builds
  • AMPWEB-593: Premier [React] : Spinner stuck through out ad playback if clicked on rewind or forward buttons
Build 4.80.19 - 08/10/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-38 * Weather, WebMD, OWN: Provide option to let iPads use IMA3's single video tag instead of two
  • AMPWEB-262 React: On player load could see font icons displayed for few seconds on left side of player
  • AMPWEB-299 HTML5: Implement DVR for DVR type "unlimited" ("event") for MSE and native
  • AMPWEB-307 * React: Timestamp: Need to add hover timestamp Improvement
  • AMPWEB-348 * Localization: Move localization string tables to external files
  • AMPWEB-391 * Confirm move from dev-mdtbuild-app01.kendall.corp.akamai.com to dev-mdtbuild-app02
  • AMPWEB-420 ABS-CBN: HTML player is not rendering icons properly when browser is zoomed Bug Undetermined
  • AMPWEB-438 * FoxNews: AIS Free preview: Timer expires even when you are not playing the preview stream
  • AMPWEB-439 * Fox News: AIS: After logging loading wheel persist
  • AMPWEB-440 * Fox News: AIS Free Preview: Cannot pause FP timer during ad break
  • AMPWEB-450 React: UI: Add draggable playhead (without seeking during drag)
  • AMPWEB-451 React: UI: Add LIVE indicator and GO-LIVE link
  • AMPWEB-454 React: UI: Make size of controls more appropriate for mobile when on mobile
  • AMPWEB-471 * Support feed setter/getter properties
  • AMPWEB-484 * Fox News: CC text is overlapping settings menu and volume panel
  • AMPWEB-485 * Consolidate sample page menu functionality
  • AMPWEB-486 * Fox News: AIS Free Preview: Intermittent stuck on black screen and not showing chooser
  • AMPWEB-487 * React: Context menu display for Media Analytics viewerId is not displaying properly
  • AMPWEB-488 * React: Unlimited DVR duration not increasing properly in Safari
  • AMPWEB-489 * React: Waiting indicator not showing upon stream start or during seek
  • AMPWEB-490 * Make React skin the default in AMP Standard
  • AMPWEB-491 * Fox News: AIS Free Preview: time to bring up chooser takes longer
  • AMPWEB-492 * React: UI: Tab focus not happening on player controls in safari
  • AMPWEB-493 * Fox News: CC text is overlapping Play overlay button
  • AMPWEB-496 * DVR: On Safari, window DVR length is too short
  • AMPWEB-497 * Standard [React]: Stats UI not displayed in react player
  • AMPWEB-498 * Standard [React]: IMA and Freewheel samples are available in standard build
  • AMPWEB-499 * Standard [React] : spinner gets stuck through out video playback when clicked on rewind button
  • AMPWEB-500 * Standard [React] : keyboard interactions with space not working in full screen mode
  • AMPWEB-501 * Standard [React] : Safari: if invalid stream is configured then error message is not displayed in player
  • AMPWEB-502 * Standard [React] : JS error displayed when user navigates to Subtitles submenu
  • AMPWEB-503 * Standard [React]: During playback in mobile devices or desktop, drag seek(forward or backward) is not supported currently
  • AMPWEB-504 * Standard [React]: seek not working in android devices
  • AMPWEB-505 * Standard [React] Android : player stucks when chrome browser is moved to background and focused back
  • AMPWEB-506 * Standard [React]: Devices :Control bar is hiding immediately in iOS and android devices, when seek/forward/backward operation is performed Improvement
  • AMPWEB-507 * Standard [React] : Flash player controls are not displayed in control bar
  • AMPWEB-508 * React, DVR: In Chrome, windowed DVR current timestamp is increasing in React skin rather than staying constant
  • AMPWEB-509 * Standard [React] : Seek bar moves in parallel with volume bar when volume is changed using keyboard left and right keys
  • AMPWEB-510 * Standard [React] : spinner gets stuck when drag seeked till end of video
  • AMPWEB-511 * Standard [React] : player stalls when seeked without playing video
  • AMPWEB-512 * Standard [React] : red border displayed around player in android devices when tapped on control bar
  • AMPWEB-513 * Standard [React] : broken image is displayed when invalid branding logo is configured
  • AMPWEB-514 * Standard [React] Android Mobile: Poster not getting resized according when player navigate to fullscreen mode
  • AMPWEB-515 * Standard [React] Android Mobile: Control bar not aligned properly in fullscreen mode
  • AMPWEB-516 * Standard [React] Android Mobile: Elements inside options UI is not aligned properly in fullscreen mode is not aligned properly
  • AMPWEB-517 * Standard [React] : Auto, first and last bitrate level in bitrate UI is not getting checked
  • AMPWEB-518 * Standard [React] iPhone: navigation label (>) are missing for each items inside settings menu UI
Build 4.79.23 - 07/27/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-21 ABCTV: Achieve parity with Flash CEA608 / 708 captioning [HTML-1191]
  • AMPWEB-24 ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1652: : HTML5: Implement overlays ("lower thirds") in HTML5 Freewheel [HTML-1071]
  • AMPWEB-25 ABCTV: HTML5: Ad expansion for HTML5 client side Freewheel (PARENT) (also see FLASHPLR-1533) [1078]
  • AMPWEB-27 ABCTV: HTML5: Implement advanced error handling in HTML5 Freewheel [1073]
  • AMPWEB-28 ABCTV: HTML5: Achieve parity with Flash CEA608 / 708 captioning [1191]
  • AMPWEB-40 ABCTV: Research cause of gap in live caption background
  • AMPWEB-319 RAPT Samples Page: Fatal JS error stopping ad or content playback
  • AMPWEB-338 HTML5: duration resets to 00:00 when pause and seeked
  • AMPWEB-441 ABCTV: HTML5: Live stream playback stalls on bitrate switch due to issue in hls.js (hls.js 1172)
  • AMPWEB-442 ABCTV: HTML5: Live stream playback stalls on discontinuity due to issue in hls.js (hls.js 1172)
  • AMPWEB-443 HTML5: Upgrade to hls.js 0.7.11
  • AMPWEB-457 Plugins: Migrate Conviva to new Plugin
  • AMPWEB-458 Plugins: Convert ComscoreStreamsense to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-461 Plugins: Migrate ChartbeatAnalytics to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-465 HTML5: Windows 10/8.1 (IE 11): Volume slider bar non functional in IE 11
  • AMPWEB-466 HTML5: Windows 10/8.1 (IE 11) Seek and Drag seek not working in IE 11
  • AMPWEB-468 ABS-CBN: React skin doesn't work with captions disabled
  • AMPWEB-470 HTML5: Adjust to use ID3 via text track now available on hls.js 0.7.6
  • AMPWEB-472 Plugins: Migrate feed plugin to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-476 HTML5: ADBLOCKER ENABLED: IMA samples page which does not have DAI enabled , player fails to load
  • AMPWEB-477 HTML5: iOS: iPhone: IMA AD Playback not seen in iPhone devices
  • AMPWEB-478 Android: HTML5: autoplay not working in ima-muted samples for android
  • AMPWEB-479 HTML5: Configured Poster not displayed when player is loaded
  • AMPWEB-480 Flash: Player not loading
  • AMPWEB-471: Support feed setter/getter properties
  • AMPWEB-348: Localization: Move localization string tables to external files
  • AMPWEB-38: Weather, WebMD, OWN: Provide option to let iPads use IMA3's single video ta
  • g instead of two
  • AMPWEB-439: Fox News: AIS: After logging loading wheel persist
  • AMPWEB-440: Fox News: AIS Free Preview: Cannot pause FP timer during ad break
  • AMPWEB-452: React: UI: Sometimes waiting spinner is squares
Build 4.78.3 - 07/13/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-435: FoxNews: AIS Free Preview: "Sign In" is not stopping the playback or countdown
  • AMPWEB-436: FoxNews: AIS Free preview: Timer disappears when switching between the two streams
  • AMPWEB-433: FoxNews: Title overlay position
Build 4.77.10 - 06/29/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-265 FLASHPLR-2335: [AMP] Flash - ad wrapper type and url metadata
  • AMPWEB-290 Windows Chrome Player resize on FS not working
  • AMPWEB-302 GoogleAnalytics sample file is not loading up the stream
  • AMPWEB-326 Flash: API amp.play() throwing js error in few sample pages
  • AMPWEB-327 Asianet: IMA: In mobile "click on video ad" is not navigating to the ad web page
  • AMPWEB-340 ABCTV: FLASHPLR-2498 – Firefox parallel caption rendering resize issue.
  • AMPWEB-390 New Relic: HTML5: Why do stream and analytics requests seem to originate from plugin rather than AMP files in Chrome console?
  • AMPWEB-392 FoxNews: AIS Free Preview to work in Flash mode for non-HDN1 only
  • AMPWEB-399 IOS 10+ allow Skip Ads for IMA
  • AMPWEB-401 Make Default of playsinline in IOS 10+ devices
  • AMPWEB-416 HTML volumen slider doesn't get the proper value when fullscreen on Win10 / FF53
  • AMPWEB-418 [HTML5] AdsAutofit for ads not working in desktop version
  • AMPWEB-421 Foxnews: AIS: Validate Flash mode working for AIS for Fox News vegas feed
  • AMPWEB-423: Foxnews: Flash: Adjust cuepoint ad triggers for newer Vegas encoders
  • AMPWEB-415: Fox News: AIS Free Preview Phase 2
  • AMPWEB-422: FoxNews: Flash: AIS Auth not working for HDS case
  • AMPWEB-367: HTML5: HLS.JS : Update to and test hls.js 0.7.9
  • AMPWEB-424: FoxNews: Flash: When AIS auth w HDS media media object is not being populated
Build 4.76.4 - 06/14/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-362: Foxnews: React UI: IMA: Ads are playing underneath
  • AMPWEB-6 ABCTV: HTML5: Drag seek till end of playback, Button state does not change [HTML-1147]
  • AMPWEB-393 HTML5: seeking event does not have right payload
  • AMPWEB-394 HTML5: Add payload to seeking event.
  • AMPWEB-395: HTML5: UserSettings does not maintain mute state
  • AMPWEB-396:Move amp web package manager to shared folder / user
  • AMPWEB-400: Asianet: If ad pre-roll fails and seek is performed, player goes to ended state
  • AMPWEB-391: Confirm move from dev-mdtbuild-app01.kendall.corp.akamai.com to dev-mdtbuild-app02
Build 4.75.17 - 05/31/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-325: Pre-release Test HLS.JS
  • AMPWEB-341: Fox Upfronts: Event management sometimes playing content behind "pre" slate
  • AMPWEB-332: FLASHPLR-2499 [AMP] CC - Parallel rendering - IE11 - incorrect positioning
  • AMPWEB-358: ASIANET Test : iOS devices: Seek, DragSeek and Adclick, Learn More, Pinch and drag seek
  • AMPWEB-356: Android/iOS : Seek and Drag Seek, Pinch and Drag seek Functionality
  • AMPWEB-359: ASIANET Test : Android devices: Seek, DragSeek , Learn More, Pinch and drag seek
  • AMPWEB-381: Foxnews: HTML5: Regression in poster/waiting display prior to pre-roll ad
  • AMPWEB-372:Weather Channel: Paused icon shows when
  • AMPWEB-68: Aetna: Implement WCAG style keyboard accessibility in New React skin
  • AMPWEB-282: HTML - IMA: On preroll ad start immediately pause video, could see play overlay disappearing and state of PlayPause button in ad control bar changes to pause instead of play
  • AMPWEB-8: EMC: Flash: Track label gets cuts [AEPC-1089]
  • AMPWEB-334: Asianet: Not able to select first bitrate level from list of bitrates through UI
  • AMPWEB-335: HTML5: create-destroy-model sample throwing JS error on closing and opening page
  • AMPWEB-336: Asianet: volume slider bar is not functioning smoothly when drag seek operation is performed
  • AMPWEB-342: HTML5: Buffering window displays during Midroll ad playback if seeked beyond midroll ad pod
  • AMPWEB-352: Android Chrome: drag seek is not smooth when web page is zoomed
  • AMPWEB-366: Android/iOS: Drag seek beyond mid-roll ad and release only after mid-roll ad playback starts, Could see when mid-roll ad ends, content playback also ends and post roll ad playback starts
  • AMPWEB-354: HLS.JS : Pre-release test of 0.7.7
  • AMPWEB-368: HTML5: Chrome -JS error blocking player to load in index sample page
  • AMPWEB-369: FoxNews: AIS: Patch for ghost bug for Free Preview
  • AMPWEB-370: ABCTV: JS errors pausing samples page(index and freewheel-playhead-memory) not to load html5 player
  • AMPWEB-384: FoxNews: Ads playing Muted after first ad in a live midroll pod
Build 4.74.20 - 05/18/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-323: Freewheel Overlay: Overlay should not overlap video ads on seek
  • AMPWEB-289: Verify "Option to turn off plugin logs thrown at console" is ok and integrate into AMP
  • AMPWEB-10: HTML5: ID3: Consolidate Flash-sourced events into single timedmetadata event [HTML-1165]
  • AMPWEB-12: Bleacher: HTML5: Implement Conviva reporting capability as a plugin for HTML5 mode [HTML-1032]
  • AMPWEB-316(FLASHPLR-1652): Freewheel HTML5 Overlay ads
  • AMPWEB-333: ABCTV: FreeWheel: Ad playback not been seen if you seek just before any ad pod and allow it to continue.
  • AMPWEB-345: FLASH: player not loading in index sample page
  • AMPWEB-347: React: Localization: Prevent fatal startup but in React implementation when localized string not available
  • AMPWEB-349: Asianet: HTML5: On iphone only, Learn More is not showing! but fine on VAST inspector
  • AMPWEB-353: HLS.JS : Upgrade to 0.7.0
  • AMPWEB-363: Weather: HTML5: muted autoplay on iOS10 not working when IMA enabled
Build 4.73.9 - 05/04/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-251: HTML5: ABS-CBN: DRM Playready on EDGE/IE
  • AMPWEB-43: FoxNews: Implement "free preview" new feature in AIS
  • AMPWEB-49: ABS-CBN: Make vanilla (non-AMP) FPS sample using customer stream
  • AMPWEB-322: Expose setInitialBitrateFor in AMP DASH impl
  • AMPWEB-314: Gree: Customer reports error Source not supported error
  • AMPWEB-324: Accessibility is broken in React sample pages
  • AMPWEB-328: [ASIANET] Ad/video directly opens in fullscreen(native?) mode in iPhone/Safari
Build 4.72.7 - 04/20/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-315: Foxnews: Customer reports error for specific deployed URL
  • AMPWEB-287: React Player UI: HTML5: autoplay set to false : Clicking anywhere inside player is not starting playback
  • AMPWEB-312: HTML5: AMP is not playing tokenized streams anymore
  • AMPWEB-247: React Player UI Test
  • AMPWEB-318: GoogleAnalytics: Nonfatal JS error displayed during ad playback
Build 4.71.18 - 04/07/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-180: HTML5: IMA: Expose new property in configuration for disable flash ads.
  • AMPWEB-266: ABCTV: Add opt-in AMP implementation of caption rendering for cea-608/708 for hls.js
  • AMPWEB-52: ABCTV: [AMP] creative parameters aren’t extracted for fallback ads [FLASHPLR-1970]
  • AMPWEB-240: HTML: Create audio element for audio-only streams
  • AMPWEB-182: Implement early test of Media Acceleration 1.2 JS SDK for hls.js mode
  • AMPWEB-289: Verify "Option to turn off plugin logs thrown at console" is ok and integrate into AMP
  • AMPWEB-5 ABCTV: Api to get ads current duration is not working in safari browser
  • AMPWEB-241 With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-245 Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-252 React: Firefox browser exit full screen button is not working
  • AMPWEB-258 FoxNews: others: Loading/buffering indicator not showing during ad sequence
  • AMPWEB-245: Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e, before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-53: Nielsen DTVR Testing across browsers
  • AMPWEB-241: With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation, play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-254: React: Captions subtitles label by default displaying english even though captions option set to off
  • AMPWEB-259: HTML5: Destroy player during ad playback ends in infinite loop of JS errors
  • AMPWEB-263: Freewheel: Midroll: Content Playback Resume not observed in Chrome 56, 59
  • AMPWEB-267: HTML5: During post roll ad, terminate ad using API then auto-advance and recommendations is breaking
  • AMPWEB-269: HTML5: Autoplay set to false : Buffering Bar UI Visibility: Once player load complete
  • AMPWEB-270: ABCTV: Native captions are reenabled when in-stream ads begin
  • AMPWEB-272: HTML5: Freewheel: Pause AD Playback: Use Terminate Ad API
  • AMPWEB-273: HTML5: Freewheel: During AD Playback: Terminate AD
  • AMPWEB-274: HTML5: Freewheel: use "amp.ads.terminateAllAds()" API during any ad playback mode
  • AMPWEB-275: React Player : Keyboard Accessibility: Coming back from fullscreen mode: No key allocated
  • AMPWEB-276: React Player UI: Tab Focus not been made on player
  • AMPWEB-277: React: JS error is observed when clicked on Subtitles link under settings
  • Freewheel: Video duration is displayed as 00:00 and buffering bar is displayed on end of video i.e., when replay window is displayed
  • AMPWEB-279: CHANEL: Remove Chromecast plugin and add volume panel plugin missing for html5 player.
  • AMPWEB-283In index.html sample page autoplay config is overridden because of that autoplay value configured in amp.premier.json is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-286: HTML5: DASH: Content playback not been seen in safari and firefox
Build 4.70.17 - 03/24/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-180: HTML5: IMA: Expose new property in configuration for disable flash ads.
  • AMPWEB-266: ABCTV: Add opt-in AMP implementation of caption rendering for cea-608/708 for hls.js
  • AMPWEB-52: ABCTV: [AMP] creative parameters aren’t extracted for fallback ads [FLASHPLR-1970]
  • AMPWEB-240: HTML: Create audio element for audio-only streams
  • AMPWEB-182: Implement early test of Media Acceleration 1.2 JS SDK for hls.js mode
  • AMPWEB-289: Verify "Option to turn off plugin logs thrown at console" is ok and integrate into AMP
  • AMPWEB-5 ABCTV: Api to get ads current duration is not working in safari browser
  • AMPWEB-241 With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-245 Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-252 React: Firefox browser exit full screen button is not working
  • AMPWEB-258 FoxNews: others: Loading/buffering indicator not showing during ad sequence
  • AMPWEB-245: Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e, before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-53: Nielsen DTVR Testing across browsers
  • AMPWEB-241: With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation, play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-254: React: Captions subtitles label by default displaying english even though captions option set to off
  • AMPWEB-259: HTML5: Destroy player during ad playback ends in infinite loop of JS errors
  • AMPWEB-263: Freewheel: Midroll: Content Playback Resume not observed in Chrome 56, 59
  • AMPWEB-267: HTML5: During post roll ad, terminate ad using API then auto-advance and recommendations is breaking
  • AMPWEB-269: HTML5: Autoplay set to false : Buffering Bar UI Visibility: Once player load complete
  • AMPWEB-270: ABCTV: Native captions are reenabled when in-stream ads begin
  • AMPWEB-272: HTML5: Freewheel: Pause AD Playback: Use Terminate Ad API
  • AMPWEB-273: HTML5: Freewheel: During AD Playback: Terminate AD
  • AMPWEB-274: HTML5: Freewheel: use "amp.ads.terminateAllAds()" API during any ad playback mode
  • AMPWEB-275: React Player : Keyboard Accessibility: Coming back from fullscreen mode: No key allocated
  • AMPWEB-276: React Player UI: Tab Focus not been made on player
  • AMPWEB-277: React: JS error is observed when clicked on Subtitles link under settings
  • Freewheel: Video duration is displayed as 00:00 and buffering bar is displayed on end of video i.e., when replay window is displayed
  • AMPWEB-279: CHANEL: Remove Chromecast plugin and add volume panel plugin missing for html5 player.
  • AMPWEB-283In index.html sample page autoplay config is overridden because of that autoplay value configured in amp.premier.json is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-286: HTML5: DASH: Content playback not been seen in safari and firefox
Build 4.69.18 - 03/10/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-15 HTML5: Entering fullscreen mode using API(amp.enterFullScreen() throws JS error. [HTML-1065]
  • AMPWEB-167 HTML5: Omniture: After setting a new video omniture stills tracking previous video.
  • AMPWEB-171 HTML5: HLS.js path cannot be override it on config
  • AMPWEB-177 Zegna: HTML5 player: Play overlay not working on android + getPlaybackOrder
  • AMPWEB-178 Firefox: React : Samples Page
  • AMPWEB-179 React: Bitrate Meter Selector
  • AMPWEB-183 REACT: Samples Page
  • AMPWEB-243 Captions preview area disappears/hides when clicked on CC toggle ON button
  • AMPWEB-244 Captions preview window is not updating to selected advanced settings
  • React UI : Any Browsers : Flash Enabled: MP4 Content : NOT Working
  • REACT UI: Windows 8.1 : IE 11: Alignment Issues
Build 4.68.16 - 02/24/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-60: HTML: Playing event is not triggered during video content playback after pre-roll ad
  • AMPWEB-45: ReactUI: Add handhover to main controls (?)
  • AMPWEB-65: AMP Flash player is not loading in most of the sample pages
  • AMPWEB-69: WebMD: HLS playback is taking more time to start playing in Firefox
  • AMPWEB-70: FoxNews: Missing countdown timer after scrubbing
  • AMPWEB-76: DRAG seek till end during pause and resume or normal playback
  • AMPWEB-166: ampc compilation command throwing timeout error
  • AMPWEB-170: HTML5: Update to latest stable hls.js for 0.6.x which is 0.6.21
  • AMPWEB-168: ABCTV: ADD Samples page for ABCTV VOD
  • AMPWEB-44: ReactUI: Add QualitySelector
  • AMPWEB-46: ReactUI: Add share buttons/menu
  • AMPWEB-172: React UI: Bitrate
  • AMPWEB-173: React UI: Settings Button
  • AMPWEB-174: React Samples Page: Player Load Complete: Non Fatal JS error
  • AMPWEB-175: RAPT Samples Page
  • AMPWEB-176: RAPT Samples Page with FREEWHEEL ADS Enabled
  • AMPWEB-3: HTML5: Port Caption Settings Menu to React UI [HTML-1097]
Build 4.67.9 - 02/10/2017
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AMPWEB-29 WebMD: HTML5: mediasequence started and ended events do not appear after replaying content in IOS 9
  • AMPWEB-37 ABCTV: Expand context menu capabilities [FLASHPLR-2107]
  • AMPWEB-39 Update build automation to use SemVer versioning scheme.
  • AMPWEB-41 Rapt Media: autoplay doesn't work and buffering
  • AMPWEB-47 Foxnews: HTML5: Enhance pre-playback UI to to avoid "dead space"
  • AMPWEB-48 Viacom: Flash: Player does not work in IE9,IE10 win 7
  • AMPWEB-50 FoxNews: Heartbeat enable SSL property in AMP config
  • AMPWEB-54 Add React sample to all project builds
  • AMPWEB-56 Worldplay: Android 7 doesn't show progress bar for VOD
  • AMPWEB-58 Offer skinnier HTML5-only mode JS file for customers who aren't using Flash or Flash fallback
  • AMPWEB-59 Flash Player is not loading in all browsers with latest build
  • AMPWEB-62: BITRATE Enabled: Playback is not seen across all MSE and NON MSE browsers
Build 4.66.5 - 01/25/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • First build release from GIT
  • AMPWEB-2: Dyventive: Flash: Implement id3/timedmetadata event for FlasHLS plugin (AEPC-1067)
  • AMPWEB-20: FoxNews: HTML5: For IMA, ads aren't resizing during ad if player size is changed
  • AMPWEB-13: FoxNews, OWN: Implement new Chartbeat module into HTML5, Flash modes via Chartbeat JS plugin [HTML-1080]
  • AMPWEB-9: Dyventive: Flash: Implement id3/timedmetadata event for FlasHLS plugin [AEPC-1067]
  • AMPWEB-16: FoxNews: HTML5: Move AIS VCS to configurable and disable by default [HTML-1175]
  • AMPWEB-19: ABCTV Player Freeze FLASHPLR-2009 / FLASHPLR-1680
  • AMPWEB-23: FoxNews: Flash: IMA: Player does not proceed to content after getting IMA VPAID error. [AEPC-1075]
  • AMPWEB-26: ABCTV: HTML5: Integrate entitlement workflow into samples and build process [HTML-1081]
  • AMPWEB-30: Race condition in nested return statements
  • AMPWEB-31: Build Script: on flash build Player SWF files are not present/created inside deploy folder
  • AMPWEB-32: Add option for ABCTV "video_type" parameter to entitlement workflow
  • AMPWEB-33: Airplay sample is not working
  • AMPWEB-35: Live Uplynk streams are not properly requested via ABCTV entitlement workflow
  • AMPWEB-36: Upgrade AMP to latest version of hls.js
Build 01/11/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-1186: HTML5 player: DVR buttons overlap with scrub bar
  • HTML-1182: HTML5: Browser Cookie Blocked: Player crashes with JS error in console.
  • HTML-1183: HTML5: Browser Cookie Enabled: Captions: On player relaunch scroll-type: paint-on option is not applied to captions and caption settings UI
  • HTML-1185: HTML5: Multiple Players: Captions: While selecting caption settings for 3rd player. 2nd player caption settings are getting applied for 3rd player
  • HTML-1187: ABCTV: [FLASHPLR-1950] : QA2/QA3: Disney Brands/ABC/Freeform: If the volume is muted during ads then when unmuted during content playback, the sound does not return but the button displays in unmuted status
Build 12/29/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-1084 FoxNews: Flash: Settings Menu: Closed captions button needs more spacing in settings menu in IE9/IE10
  • AEPC-1088 FLASH: autoplay false , from API(amp.play()) try starting playback.
  • HTML-962 HTML5: Nielsen: Implement DTVR for HTML5 & Flash modes
  • HTML-1079 Setup Akamai GIT repository for AMP React UI
  • HTML-1127 Dyv: HTML5: ID3tags are not getting fired on EDGE using HLS.js
  • HTML-1146 FoxNews: HTML5: Nielsen is not sending started metric call
  • HTML-1156 ABCTV build number is hardcoded as v2.57.0.0008
  • HTML-1163 ABCNews, Frankly: HTML: Captioning settings behaves oddly when there are several player instances in the same page
  • HTML-1166 FoxNews: HTML5: in Chrome 55, a white/gray area blinks breifly during player startup, due to SWFObject
  • HTML-1169 HTML5: Update defaults such that html-auto is default
  • HTML-1170 HTML5:: ID3 logs are not been observed in safari browser
  • HTML-1171 FoxNews: HTML5: Chartbeatanalytics is not binding 'media' node.
  • HTML-1172 FoxNews: HTML5: Chartbeatanalytics update _vh property
  • HTML-1173 HTML5: Support Viewer Diagnostics by adding MA ViewerId to context menu in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-1174 Add support for MUX analytics
  • HTML-1176 ABCTV [FLASHPLR-1917]: If one of the mid-roll ad pods is empty than all the next mid-rolls will be skipped and not play if reached linearly
  • HTML-1178 ABCTV: Freewheel: Playing events are triggered multiple times during pre and mid roll ads
  • HTML-1180 FoxNews: Chartbeat: '_vpt' property has NaN
Build - 12/15/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-1078: FoxNews: Flash: Autoplay cookie is not working as expected
  • AEPC-1079: ABCNews: Flash: Customer needs enable_stage_video flag patch in v 2.19 [AMPS-929]
  • AEPC-1082: EMC: Flash: Player doesn't load more than one vtt caption file
  • AEPC-1083: EMC: Flash: Flash player shows captions by language code instead of language description
  • AEPC-1086: WebMD: Flash: IMA: mediasequenceended event is not being fired when there is no Postroll
  • AEPC-1087: IMA: FLASH: POST-ROLL: When post-roll ad is about to complete, RTE is displayed in player
  • HTML-838: HTML5: HLS plugin Enabled: Windows-10/8.1 : Normal and Fullscreen mode: Seek and Drag Seek issue
  • HTML-944: Weather: Flash: Investigate reported delay between player start and skin SWF load (Wont Fix)
  • HTML-963: Foxnews: HTML5: Implement ad cue events for TVE stream from Foxnews
  • HTML-1030: HTML5: Update defaults to have HLS plugin enabled
  • HTML-1067: NDN: Customer reports playback with the "akamai-ended" overlay present after pre-roll [AMPS-866] [PLAYER-3051]
  • HTML-1091: Captions: Captions Advanced settings background color is not getting applied
  • HTML-1124: ABCNews: HTML5: Audio drop during hls.js playback from some customer streams
  • HTML-1143: Foxnews: HTML5: in Safari only (non MSE), 708 captions are not showing
  • HTML-1158: Asianet: HTML5: Unable to seek forward or backward
  • HTML-1164: HTML5: Update hls.js to latest 0.6.12+
Build - 11/30/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-1136: HTML5: For Media Analytics in HTML5, call new API akamaiSetStreamURL() to fix missing data for format, url, and serverIp
  • HTML-1137: HTML5: For Media Analytics in HTML5, call new API akamaiHandleBitRateSwitch() to fix missing data for played bitrate
  • HTML-1150: ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1791 [AMP] HTML5: Video pauses without user interaction in low bandwidth scenarios
  • HTML-1151: ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1808: QA2, HTML5, DC, DJ,DXD: unexpected black point on liveTV MVPD Picker
  • HTML-1131: Foxnews: HTML5: AIS error in Flash mode after new auth API added in HTML-1121
  • HTML-1149: ABCTV:(FLASHPLR-1806) HTML5: Player does not load while passing DOM Instance as video container
  • HTML-1142: FoxNews: HTML5: TVE test page is getting setTemporalType error.
  • HTML-1152: HTML5: JS error causing player and all child sample pages not to load.
  • HTML-1153: ABCTV: HTML5: With Normal playhead update , when playhead reaches ad point mid roll ad is not triggered
  • HTML-1155: ABCTV: (FLASHPLR-1842) HTML5: When mid roll ad ends, content playback never starts in Android 4,5,6 Chrome installed
Build - 11/19/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • Resolves HTML-1149(ABCTV: Player does not load while passing DOM Instance as video container)
  • HTML-1021 ABCTV: Freewheel: HTML5: Add dimensions to ad metadata
  • HTML-1042 Australian Radio: HTML5: Safari ID3 implementation multiple metadata cue issue
  • HTML-1060 HTML5: Refactor ID3 implementation for hls.js mode
  • HTML-1068 Dyv: HTML5: Some ID3 tags are not being caught using HLS.js
  • HTML-1070 ABCTV: HTML5: Implement advanced midroll sequencing in HTML5 Freewheel
  • HTML-1093 FoxNews: HTML5: Dragging scrubber to the end of the stream breaks player layout
  • HTML-1121 ABCTV: HTML5: Entitlements appear to expire during midroll playback (authorization process addition)
  • HTML-1123 ABCTV: HTML5: Final Freewheel midroll pod does not play after seek
  • HTML-1126 HTML5: initializeNotifier error on console on sample page
  • HTML-1128 ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1754 – HTML5: Freewheel: Ad counter reflects pod level duration
  • HTML-1129 ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1755 – HTML5: Freewheel: Ad countdown text does not reflect actual sequencing state
  • HTML-1130 ABCTV: FLASHPLR-1756 – New. HTML5: Freewheel: Ad index count does not reflect pod progress
  • HTML-1132 FLASH/HTML5: JS Error stopping the load of flash or html5 player in any projects
  • HTML-1133 PNC: Replay button doesn't work
  • HTML-1134 ABCTV: (FLASHPLR-1732) [AMP] HTML5 freewheel ad slots playback rules
  • HTML-1135 HTML5: External and External Audio Samples page broken
  • HTML-1139 ABCTV: HTML5: DRAG Seek Scrubber till end of playback
Build - 11/04/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-1080-WebMD: Flash: In special case of second playback item with empty pre-roll after post-roll first item&&& content is not playing and end slate has been fired.
  • HTML-1070-ABCTV: HTML5: Implement advanced midroll sequencing in HTML5 Freewheel.
  • HTML-1072-ABCTV: HTML5: Implement pod-locking in HTML5 Freewheel
  • HTML-1092 AMPCompiler fails on Linux environment.
  • HTML-1095 Foxnews: HTML5: Add timestamp when hover the progress bar
  • HTML-1111 Remove protocol from calls to time.akamai.com
  • HTML-1112 Add ssl config parameter for AdobeHeartbeatPlugin
  • HTML-1113 ABCTV: Patch builds for sprint 57 and 59.
  • HTML-1116 Televisa & Etsy: HTML: EventManagement after changing state player is not clickable
  • HTML-1117 Televisa: HTML5: EventManagement: Preroll ad is playing under pre slate.
  • HTML-1118 FoxNews WebMD: Play overlay is not present in mobile
  • HTML-1119 ABCTV & Weather: HTML5: Exiting from full screen playback in iOS10 inline playback re-displays controls (FLASHPLR-1723)
  • HTML-1120 HTML5: Add support for inline playback flag supported in iOS10 iPhone
  • HTML-1125 Volume could be heard during midroll ad&&& even tough volume is in mute state
  • HTML-1114 Expose simplified plugin architecture for customer created plugins
  • HTML-1122 ABCTV: HTML5: Add setVideoPlayStatus calls to HTML5 FreewheelProxy
Build - 10/20/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-1043: Nielsen: HTML5: ID3 payload in non-Safari has extra characters (Nielsen DTVR)
  • HTML-1064: FoxNews: Heartbeat: Complete call is not being fired in iPhone
  • HTML-1087: ABCTV[FLASHPLR-1549]: HTML Close captioning doesn't work properly for two or more simultaneously embedded player instances
  • HTML-1099: Loop not working with IMA ads enabled
  • HTML-1110: Playoverlay is displaying during IMA mid-roll ad playback
  • HTML-1100: HLS stream not continuing video playback after IMA mid-roll ad is completed
  • HTML-1096: WebMD: HTML5 player is firing Ended events twice
  • HTML-1098: Safari 10 + ElCaptain : LOOP not working as expected
  • HTML-1107: AutoAdvance not working, throwing js error
  • HTML-1101: FoxNews: Play overlay flashes before video player loads
  • HTML-1102: weatherChannel: add Comscorestreamse plugin to weather build
  • HTML-1104: HTML5: JS error causing Samples page not to load
  • HTML-1103: HLS stream continuing video playback in parallel with ad during IMA mid-roll ad playback
  • HTML-1105: HTML5: External and external-audio samples page not loading
  • HTML-1106: HTML5: non-fatal JS error recorder in console for heartbeat and heartbeat-live-linear samples page
  • HTML-1108: WebMD: Mediasequencended event is not being fired when there is no Postroll ad
  • HTML-1109: HTML5: Create/Destroy samples page throws JS error when clicked on Destroy player or Create Player button respectively
Build - 10/05/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-626 * FLASH: Error causing player not to load in standard ADVANCED Sample page
  • AEP-627 * Flash: API amp.playState returns undefined
  • AEP-629 * Flash: API amp.getPaused() returns JS error
  • HTML-997 WebMD: HTML5: iPhone post-roll ad replays on an infinite loop
  • HTML-1066 HTML5: During IMA Post roll ad playback switch to other content is not working
  • HTML-1082 * ABCTV: HTML5: Integrate DATG entitlement workflow into ABCTV sample page
  • HTML-1084 * ABCTV: HTML5: Produce Node proxy for DATG entitlement calls
  • HTML-1085 * ABCTV: HTML5: Make Node proxy a global app Task
  • HTML-1086 * ABCTV: HTML5: Include Node entitlement proxy in build script
  • HTML-1090 * FLASH: mediaPlayerFeedLoaded error is observed in console
Build - 09/23/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-911: Firefox: Player display state and button state doesn’t change when switched to normal mode from full screen using ESCAPE button
  • HTML-978: Weather Channel: HTML5: volume bar icon missing
  • HTML-1033: Create IBC demo page that calls Nowtilus API's
  • HTML-1036: HTML5: Propose new UI module/skinning approach
  • HTML-929: NDN, ABCTV: Customer reports an error between RequireJS and AMP
  • HTML-1052: HTML5: Context menu not showing sprints 53,54,55 for html5 mode
  • HTML-1059: HTML: stats sample page: JS error on player load
  • HTML-1069: HTML5: resizing recommendations on orientation change on mobile devices.
  • AEPC-1074: Frankly: Flash: Ensure smoothing enabled for for Flash PDL non HDCore non stage video
  • HTML-1075: HLS.JS : Updating plugin to latest version 0.6.2-6
Build - 09/09/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-1028: HTML5: Update playback bitrate info overlay for hls.js and dash.js
  • HTML-1034: HTML5: Media Analytics: For hls.js mode, add bitrate reporting for MA HTML5 integration
  • HTML-1035: HTML5: Media Analytics: For dash-js mode, add bitrate reporting for MA HTML5 integration
  • HTML-1057: NDN: HTML5: NDN's ima.html page getting fatal runtime error in html5 mode
  • HTML-1054: ABCNews: HTML5: hls.js objects not cleared between media, causing clobbering of MP4 playback after HLS (continuation of HTML-1045)
  • HTML-1051: HTML5: Volume button and bar are not present in Tablet/iPad
  • HTML-1061: HTML: Asianet: Fullscreen button disabled when end slate is reached
Build - 08/26/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-495 [Tracking purpose]IMA: Flash Ads: RTE and Non fatal JS error from IMA SDK obserevd in console during ad playback
  • AEPC-570 AMP Flash Externalization (parent task)
  • AEPC-711 Weather: Flash: After cancelled ad playback by new media, play/pause doesnt work on subsequent pre-roll
  • AEPC-938 OWN: Flash: preroll playing underneath initial player image
  • AEPC-951 OWN: Flash: Freewheel countdown time does not work with VPAID ad
  • AEPC-1053 Foxnews: Flash: Getting Comscore RTE
  • AEPC-1057 Video control bar appearing when it's not supposed to
  • AEPC-1058 FoxNews: Flash: Control bar is appearing when it's not supposed to
  • AEPC-1062 OWN: Flash: Getting RTE and content does not play when caption file path error
  • AEPC-1063 ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Add dimensions to ad metadata
  • AEPC-1066 FoxNews: Flash: Control Bar appears in the middle of the screen once you resize the player
  • AEPC-1070 WebMD: Flash: Customer report captions file is not being requested in Flash
  • AEPC-1072 JS errors in all sample pages Premier and Standard
  • AMPST-68 Chromecast button not showing up on Standard Flash build
  • HTML-935 Quebecor: HTML5: Play controls out of synch with ad playing after resuming ad from clicking in main video area (IMA)
  • HTML-1040 WebMD: HTML5: Tokenized error should be suppressed instead of throwing an exception
  • HTML-1044 ABCNews: HTML5: Typo in a few places
  • HTML-1045 ABCNews: HTML5: Playback selection is not working properly
  • HTML-1049 ABCTV: HTML5: IE11 compatibility issue in ID3-related code [FLASHPLR-1437]
  • HTML-1050 ABCTV: [AMP] ArrayBuffer.slice isn't working in IE11
Build - 08/12/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-624 Wrapper: Flash: JS error stopping player loading
  • AEPC-941 FoxNews: Flash: Smoothing property not working for HDN1 streams
  • AEPC-1029 FoxNews: MOAT: MOAT is not tracking each ad in a pod
  • AEPC-1060 WebMD, Worldnow: Flash: IMA3: Player gets stuck when postroll slot doesnt return an ad
  • AEPC-1061 FoxNews: Heartbeat: After scrubbing tracking does not resume.
  • AEPC-1065 Outdoor: Flash: WebVTT file format allowance adjustments
  • HTML-929 NDN: Customer reports an error between RequireJS and AMP
  • HTML-1009 FoxNews: HTML5: Settings button does not work on Android Tablet/Mobile
  • HTML-1014 Outdoor: HTML5: WebVTT file compatibility adustments
  • HTML-1025 HTML5: JS Errors Stopping html5 player
Build - 07/29/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-298 HTML5: Freewheel: When end slate displayed in html5 player could see ad control bar been displayed
  • HTML-614 HTML5( IE11) : When we drag scrub bar Seek operation is not functioning
  • HTML-615 HTML5( IE11 ) : Volume Slider is not working
  • HTML-874 Research hls.js support for 608 and/or 708
  • HTML-957 For hls.js ensure we update hls.js when 608/708 captions works for actual customer streams
  • HTML-959 HTML5: For hls.js need a configurable way to set xhr.withCredentials=true to allow token-protected stream
  • HTML-960 Audible: HTML5: Customer reports For hls.js error event not being raised when 403 encountered
  • HTML-968 HTML5: Allow full-screen button to be enabled during ads in HTML5 for non-iOS playback
  • HTML-992 OWN: HTML5: Webvtt CC only works with WEBVTT FILE header
  • HTML-993 Quebecor: IOS when tap on video be able to pause playback
  • HTML-994 Weather Channel: Android devices volume bar does not work
  • HTML-995 HTML5: Evaluate approach for AMP JS code protection and time bomb
  • HTML-996 OWN: HTML: Getting decode error using webvtt on iphone
  • HTML-997 WebMD: HTML5: iPhone post-roll ad replays on an infinite loop
  • HTML-998 HLS.JS: EMBEDDED CAPTIONS: IE(11,13,14): Captions not displayed
  • HTML-999 HLS.js: Firefox 42+: Decode error after few seconds of playback of HSN Stream.
  • HTML-1000 HTML5: HLS.JS: Firefox: Embedded Captions: Captions settings UI attributes are not getting applied for embedded caption type in firefox but in chrome it works fine.
  • HTML-1004 Bleacher: HTML5: In specific customer implementation the mute button and slider are not working consistently
  • HTML-1006 HTML5: HLS.JS With withCredentials: Chrome+Firefox: When withCredentials set to false no error message is displayed in player
  • HTML-1007 FoxNews: HTML5: Caption area displays prior to playback starting
  • HTML-1008 Add AirPlay support
  • HTML-1011 Foxnews: HTML5: Customer reports possible memory leak/
  • HTML-1013 HTML5: UI Issues
  • HTML5: Assess need for some browsers (Android Chrome + FF and IE Edge) to use MSE instead of internal content processor
Build - 07/15/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-1049 Flash: Caption area displays prior to playback starting
  • AEPC-1056 Foxnews: HTML5: Chromecast button showing up in Firefox and IE
  • AEPC-1058 FoxNews: Flash: Control bar is appearing when it's not supposed to
  • AEPC-1059 Asianet: Flash: API’s for Bitrate switching should be linked with UI.
  • HTML-905 html5: rapt: js error: once playback starts but kits not effecting playback
  • HTML-965 Asianet: HTML5: Create/Implement UI for Manual Bit-rate switching in HTML mode
  • HTML-974 ASIANET: seeking not possible in html5 player
  • HTML-976 Hls.js destroy - Add functionality to amp.destroy()
  • HTML-978 Weather Channel: HTML5 player volume bar icon missing
  • HTML-979 Flash: amp.destroy() API not working in wrapper flash
  • HTML-980 Flash:If loop specified, that the media element is not seeked back to the start of the media resource upon reaching the end.
  • HTML-981 html5 :If loop specified, that the media element is not seeked back to the start of the media resource upon reaching the end.
  • HTML-982 HTML5: Volume control button is non-fucntional in mobile devices
  • HTML-983 NDN: HTML5: Customer reported a click event preventing partner's modal windows from being able to close
  • HTML-985 HTML5: Clicking inside volume slider bar does not increase or decrease volume
  • HTML-986 HTML5 HLS.JS: CC are showing red
  • HTML-987 HTML5 HLS.JS: after setMedia() CC are not working on new stream
  • HTML-988 HTML5 HLS.JS: CC active by inherit don't work
  • HTML-989 HTML5: Update to latest hls.js, which brings working 608/708 support
  • HTML-990 Wrapper(Flash): mediachange event is triggered twice
  • HTML-991 asianet:html5: CC button not displayed in html5 player
Build - 07/01/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-927: Foxnews: HTML5: Heartbeart: Live linear stream tracking for Heartbeat
  • HTML-955: Quebecor - Black screen, slow loading of live stream after resume on lock screen Ipad
  • AEPC-945: ABCTV: Complete ABCTV integration
  • AEPC-740: ABCTV: UpLynk: Complete UpLynk integration
  • AEPC-963: Stats: Bitrate Stats overlay is not displayed
  • AEPC-977: ABCTV: Ads: Expand MRSSSceneVO to include "locked", "position" etc
  • AEPC-978: ABCTV: Flash: Ads: Expand cuePoint objects tio include perrolls / postrolls
  • AEPC-1005: ABCTV: Flash: Expose APIs for locking / unlocking pods
  • AEPC-1006: ABCTV: IMA: Flash: Expose API for locking / unlocking ad pods
  • AEP-604: Flash: flashhlsOSMF: Intermittent Issues
  • AEPC-1023: ABCTV: Latest Issues
  • AEPC-1034: ABCTV: After pre-roll ad end, drag seek to first mid roll ad marker
  • AEPC-1031: ABCTV: Latest Issues
  • AEPC-947: ABCTV: Confirm method of "end card" impl in syndicated, non-syndicated use cases
  • AEPC-948: ABCTV: Confirm workflow for resuming end users mid stream
  • AEPC-950: ABCTV: Confirm Freewheel requirements and use cases are covered for Flash
  • AEPC-982: Flash: Captioning: Add support for type "text/cea-608" for internal 608/oncaptioninfo paths
  • HTML-718: Wrapper: External Mode: samples page : JS error displayed onload of player
  • HTML-803: HTML5/External: external samples page: JS error on page load
  • HTML-854: html5: timestamp overlap with control bar
  • HTML-855: ABCNews: HTML5: Captions may not be resetting properly on subsequent media
  • HTML-884: WebMD: HLS.js is not being registered correctly
  • HTML-732: HTML5: Heartbeat: on player load with heartbeat enabled , JS error related to heart beat is displayed in console
  • HTML-837: HTML5: HLS plugin Enabled: Windows-10: IE-13: Play overlay remains on top of player during playback and state of button in control bar is play in fullscreen mode
  • HTML-748: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access (id3, cuepoints, ....)
  • HTML-961: HTML5: For hls.js, improve auto detection of live stream
  • AEPC-1043: ABCTV: Freewheel: button in ad control bar is in wrong state, if user clicks inside player during ad playback
  • AEPC-1045: Asianet: Flash: Implement API for manual rendition selection for Flash mode
  • HTML-939: Asianet: HTML5: Implement initial UI for manual rendition selection for HTML5 mode for Asianet
  • HTML-940: HTML5: HLS: Handle startLevel for hls.js
  • HTML-941: Outdoor: HTML5: Add support for setting viewerId in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-942: HTML5: Captioning: For 608 captoins in Safari, the AMP caption memory does not automatically show them if the AMP caption memory is "on"
  • HTML-943: HTML5: Captioning: For 608 captoins in Safari, can we apply our caption settings styles
  • HTML-945: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access for ID3 for VOD in HTML5 video for hls.js mode (no safari)
  • HTML-946: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access for ID3 for LIVE in HTML5 video for Safari
  • HTML-947: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access for ID3 for LIVE in HTML5 video for hls.js (non Safari)
  • HTML-948: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access for ID3 for VOD in HTML5 video for Safari
  • HTML-949: HTML5: Implement timedmetadata access for Flash cuepoints (timedmetadata for flash cuepoints (mediaPlayerSendCuepoint)
  • HTML-950: Asianet : HLS JS green scramble Issue
  • HTML-953: Flash: caption language is unspecified in dropdown menu
  • AEPC-980: Flash: Captioning: Add WebVTT sidecar captions support for On Demand
  • AEP-623: Flash Asianet - Update fullscreen asset
  • HTML-926: Foxnews: HTML5: Heartbeart: Upgrade fot 1.5.6 and make corresponding pause/resume changes
  • HTML-954: NDN: HTML5: Player not loading in desktop and mobile browsers
  • HTML-964: NDN: Buttons in control bar are getting overlapped with each other
  • AEPC-1048: Asianet: Flash: Create/Implement UI for Manual Bit-rate switching in Flash mode
  • AEPC-1049: Flash: Caption area displays prior to playback starting
  • AEPC-1050: Foxnews: Flash: Player getting stuck in some scenarios
  • HTML-967: FoxNews: Heartbeat metadata is not being populated in Flash implementation.
  • HTML-969: HTML5: Captioning: For 608 captoins in Safari, the AMP caption memory start with captions as "off", the captions may still display
  • HTML-971: HLS JS allow Quality specific config to be set during SDK initialization
  • HTML-975: ASIANET: Recommendation UI not displayed for html5 player
Build - 06/17/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-909: Ad Count Info text doesn't reset/changed when switched to next content
  • HTML-886: HTML5: During midroll ad pod playback, if user clicks on other thumbnail ad count is not refreshed
  • AEPC-1019: ABCNews: Flash: Customer reports that ad countdown not working in 2.47 for Freewheel
  • AEPC-1032: Weather: Flash: Expose additional ad error events
  • HTML-925: Foxnews: HTML5: Heartbeart: visitorID should not be set when not provided
  • HTML-930: ABCTV: HTML5: Captiioning: IE11 incompatibility in captioning API
  • AEPC-1039: ABCTV: Flash: Restore 3-seconds-after-midroll delay until showing overlays (ABCTV Freewheel)
  • AEPC-1041: ABCTV: Flash: [FLASHPLR-920] Freewheel ad id's incrorrect in the event payloads
  • HTML-952: FoxNews: Flash: Share Button is missing from the control bar.
  • AEPC-1044: ABCTV: Flash - FLASHPLR-1083
  • HTML-933: amp.enterFullScreen() API returns JS error in console
  • HTML-936: Asianet: HTML5: Implement API for manual rendition selection for HTML5 hls.js mode
  • HTML-937: Asianet: HTML5: Implement API for manual rendition selection for HTML5 dash-js mode
  • HTML-816: Captions multi language samples page broken
  • HTML-951: Asianet: API for manual rendition selection for HTML5 hls.js mode and HTML5 dash.js in IE 11
Build - 06/03/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-1032: Weather: Flash: Expose additional ad error events
  • HTML-907: FoxNews: Chromecast: add Auto-advance feature
  • HTML-925: Foxnews: HTML5: Heartbeart: visitorID should not be set when not provided
  • HTML-926: Foxnews: HTML5: Heartbeart: Upgrade fot 1.5.6 and make corresponding pause/resume changes
  • AEPC-889: ABCNews: Permanent implementation of hdn2PreventSwitchDownOnDroppedFrames for HDCore 3.10 and later (AEPC-886 and AEPC-887)
  • AEP-621: Asianet - Flash: New skin
  • HTML-810: ABCNews: HTML5: Freewheel-plus-Ominture: content start firing before ad start
  • AEPC-1022: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Expose option to toggle ad slot preloading
  • HTML-921: JS error in premier index sample page
  • HTML-864: Adding Sample page in standard build which loads config json file
  • HTML-919: Weather: HTML5: Expose additional ad error events
  • HTML-922: ABCTV: HTML5: Captioning: Expand caption API to allow setting of default font for a font family
  • HTML-923: ABCTV: HTML5: Captioning: Expand caption API to allow setting of non-family-associated DEFAULT font (FLASHPLR-909)
  • AEPC-1035: ABCTV: Flash: Expose font list from Flash system to API
  • AEPC-1037: ABCTV: Flash - FLASHPLR-929
  • HTML-928: Weather: HTML5: Confirm ad "log" events are being propagated from Flash adComponentLog
  • HTML-924: Update DASH to 2.1.1
Build - 05/20/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-979: WGNA: Flash: Upgrade to hdcore 3.10 to fix AMD tokens
  • AEPC-984: Weather: Flash: Add flag to remove xtra media resolution hit without separate build, even with HDCore enabled if possible
  • AEPC-996: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: VOD media is paused too late during midrolls
  • AEPC-1012: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Try to determine if slot.preload() is causing ad delays
  • AEPC-1013: ABCTV: Playoverlay button remains on top of player, when seek->pause->resume of playback
  • AEPC-1014: ABCTV: Flash - Freewheel: Make the overlay workflow participate in pod lock API
  • AEPC-1015: FoxNews: AIS: Getting RTE after authenticating.
  • AEPC-1016: ABCTV: RTE Pointing to countDownTimer when seeked to exact ad point
  • AEPC-1017: ABCNews: Flash: "No caption" message showing prior to first caption when it should not
  • AEPC-1018: ABCTV Flash - Caption - Add (global) default font for uplynk caption
  • AEPC-1020: ABCTV: Expose API for skipping the current ad [FLASHPLR-705]
  • AEPC-1021: ABCTV: SKIPAD API used when ad paused, skips all ads in ad pod
  • AEPC-1024: ABCNews: Flash: Calling caption setting API causes browser console error
  • AEPC-1025: ABCTV: Flash: Implement workaround for FLASHPLR-420
  • AEPC-1026: single-embed: IMA/Freewheel: flash: Could see pause events triggered twice when clicked inside player during ad playback or when clicked on play/pause button during ad playback
  • AEPC-1027: ABCTV: AMP: Overlay is not displaying in flash (FLASHPLR-719)
  • AEPC-1028: ABCTV: Flash uplynk caption black color is not getting applied for text
  • AEPC-1030: ABCTV Flash - Overlay ads are overlapping with pause ads. (FLASHPLR-833)
  • HTML-719: akamai.com: Support customer with www.akamai.com issues for conference videos
  • HTML-746: ABCNews: HTML5: Add RAPT Media
  • HTML-882: Foxnews: Chromecast: Current time not preserved when casting mid content
  • HTML-885: Not seeing w88 unless AMP is set to autoPlay
  • HTML-899: Foxnews: Chromecast: 'Play overlay logo' stills on receiver while playing.
  • HTML-900: HTML5: Octoshape: On Octoshape sample page, amp script path mistakenly hardcoded
  • HTML-901: HTML5: JS Error on most of samples page (for ex: create/destroy, captioning-subply-vod, show/hide)
  • HTML-902: html5: stats: JS error stopping player load
  • HTML-903: HTML-902: html5: stats: JS error stopping player loadhtml5: JS error on sample pages like info, recommendations grid
  • HTML-904: html5: JS error on captioning-multi-language samples page
  • HTML-906: FoxNews: chromecast: Cannot switch streams while casting
  • HTML-910: In Safari browser Player freezes when clicked on share button in full screen mode
  • HTML-912: Asianet : HLS JS Frag Loop load error on Firefox
  • HTML-913: Event Management not working
  • HTML-914: HTML5: Event Management: can access the control bar buttons and play the stream
  • HTML-915: HTML5: Error preventing player from playing on Premier sample in Chrome and Firefox
  • HTML-916: HTML5: Branding logo is not displaying in any sample pages
Build - 04/29/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-889: ABCNews: HTML5: player is getting freeze before FW ad start
  • AEPC-840: ABCTV: Confirm that Freewheel functionality meets "locked ad segments and pods" requirements
  • HTML-895: ABCNews: HTML5: Error on amp.destroy method
  • HTML-869: Foxnews: Chromecast: Video and preroll play simultaneously while casting
  • HTML-897: API amp.ads.getPaused is not working as expected in Flash player
  • AEPC-1011: ABCTV: Flash - Port Uplynk Caption Renderer
  • HTML-894: ABCTV HTML5 - "[AMP FREEWHEEL EVENT] adclicked" is not triggered on clicking freewheel ads
  • AEPC-991: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Attempt to confirm Pause Ads are working
  • AEPC-841: ABCTV: Confirm AdGracePeriodPlugin meets requirements for "free scrubbing" ad timer
  • AEPC-946: ABCTV: FLASHPLR-301: Add support for ad grace periods when resuming media
  • AEPC-1007: ABCTV: Caption RTE is observed when no caption type is set in config/feed
  • AEPC-986: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Expose API for locking / unlocking ad pods
  • HTML-880: Foxnews: Chromecast: Sender still playing when casting has been started.
  • HTML-881: Foxnews: Chromecast: Seek on sender is not getting reflected on the receiver
  • HTML-890: FoxNews: Chromecast: During Mid-stream casting, sender still playing audio underneath
  • AEPC-998: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Add support for nonlinear overlays
  • AEPC-999: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Pause Ads display during midrolls
  • AEPC-993: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Pause Ad events produce improper player state
  • AEPC-994: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Pause Ads "play" during midrolls
  • AEPC-997: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Ad count ("n of n") display wrong count during midrolls
  • AEPC-812: Flash: AdobeCaptionPlugin: Certain Fonts are not rendered properly in Full Screen Mode
  • AEPC-995: ABCTV: Freewheel: Ad counts starts from 0
  • AEPC-1001: ABCTV Flash - [AMP FREEWHEEL EVENT] adclicked is not triggered
  • AEPC-1008: ABCTV Flash: Enhance Caption Settings
  • AEPC-1010: ABCTV Flash : Add "Extra Large" for caption font size
  • HTML-891: CC: On player reload, captions are not displayed
  • HTML-892: CC: VTT(HTML5) : Edge Type not getting applied when done through Caption Settings UI
  • HTML-893: CC: VTT(HTML5) : Caption text mis-positioned in native mode in iOS devices
  • HTML-896: External and external audio samples page on load throws JS error
  • AEPC-1004: ABCTV: Pause ads now dispatch an impression event for each presentation.(FLASHPLR-193)-
  • HTML-898: HTML5: Subsequent media playback is not firing Media Analytics
Build - 04/15/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-992: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Ad count ("n of n") is off in Freewheel with ABCTV ads
  • HTML-867: FoxNews: HTML5: HTML-AUTO Mode / Modify validation for IE 11 Win 7 & 8.0
  • AEPC-943: OWN: Flash: Add 'click' event when user clicks on FW Ad
  • HTML-735: Weather,others: HTML5: For Safari, expose inline 608/708 (text/cea-608) captions to being enabled/disabled via AMP UI and API
  • HTML-789:Sportube: HTML5: Add support for live client side midroll via API (IMA3 only)
  • AEPC-918: ABCTV: Connect Uplynk caption events to existing caption framework
  • AEPC-955: ABCTV: Flash: Initial preloader animation does not use configuration element
  • HTML-861: Samples page: Should all samples page have link pointing xml or json
  • AEPC-965: ABCTV: Evaluate Freewheel requirements for existing support
  • AEPC-967: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: Some ABCTV ads block mouse input
  • AEPC-968: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: Toggle state of play button is incorrect during midrolls
  • AEPC-936: Octoshape: Integrate Octoshape ESI samples into AMP wrapper
  • HTML-862: WebMD: HTML5: Implment click-to-pause in video area like AMP Flash, Youtube
  • AEPC-974: ABCTV: Freewheel: Investigate "Integral Ads" implementation
  • HTML-871: HTML5: Captions: Add WebVTT captions rendering support for non safari (Note: On Demand webvtt file only)
  • AEPC-983: (DUPE) HTML5: Captioning: Add support for type "text/cea-608" for internal 608/oncaptioninfo paths
  • HTML-873: HTML5: Captions: Add WebVTT sidecar captions for Safari via track creation (Note: On Demand webvtt file only)
  • AEPC-987: ABCTV: AMP: OSMF Proxy runtime error (FLASHPLR-400)
  • AEPC-988: ABCTV Flash: AMP: Freewheel click event not observed (FLASHPLR-433)
  • HTML-878: ABCTV HTML: Clone "loadingView" config view node as string in flashvar.
  • AEPC-985: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: "creativeParameter: object is not present on the IMPRESSION events
  • HTML-875: HTML5: Captions: Move Caption Settings Menu into its' own Mediator
  • HTML-876: JS Error stopping loading of player
  • AEPC-989: ABCTV: adComponentBreakComplete comes twice (FLASHPLR-439)
  • HTML-887: HTML5: Caption Settings UI , ON /OFF Button state change
  • HTML-872: Weather,others: HTML5: Captions: For hls.js, expose inline 608/708 (text/cea-608) captions to being enabled/disabled via AMP UI and API
  • HTML-888: ABCNews: HTML5: Player object is not being bound it
Build - 03/31/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-932: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: AmpCaptionPlugin displays default caption message over embedded Uplynk captions
  • HTML-863: ABCNews: HTML5: RAPT fixes for temporalType
  • AEPC-920: ABCTV: FLash: Uplynk captions interrupted when used in conjunction with AmpCaptionPlugin
  • HTML-813: Sportube : HTML5 New API to invoke live midroll ad for -- new Flash API wrapper only
  • AEPC-849: ABCTV: Enable Uplynk caption styling for 608/708 and WebVTT
  • AEPC-931: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Connect existing language handling with CAE708 / WebVTT captions
  • AEPC-940: Dramafever: Freewheel: Midroll ads do not report valid index or remaining time
  • AEPC-882: Sportube: Flash: New API to invoke live midroll ad
  • AEPC-949: ABCTV: Add support for "component-loadable" AMP
  • AEPC-953: Create samples for chromeless Flash player
  • AEPC-954: Uplynk: UplynkCaptionPlugin sets "enabled" on OSMF Metadata, RTE results
  • AEPC-956: XSS vulnerability in params passage to browser env
  • HTML-866: ABCTV: Freewheel: HTML5: Add API to specify creativeParameters for extraction
  • AEPC-958: XSS: Create list of potentially vulnerable notifications names
  • HTML-860: Flash:octoshape-advacned: JS error is stopping player load
  • AEPC-959: ABCTV: Add current pod index to Freewheel metadata
  • AEPC-961: Tribune/WGNA: Flash: Implement support for AMD (Adaptive Media Delivery) pass-through for HDS with tokens to allow desktop Safari to play streams
  • HTML-865: ABCTV: HTML5: Add "adUnit" and "baseUnit" to ad metadata payloads
  • AEPC-962: ABCTV: Flash: Add "adUnit" and "baseUnit" to ad metadata payloads
  • AEPC-964: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Add API to specify creativeParameters for extraction
  • AEPC-966: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Expand Freewheel impl to support ad level event publishing
  • AEPC-969: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: adIndex is incorrectly reported
  • AEPC-970: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Total ads count is incorrect at times
  • AEPC-971: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: At times the ad countdown does not reflect the current ad
  • AEPC-972: Flash: Freewheel: Update Freewheel SDK to v6.4.6
  • HTML-868: JS error on ad playback related to tokenization
  • AEPC-973: Freewheel: Flash: RTE when switching between content during ad playback
Build - 03/18/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-920: ABCTV: FLash: Uplynk captions interrupted when used in conjunction with AmpCaptionPlugin
  • HTML-835: FoxNews: Wrapper: Hardcoded resource sola.png should be removed from internal defaults
  • AEPC-925: ABCTV: Complete live Uplynk sample
  • AEPC-933: Octoshape: Flash: Expand media initialization using video_url to include metadata
  • HTML-828: ABCNews: HTML5: Ad countdown not rendering in Safari Desktop
  • AEPC-941: FoxNews: Flash: Smoothing property not working for HDN1 streams
  • AEPC-940: Dramafever: Freewheel: Midroll ads do not report valid index or remaining time
  • HTML-812: Outdoor: HTML5: Upgrade NielsenSDK to DCR support
  • AEPC-900: Outdoor: Flash: Upgrade NielsenSDK to DCR support
  • HTML-841: Stored captions in local storage should be displayed on caption display UI on page reload
  • HTML-840: WGNA: HTML5: Need HTML small skin (or mode) for control bar and caption dialog
  • AEPC-747: ABCTV: Uplynk: Determine whether stream resolution is viable or must be removed
  • HTML-749: HTML5: DVR: Implement DVR window access in native Safari playback for desktop and mobile
  • AEP-611: flash-custom-auth: playback failed on flash and stream not loading on html
  • AEPC-825: ABCTV: Flash: Enable upLynk webvtt captions
  • AEPC-924: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Determine HDCore incompatibility with Uplynk
  • AEPC-926: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Connect existing caption toggle with Uplynk captions
  • AEPC-929: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Add WebVTT to list of caption constants
  • AEPC-930: ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Tie Uplynk WebVTT TimelineMetadata caption events to CAPTION_DATA_CHANGE
  • HTML-846: HLS-Live-DVR: desktop version issues
  • HTML-848: single-embed: Flash JS error related to mediaPlayerInitialized when captioning enabled to false
  • AEPC-935: Octoshape: Replace Octoshape wrapper sample with octoshape1.html provided by Ruediger
  • HTML-850: html5: timestamp not getting updated in control bar
  • HTML-849: Update to Dash JS 2.0
  • HTML-852: html5: nielsendcr issues
  • AEPC-939: flash: nielsendcr issues
  • AEPC-942: nielsen-dcr: flash: need to discuss
  • AEPC-944: freewheel: ads:flash: RTE when mid-roll ad about to start
  • AEP-619: Dramafever: messed up view node causing CTE for dramafever
Build - 03/03/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-835: FoxNews: Wrapper: Hardcoded resource sola.png should be removed from internal defaults
  • HTML-836: Wrapper: Audio page has error
  • HTML-828: ABCNews: HTML5: Ad countdown not rendering in Safari Desktop
  • HTML-827: ABCNews: Flash: CC getHidden() returning bad
  • HTML-825: HTML5: HLS Recoverable errors are mistakenly propagating to the user
  • AEPC-736: Octoshape: Flash: When Octo plugin loaded, custom dimensions dont seem to be set for HDS streams
  • HTML-697: OWN: HTML5: Customer reports that Freewheel JS VPAID do not work in AMP (OWN AAI-39)
  • AEPC-808: WorldNow: Flash: Reports pixelation/loss of audio synch in Chrome
  • AEPC-894: Flash: Freewheel Ad Rules: Implement IMA style pod skipping behavior in Freewheel
  • AEPC-899: ABCNews: Flash: Freewheel: adCountdown displays 15s again before fading out (See AMPS-280)
  • HTML-839: Sample: Octoshape sample has AMP script path hardcoded, causing Standard player distro to not work
  • HTML-814: WGNA: AIS: AIS chooser shows briefly even when user is logged in
  • AEPC-906: Non-Akamai, Wowza live stream exhibits timeline issues
  • AEPC-895: Dramafever: Flash: Produce ad playback grace period plugin for Freewheel
  • AEPC-896: Octoshape: Flash: Produce Octoshape watermark plugin
  • AEPC-893: OWN: Flash: Subsession token is not initialized correctly (oops, build issue)
  • HTML-798: WebMD: Poster at the end slate
  • AEPC-913: ABCNews: Flash : Add caption display visibility in getPlayerProperty() API
  • AEPC-909: Flash: Include caption settings in getPlayerProperty API for automation testing
  • AEPC-907: Expose flashVar / feed metadata to Octoshape plugin / urlResource metadata
  • AEPC-910: Expose OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo to flashVars
  • AEPC-911: Expose OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo to flashVars (BACKPORT TO SPRINT 34 FLASH)
  • HTML-834: WGNA, FoxNews: AIS: "authorizationfailed" is mis-firing when authentication fails but authorization had not yet been attemped
  • AEPC-912: Restrict settings_xml paths
  • HTML-829: HTML5: Seek Functionality for HLS(m3u8) in Android Chrome /Stock browser
  • AEP-618: Firefox: Flash: Nielsendcr samples page throwing JS error
  • HTML-831: WGNA, FoxNews: AIS: "authorizationfailed" event not firing in Flash mode
  • AEPC-915: Flash: CTE Pointing towards Omniture Plugin
  • HTML-832: HTML5: Desktop: Seek Functionality for HLS in desktop safari mode
  • HTML-833: HTML5: Desktop: Seek Functionality for HLS in desktop Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 13,12,11 with HLS plugin enabled
  • AEPC-917: Drama Fever/ ABCTv Ad grace periods should extend beyond skipped pods
  • AEPC-921: Side Effects of caption display visibility in getPlayerProperty() API
  • AEPC-922: Fonts with hypen not getting applied when used with changeSettings API
  • AEPC-923: ABCTV: Live Uplynk streams cause misconfigured controls state
Build - 02/19/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-895: Produce ad playback grace period plugin
  • HTML-820: WGNA: AIS: Token argument should be "hdnts" instead of "hdnea"
  • HTML-775: Shaw: HTML5: Issues playing specific media link due to accidental CORS requirement
  • AEPC-869: Flash: Fix captioning-srt sample/li>
  • HTML-783: Bleacher: Wrapper: For index.html samples page it takes premier view elements instead of bleacher view elements
  • AEPC-888: Foxnews: Flash: Customer reports IMA3 "ViewMode" is always fullscreen, which negatively impacts VPAID Viewability reporting for Innovid
  • AEPC-893: OWN: Flash: Subsession token is not initialized correctly (oops, build issue)
  • AEPC-880: ABCNews: Flash: Omniture +Freewheel - Event12 firing even when there are no pre-roll
  • AEPC-881: Octoshape: Flash: Add support for Octoshape ticket URL in feed / media item
  • HTML-799: Shawmedia: HTML5 Dash live is preserving progress bar and timer.
  • HTML-800: Shawmedia: HTML5: Getting media error using PMD du to crossorigin attribute
  • AEPC-879: Octoshape: Flash: Add support for Octoshape ticket URL
  • AEPC-897: ABCNews: Flash: Freewheel - Seeding the player while an ad is in progress does not reset ad count.
  • AEPC-898: ABCNews: Flash: AdCount and AdCountdown seems to be tied (AMPS-232)
  • HTML-787: ABCNews: Misspelling on Captions message
  • HTML-725: NDN: HTML5: Ad resize not occuring on HTML5 player [PLAYER-2658]
  • HTML-786: OWN: Remove extra modules from amp.premier js
  • HTML-802: OWN: HTML5: Freewheel subSession token feature for HTML/JS AMP (See Flash AEPC-863)
  • HTML-816: Captions multi language samples page broken
  • AEP-612: captioning-srt samples: stream not found in both flash as well as html5 , need to have valid sample stream
  • HTML-805: captioning-feed.html: stream not found on html
  • HTML-807: html: stats overlay samples: stats overlay button getting overlapped with volume control bar
  • HTML-809: Shaw: HTML5: Horizontal volume bar does not work in fullscreen mode
  • HTML-815: HTML5: Player gets stuck on ad Error event.
  • AEP-614: html5: missing media analytics node in stats samples page creating js error
  • HTML-817: html5:: When invalid ad tag url is been fed, content playback is not been observed
  • AEP-615: Flash: Horizontal Volume bar Improvement
  • HTML-819: HLS does not play in Android Chrome
  • HTML-821: Caption display is shown up during ad playback
  • HTML-823: NDN: clickable area patch
Build - 02/05/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-784: Sportube: HTML-Auto mode doesn't work on IE
  • AEPC-855: Flash: Expose onTextData cuepoints for customer
  • AEP-601: Firefox 43(browserstack): player not loading in firefox 43 beta
  • AEPC-854: AdVo companions cause silent JS error when crossing ExternalInterface boundary
  • AEPC-870: Flash: ChangeSettings() shows error on eventHandler changevisbility
  • AEPC-877: Octoshape: Flash: custom branding installer for iddigiturk misalinged
  • AEPC-758: Confirm runtime localization capabilities
  • AEPC-839: Flash: Research exposing ad metadata to binding variables (both Flash and html5)
  • AEP-607: Flash: During midroll/postroll ad playback when user uses evaluateBinding("#{ad}"); returns JS errors
  • HTML-792: Shawmedia: HTML HLS SetMedia is throwing No valid source could be found in Chrome/FF
  • HTML-796: Zype, Weather: HTML5: Some hls.js content gets very bad decoding in Firefox
  • AEPC-886: ABCNews: Flash: Implement HDCore 3.9.2 and option for hdn2PreventSwitchDownOnDroppedFrames
  • AEPC-887: ABCNews: Flash: PATCH for 34: Implement HDCore 3.9.2 and option for hdn2PreventSwitchDownOnDroppedFrames
  • AEPC-885: RCI: Flash: Clickable play area in smaller player
  • HTML-794: Player cannot play successive media when HLS plugin in enabled
  • HTML-797: Foxnews: HTML5: hls.js needs starting index in the config block
  • HTML-774: HTML5: Adjustments to HLS plugin to allow Safari desktop and all mobile to use native HLS playback
  • AEP-608: When branding is null and logoOverlay is present inside flash: view node: could see logo is still visible on top right side
  • AEPC-890: ABCNews: Flash: Smoothing not applied to streams rendered by AS3 Video object
  • AEP-609: Flash : branding logo is not displayed with valid logo path
  • HTML-788: Foxnews, Tribune: AIS: FoxNews Getting infinite loop on AIS auth when authz fails
Build - 01/21/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-599 Wrapper: Flash: landing page (index.html) sample page with JS error
  • AEPC-402 * [BACKLOG]: Update Freewheel impl to provide request Url to AdMetadataVO if possible
  • AEPC-768 Octoshape: Flash: Ensure cuepoints sent on Octoshape streaming are published to JS
  • AEPC-850 * NDN: Rename 'ns_.StreamSense' to avoid name collisions
  • AEPC-856 Octoshape: Flash: Add support for custom branding parameter for installer
  • AEPC-871 * CohenBrown: Flash: CC not working on IE 8 and IE9 (also AMPS-214)
  • AEPC-873 * Weather: Flash: HDCore property enableSSLTransfer needs to be moved to OSMF Metadata
  • AEPC-874 * Weather: Flash: Need flash patch for sprint 35 for Weather Channel for AEPC-873
  • AEPC-876 * WebMD, Foxnews: Flash: Customers reporting captions to be intermittently not working
  • AMPNEXT-3 Add support for closed captions New Feature
  • HTML-721 Akamai.com Support
  • HTML-754 HTML5: Research exposing ad metadata to binding variables
  • HTML-768 Foxnews: HTML5: Caption menu panel can be out of synch with the "on" status of captions
  • HTML-772 * OWN: HTML5: Omniture error Infinity loop when AMP does not have ads on
  • HTML-773 * Allow plugins to gracefully fail when resources can't be loaded (More ad blocker friendly)
  • HTML-774 * HTML5: Adjustments to HLS plugin to allow Safari desktop and all mobile to use native HLS playback
  • HTML-776 * deskop-safari-mode: With mp4 content, when user tries to replay content, player stalls
  • HTML-780 * ABCN: HTML5: The amp.ended boolean is true after a replay is issued
Build - 01/07/2016
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-850: NDN: Rename 'ns_.StreamSense' to avoid name collisions
  • HTML-769: GoViral: HTML5: VPAID js issue with Dash on amp.premier.js
  • AEPC-781: Dramafever: Flash: Freewheel: Using terminate to implement ad pod skipping has an issues where ads still play
  • HTML-541: WorldNow: HTML5: after clicking replay button the video does not start
  • AEP-603: Flash: (flashlsOSMF plugin): Fullscreen mode control bar is not been observed in chrome browser
  • AEPC-837: ODLR: Flash: Ability to customize background color
  • AEPC-801: Research: Evaluate FlashlsOSMF plugin and how well it works with AMP
  • HTML-278: Discuss moving to solely using JSON for configuration files
  • AEPC-750: ABCTV: Uplynk: Quality of Uplynk stream is low
  • AEPC-664: WebMD: Flash: Confirm inpage_bitrate_index_limit applies when "external" full screen in effect
  • AEP-557: Flash: Plugin: Build Automation
  • AEPC-774: Foxnews: Flash: Customer repors Autoplay memory not working on some embed
  • AEPC-857: Octoshape: Flash: Ensure error message and code raised to UI
  • HTML-770: Wrapper: Add HLS plugin to all builds
Build - 12/21/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • Patch for sprint 38
Build - 12/18/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-859: Foxnews: Flash: RTE for FoxNews production affecting live stream midroll ads
  • AEPC-857: Octoshape: Flash: Ensure error message and code raised to UI
  • HTML-751: Remove XML files from Single Embed compilation
  • HTML-750: Customer specific configs missing custom UI elements
  • HTML-760: HTML5: Improvement to HLS plugin implementation
  • HTML-761: HLML5: HLS plugin should automatically include FlasHLS Flash now
  • HTML-686: Foxnews, WebMD, OWN: HTML5: Add functionality for Flash'sads_auto_fit feature to HTML5 mode
  • HTML-755: HTML5: Support HLS for MSE browsers via hls.js
  • AEPC-845: FoxNews: Flash: Video Content Won't Start in IE8 since sprint 33.1
  • HTML-757: Wrapper: Value of "-1" is supplied for flash plugin "absolute" attribute in IE8, casuing Flash not to load in IE8
  • AEPC-660: Flash: Produce AdOptions AMP Flash Plugin
  • HTML-759: HTML5: Introduce new mode, "htmlprio"
  • AEPC-843: ABCTV: Include AEPCore SWC in build distributions
  • HTML-758: Weather Channel: HTML5: Custom CC styles improvement
  • AEPC-851: FoxNews: Flash: Omniture Metrics Calls Firing at Incorrect Times when ads are skipped
  • AEPC-852: FoxNews: Flash: Omniture missing started event sporadicly
  • AEPC-853: Foxnews: Flash: Caption RTE during startup in Foxnews
  • AEPC-858: Flash: HLS: flashHLS playback is not allowing seeking
  • HTML-762: HTML5: MP4 Playback is broken in safari 9.0.2
  • AEPC-861: FoxNews: getting RTE Mid Roll ads
  • AEP-602: Flash: IE 8: error "Object doesn't support this property or method" when amp.getFlashXML() in console
  • AEPC-864: Add support for dynamic NetClient data message handling (cuepoints)v
  • HTML-765: html5: mp4/m3u8 content in android throws "Source Not Found"
  • AEPC-857: Octoshape: Flash: Ensure error message and code raised to UI
  • AEPC-859: Foxnews: Flash: RTE for FoxNews production affecting live stream midroll ads
Build - 12/02/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML: 752Foxnews, Weather: HTML5: Implement caption on/off memory in HTML5
  • AEPC-828: John Deere - Flash Russian (Cyrillic Characters) font issue rendering
  • AEPC-782: Flash: Add support for hdcore 3.9 feature: Option to limit bitrate switching to indexes that do not exceed embedded player dimensions
  • AEPC-834: Flash: bitrate limiting feature of 3.9 not working
  • AEPC-846: Flash:IMA: Content playback is not been observed after pre-roll ad complete
  • HTML-742: HTML5: Multiple customers reporting HLS not playing on Samsung Stock on Android 5 on recent devices
  • AEPC-836: Freewheel plugin causes initiatePlayback to be invoked twice
  • AEPC-838: OWN: Flash: player crashes if no midroll ad is programmed for an ad queue point
  • AEPC-844: IMA: Flash: Navigating between thumbnails causes ad / video overlap
  • AEPC-847: Flash: Freewheel: On player load, RTE related to freewheel
Build - 11/25/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-731: HTML5: Omniture: When fw ads are enabled, ad start omniture request is not been observed
  • HTML-715: NDN: Update sample page for ComscoreStreamSense
  • HTML-716: Shaw: HTML5: Add DRM support via dash-js for DASH content in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-704: Flash: JS error stopping load of player on few sample pages
  • AEPC-822: Weather: Flash: Customer reports console error
  • HTML-727: OWN: HTML5: Comscore beacons for ad start firing too many times for Freewheel
  • AEPC-807: FoxNews: ComscoreStreamsense does not send resume beacons on live streams.
  • HTML-730: HTML5: IMA: Post roll ads with auto advance, player get stuck
  • HTML-713: Chromecast button
  • HTML-493: HTML5: Volume slider bar is non functional in FS mode in Android device
  • HTML-438: HTML5: Adjust AMP to handle Android 5!
  • HTML-675: Html5: Not able to seek till the end of video
  • HTML-583: EMC : HTML5 version of the player stuck on HLS source which doesnt run in Android Lollipop
  • HTML-737: Weather: HTML5: Visibilitychanged event not firing in html5
  • HTML-733: Move Flash view definitions from JSON to player code
  • HTML-680: Weather: HTML5: Error in IMA error handler in HTML5 mode
  • AEPC-695: Flash: Produce 608/708 live-oncaptioninfo AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-831: Weather: Flash: Custome reports OnCaptionInfo captions broken and getting RTEs in sprint 35
  • HTML-739: FoxFilm: HTML5: Customer report error when switching videos with Chrome and DASH
  • HTML-740: HTML5: JS error on captioning and few other samples page
  • AEP-598: Wrapper Flash: After building custom projects like foxnews, abcnews etc ,load foxnews or abcnews etc it loads player with premier assets and not custom assets
  • HTML-741: CaptionSetting Preview text to be localized
  • HTML-747: HTML5: Expose config object in wrapper
Build - 11/05/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-712: OWN: HTML5: Content not resuming on iOS after ad on Freewheel
  • AEPC-756: Flash: New issues with Adsense overlays
  • AEPC-816: Octoshape: Flash: Octoshape streams not showing DVR scrub properly
  • AEPC-827: Weather: Flash: Skin has moved the timestamps to the right instead of left
  • AEPC-806: Weather: Flash: "ended" event when the user skips ad
  • HTML-674: Oprah: During Freewheel ads in HTML5, a click/tap should be pausing the ad (OWN AAI-37)
  • AEPC-820: Flash: In AMP Standard 4.34, seeding player with setMedia() on ready event causes player to get stuck and not play media
  • HTML-709: Octoshape: Octoshape not available in Standard wrapper
  • HTML-705: ABCNews: HTML5: Omniture firing open event twice
  • HTML-702: FoxNews: HTML5: Invalid input data on playhead
  • AEPC-811: Captions: Flash: AdobeCaptionPlugin: Caption display text is not been displayed during playback with captions enabled
  • AEPC-813: Oprah: Freewheel: Flash: Include synchronizeMultipleRequests in the capabilities section of the ad request.
  • AEP-596: Flash: IMA-SDK: Update to latest one 3.211.0
  • AEPC-814: Flash: IMA :AdSense Overlay Issue
  • HTML-707: Oprah: Freewheel: HTML5: Include synchronizeMultipleRequests in the capabilities section of the ad request.
  • HTML-708: Generic: dash js 1.4 still in place on 34 builds, should be 1.5
  • HTML-710: Captions: HTML5: When edge type is none in html5 player, caption text still displayed as left shadow
  • HTML-711: Captions:HTML5: When clicked on presets, Font type and edge combo box is empty
  • AEPC-818: Octoshape: Flash: Seek, Pause and then Click on Go Live button, video jumps to live but control/timestamp is not updated
  • AEPC-819: Octoshape: Flash: Pause and then seek, click golive - video is paused and the play overlay is visible.
  • AEPC-823: Outdoor: Flash: Player will not play back when I added the beacon
  • AEPC-821: Weather: Flash: Ended event trigger twice, causing second media to be skipped (when ads off)
  • HTML-722: HTML5: ima: mid-roll ads: during mid roll ad playback , first ad in ad slot is not visible
  • HTML-723: HTML5: IMA: mid-roll ad: state of button in control bar after post midroll ad play when user pauses , state of button is in wrong state and also play/pause not working
  • HTML-724: HTML5: IMA: With mid-roll ads enabled and when content playback ends, end event is not observed
  • HTML-728: OWN: HTML5: For Freewheel, Ad Started notification sent on impression, causing premature Ad Start events and causing error on iOS where content cant autostart
  • HTML-729: OWN: HTML5: Freewheel impression and ad call (submitRequest) made prior to user attempt to playback
Build - 10/22/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-797: RCI: Flash: CC dropdown menu
  • AEPC-783: NDN: Flash: HTML base path not being honored for skin path
  • HTML-690: Weather: Flash: Customer reports somtimes AASp doesnt load
  • AEPC-786: HDCore: Flash: AASP Version# 3.9, not displayed in content menu
  • AEP-534: WebMD: Flash: seeking while paused generates an extra "pause" event
  • AEPC-791: Flash: PATCH: Patch 33 for OSMF Plugin loading issue
  • HTML-687: Octoshape: Flash: Sample octoshape.html needs cleanup
  • AEPC-792: RCI: Flash Error SRT Multilanguages
  • AEPC-782: Flash: Add support for hdcore 3.9 feature: Option to limit bitrate switching to indexes that do not exceed embedded player dimensions
  • AEPC-784: WebMD: Flash: Improve tolerance for caption RTE's from preventing playback
  • AEPC-788: Flash Caption: Implement the new font list
  • HTML-685: WhereeverTv: Customer reporting player not loading
  • AEPC-789: Weather: Flash: Move to 11.4 Flash runtime for easy support of Azure plugin
  • HTML-691: HTML5 Caption: Implement the new font list
  • HTML-692 :HTML5: Upgrade to dash-js 1.5.1
  • HTML-693: Weather: HTML5: Captions not clearing between media
  • AEPC-794: Weather: Flash: Customer MOAT config is accessing hardcoded MOAT partner code
  • AEPC-793: Weather: Calling amp.captioning.setHidden() on player ready is causing RTE in Chrome Flash and Firefox
  • AEPC-795: Weather: Flash: Maverick reports "no caption available" dft msg does not work any more
  • HTML-696: Heartbeat: Add customer metadata support for Hearbeat
  • AEPC-800: OWN: FLASH: pause/play button disappears during Freewheel (AAI-38)
  • AEPC-804: Flash: Display of IMA SDK Version no in context menu
  • HTML-698: Player not loading in IOS 8
  • AEPC-805: HDCore 3.9: Flash: mbr_starting_index is not working
  • HTML-699: Missing "ended" event when the user skips ad
  • HTML-701: HTML5: iPhone 5(iOS 8) : After pre-roll ad ends content playback is not been observed
  • Known Issue: Font not rendering correctly for certain fonts in fullscreen mode
Build - 10/15/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-791: Patch 33 for OSMF Plugin loading issue
Build - 10/10/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-644: Add ads termination API's for Freewheel HTML5
  • AEPC-757: Port multipart locale handling to Flash-only scenarios
  • AEP-584: Replay button on FLASH player is not functioning
  • AEPC-741: ABCTV: Uplynk: Provide OSMF reference plugin (integration example for ABCTV)
  • HTML-677: Foxnews: HTML5: Add MOAT feature to the Fox News build (and Premier)
  • AEPC-602: Flash: Upgrade to HDCore 3.9 (requires new minimum flash ver)
  • AEPC-775: Weather: Flash - Caption: On setting edgeType to "none", font background offset to the right
  • AEP-524: Flash: freewheel/IMA preroll ad: timing issue : After preroll ad end and just before content playback starts, if user tries pausing content, RTE is displayed
  • AEPC-762: ABCNew: Flash: API for changing caption settings
  • HTML-669: ABCNews: HTML5: Create API for changing caption settings
  • HTML-672: NDN: HTML5: For ComscoreStreamSense, need to allow different payload for ads and content
  • AEPC-770: NDN: Flash: For ComscoreStreamSense, need to allow different payload for ads and content
  • HTML-652: Flash Wrapper: API: During IMA Ad playback, when user resumes , play event is triggered twice
  • HTML-673: ABCNews: Content is not updated after tab on Done button
  • AEP-588: ABCNews: Flash: "play" event not being fired on 2.31 when autoplay is true (fixed in x.32)
  • AEPC-771: OWN: Flash: Ad ad options UI to Freewheel implmentation
  • HTML-671: OWN: HTML5: During Freewheel ads on Iphone, user can use the scrub handle to skip past the ad
  • AEPC-776: Flash - Caption: Enhance caption settings API to updated specific style
  • HTML-681: Weather: "play" called twice when unpausing
  • HTML-678: OWN: Wrapper: Missing expressInstallSWF causes unelegant failure
  • AEPC-772: (Upgrade) Flash:HDCore-3.9
  • AEPC-778: Weather: Flash: On Skip button (IMA) ad "ended" event getting triggered twice
  • HTML-679: Weather: HTML5: Add MOAT feature to the Weather build
  • AEPC-779: Weather: Flash: ad skipped event being triggered twice instead of once (Note: Mis-recorded. Ignore)
  • AEPC-785: Flash Caption settings API: Sync up with HTML 5 impl
  • Flash: Add support for hdcore 3.9 feature: Option to limit bitrate switching to indexes that do not exceed embedded player dimensions
Build - 09/24/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-665: NDN: HTML5: Getting error trying to create multiple AMP instances using ads.
  • AEPC-752: Weather: Flash: Flash player does not except multipart language codes for locale_setting
  • AEPC-743: ABCTV: Uplynk: Integrate UpLynk OSMF plugin; confirm streams play
  • AEPC-742: ABCTV: Uplynk: Confirm appropriate method of supporting Freewheel requirements
  • AEPC-744: HHS: Flash: Caption - live-oncaptioninfo: caption settings set in config is not updated in the caption view if settings dialog is disabled.
  • AEPC-640: WebMD: Flash: Break end event is published twice when ads are skipped (IMA)
  • AEPC-712: Produce OSMF Playback AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-557: Research: Flash: Please verify if we can seek to sub second frame in HDS
  • AEPC-732: Flash: RTE occurs when Octo plugin is installed but mediaanalytics not configured
  • AEP-586: Flash: Language is not getting populated in track
  • AEPC-759: Flash: RTE observed in caption
  • AEPC-760: Flash: Caption: fontBGColor and scroll is not taking effect, when settingsEnabled: false
  • AEPC-761: Flash: fontBGColor is not fully aligned
  • AEPC-763: Expand setPlayerProperty capabilities to include context provided
  • AEPC-764: Flash: Enabling /disabling captions from API is not happening any more
  • AEP-589: Flash: play overlay button should be on top of all other elements
  • AEPC-765: Foxnews player not loading due to caption issue
  • AEPC-766: Flash: select captioning language via API - flash not working any more
  • AEPC-767: Flash: Caption-708, When user navigates to FS mode, caption text disappears
Build - 09/11/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • Fix for improper data binding evaluation at player startup.
  • AEP-585 * Flash: IE8: Player not loading in IE8
  • AEPC-518 * Foxnews: Flash: Design for Adobe Heartbeat for Flash mode (in JS)
  • AEPC-704 Octoshape: Octoshape VOD plaback issues
  • AEPC-746 * ABCTV: Flash: Uplynk: Seek does not work properly
  • AEPC-751 * ABCTV: Uplynk: Clicking Uplynk thumbnail results in RTE within AuthenticationSamplePLugin
  • HTML-438 HTML5: Adjust AMP to handle Android 5!
  • HTML-619 * HTML5: Seek bar refactor for drag-seek in HTML5
  • HTML-634 * Adjust AMPCompiler to to use #{paths.player} for asset SWFs
  • HTML-638 * Wrapper: Some flash player node XML changes
  • HTML-650 * Wrapper: Change samples to not ue loadDefaults()
  • HTML-651 Flash+Wrapper: Make the flash view configurable in wrapper
  • HTML-655 * WebMD: HTML5: Ads Countdown time format
  • HTML-658 * Create AuthenticationSamplePlugin HTML5 wrapper
  • HTML-659 * Create LinkedMenuPlugin HTML5 wrapper
  • HTML-660 * Create OctoShapeStreamingPlugin HTML5 wrapper
  • HTML-662 * html5: (Google has to fix it)cookies disabled(chrome browser) and load player in android 5 ,LocalStrorage JS error blocking player not to load
  • HTML-663 * ABCNews: HTML5: when end of stream is reached, JS error stopping the display of auto advance feature
  • HTML-664 * HTML5: RecommendationSelectedCommand fix
  • HTML-666 * DBCorp: Volume control bar is non functional in fullscreen mode across samples and devices
  • HTML-667 * Foxnews: Flash: AIS: Customer reports authenticated event not firing in sprint 30 (FOXNEWSAMP-84)
  • HTML-668 * Foxnews: Chromecast: Chromecast playback issue
Build 08/28/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-748: WebMD: Flash: Resize when controls=none and ads_auto_fit=true does not propagte to ad container
  • HTML-631: ABCNews: HTML5: Customer reporting unexpected multiple ad playback when sending new media to the player (Freewheel, HTML5)
  • HTML-647: NDN: HTML5: Player stalled after no-ads ad attempt in build 29 in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-557: Weather: HTML5: In HTML mode on IE11 fullscreen is not working
  • HTML-609: HTML5 : Continuation of HTML-608
  • HTML-613: Foxnews: HTML5: Update public API to dispatch all authorization / authentication events
  • AEPC-714: DBCorp: Flash: AdSense Overlays: Overlay placement/size not correct
  • AEPC-725: DBCorp: Flash: AdSense Overlays: Create a content control queue for AdSense in GoogleIMAProxy
  • AEPC-702: Flash "namespace" option is not accessed via global scope flash parameters
  • HTML-624: DBCorp: HTML5: VOD Playback not observed in UC Browser
  • AEPC-727: DBCorp: Flash: AdSense Overlays: Confirm expected behavior of overlays in full screen
  • AEPC-730: DBCorp: Flash: AdSenseOverlays: Media playback does not resume after full screen entry
  • AEPC-729: DBCorp: Flash: AdSenseOverlays: Close button is not shown if media playback is not initiated
  • AEPC-689: Foxnews: Flash: Customer reports for one video that amp.feed.getData() is incorrectly null
  • AEPC-694: Flash: Produce Caption DFXP/SRT/live-oncuepoint/live-onmetadata (Akamai) AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-711: Weather: Flash: After cancelled ad playback by new media, play/pause doesnt work on subsequent pre-roll
  • AEPC-745: Manorama: Flash: Update audio playback sample
  • AEP-544: Flash: IE7/8: Non fatal JS been observed in status bar
  • AEPC-723: Dramafever: Flash: Apply autofit to Freewheel ads (not even just vpaid)
  • AEPC-691: Foxnews: Flash: Domain for special abbreviated config should inherit HTTPS if player swf is HTTPS
  • AEPC-690: Foxnews: Flash: Skin SWF loading should be allowed from other domains
  • AEPC-721: Weather: Flash: Unable to pause ads on amp (DUPE of AEPC-711??)
  • AEPC-726: DBCorp: Flash: AdSense overlays: Determine why the "recall" arrow button is not visible in AMP
  • AEPC-728: DBCorp: Flash: AdSenseOverlays: Add full support for Adsense overlays
  • HTML-645: HTML5: JS errors , causing html5 Player not to load
  • AEPC-735: Worldplay: Flash: RTE when CaptionSettingsPlugin included but captioning disabled
  • HTML-649: Wrapper: Move from flash/plugins in single section to plugins in each module/feature in the wrapper
  • AEPC-738: Flash: IMA Plugin update to latest one
  • HTML-653: Update IMA implementation to use setVpaidMode
  • HTML-646: Weather: HTML5: Loop not working correctly
  • HTML-598: Add default config to player source code.
  • HTML-654: IE 8:Flash: JS Error stopping load of flash player
  • AEPC-739: Playstatechange event is not fired
  • AEPC-749: UpLynk: Provide Akamai AuthenticationSamplePlugin
Build 08/17/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-581 * Flash: Player not loading
  • AEPC-618 FoxNews: Flash: Live ad cuepoints should pass local flag to ad call (Add support for local / national ad breaks)
  • AEPC-693 Flash: Produce CaptionSettingsView AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-703 Flash: PluginMediator mistakenly assigns its own
  • AEPC-709 WebMD: Flash: Ad bar configurability
  • AEPC-717 * WebMD: Flash: Allow setPlayerProperty() to hide the ad bar (make visible / invisinle)
  • AEPC-718 * OWN: Flash: event.player is undefined
  • AEPC-719 * NDN: Flash: For ComscoreStreamSense, "null" values to not send tags Improvement Major
  • AEPC-720 * WebMD: Flash: When customer using external full screen, upon fullscreen transition, caption display location may be delayed to adjust to proper location
  • AEPC-724 * Build script: Ensure captioning setting plugin is in the builds Task
  • AEPC-731 * Flash: RTE occurs when recommendations URL is not set
  • AEPC-733 * IMA: Flash: Skip button during ads , getting hidden on bottom right behind ad control bar
  • HTML-484 Foxnews: HTML5: Adobe Heartbeat continuation for HTML5 mode Task
  • HTML-575 Octoshape: Create Octoshape sample page Improvement Major
  • HTML-579 Foxnews: HTML5: Add support for local / national ad breaks in wrapper for Flash mode
  • HTML-602 Dramafever: Flash: Caption background issue for textAlign center
  • HTML-610 HTML5( IOS 7.1, 8.4, 9.0) : When we either drag or click scrub bar Buffering UI is visible and state of the button in control bar is play through out the content playback.
  • HTML-612 HTML5( IE edge browser) : When Scrubber is moved forward Buffering bar UI is visible and state of the button in control bar is play through out the content playback.
  • HTML-620 HTML5: JS error stop player load in IE 8
  • HTML-621 HTML5: Add playbackrate adjustment in the API and UI (PRIO TBD)
  • HTML-622 HTML5: DASH sample not working as of sprint 28
  • HTML-623 OWN: HTML5: Customer reports ads and content not playing in v2.28 in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-625 * ABCNews: HTML5: Customer reports amp.ads.getInProgress() is not working in HTML5 mode w/ Freewheel
  • HTML-626 * HTML5: Upgrade to dash-js.1.4 is not refelected in AMP Standard samples
  • HTML-627 * HTML5: DASH(dash-dvr.html,dash-live.html) samples page not loading in chrome browser
  • HTML-628 * NDN: HTML5: For ComscoreStreamSense, "null" values to not send tags
  • HTML-630 * Add useJS boolean to omniture config
  • HTML-632 * HTML5: (IMA/Freewheel) midroll and postural ads are not been seen
  • HTML-635 * HTML5: flash.plugins are not merging with
  • HTML-639 * HTML5: Freewheel: content playback not seen after mid roll ad ends
  • HTML-640 * Freewheel: html5: During post-roll ad playback , ad control bar is not shown
  • HTML-641 * Freewheel: html5: During freewheel ads, clicks inside ad not observed.
  • HTML-642 * Freewheel: Html5: End slate when user replays, scrubber is not starting from beginning
Build 07/27/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-683: Octoshape: Flash: Add new Octo-short term Media Analytics support
  • HTML-563: www.akamai.com: HTML5: Player not loading in Windows Firefox on test site when using modal display
  • HTML-591: WebMD: HTML5: Customer reporting player events not firing in iOS7 with controls mode native
  • HTML-590: Wrapper: Add support for Flash plugin resources
  • AEPC-706: Foxnews: Flash: Customer reports OnCaptionInfo captions are intermittently not working
  • AEPC-707: Flash: Perf: Early display of spinner is misplaced during starting briefly on Firefox
  • HTML-594: iOS/Android: When user clicks on thumbnail list for 3rd or 4th time, ad playback is not been observed and console could see list of JS errors
  • HTML-443: HTML5:When companion ad is displayed for second midroll ad, could see JS error in console
  • HTML-586: OWN: HTML5: In Firefox HTML5, IMA not working on prod
  • HTML-585: OWN: HTML5: In Firefox HTML5, content not starting after freewheel preroll
  • AEPC-710: OWN: Flash: SRT Multi Captions Don't work in Flash Player
  • HTML-603: OWN: HTML5: Chinese caption label doesn't work in HTML5 player
  • HTML-605: HTML5: When Scrubber is dragged forward and extreme start, could see the buffering bar UI visible throughout the playback
  • HTML-599: HTML5: FIrefox HTML5: Playback not starting in Firefox HTML5 when media was not already in cache
  • HTML-606: HTML5 : When player loads for the first time on mouse hover inside the player control bar is not visible.
  • AEP-574: WebMD: Flash: Endslate "View all" hyperlink not clickable
  • HTML-604: WebMD - IOS 7.1 Events not registered
  • HTML-600: HTML5(Desktop): When midroll-ad playback ends and content playback starts,could see play overlay button is visible throughout playback
  • HTML-601: HTML5(Desktop): ADS getting skipped when html5 player loaded in IE 11
  • HTML-607: HTML5 : CC button is not getting highlighted in Chrome browser, when we turn on Captions.
  • AEP-578: Flash: Wrapper: RTE displayed when content playback starts
  • AEP-579: updating params inside config.xml and samples.json premier related
  • AEPC-687: ABCNews: HTML5: Infinite loop from Media Analytics accessing serverIp

Build 07/09/2015 (NOTE: Not for production use - internal Akamai use only)
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-570 * Adjust default STD and PREMIER configs for most commong requests
  • AEP-573 * IMA: flash: During ad playback, if user does pause and resume from playback, RTE is displayed
  • AEPC-678 * Flash: Captions appear too early and animate before video start
  • AEPC-681 Perf: Flash: Explore earlier display of pre-loader graphic
  • AEPC-692 * Octoshape: Flash: MA: Use latests loader SWC for MA
  • AEPC-697 * Octoshape all hands: Flag MA to disable tracking for Octoshape streams
  • AEPC-698 * Octoshape all hands: Flag Octoshape plugin to manually track MA metrics
  • AEPC-699 * Octoshape all hands: Integrate Octoshape plugin version 1507030@v329-OSMF_1_6_MA
  • AMPST-155 * 708 Captioning doesn't work on Flash player
  • HTML-553 * Include auto-generated amp.flash.{type}.xml during wrapper build process
  • HTML-592 * MOAT: Wrapper: Add Flash connection in single embed to configre MOAT in Flash
  • HTML-595 * Android: During playback, if user pauses and tries to resume by clicking on play overlay button, sometimes its hard to resume from playback as focus to the play overlay button is lost at times.
  • HTML-596 * Android: When player loads in device, in console could see JS error related to tokenization
Build 06/26/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-580: WebMD: HTML5: Add support for MOAT Ad Viewability tracking in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-581: EMC: HTML5: Tokenized video is not playing due to cookies not being sent in Safari 8
  • AEPC-670: Octoshape: Flash: Implement support for Octoshape tokens (tickets)
  • AEPC-679: WebMD: Flash: Customer reports VPAID ad not responding to in-ad controls properly
  • HTML-513: WorldNow: HTML5: white lines around the border of player in fullscreen on android
  • AEPC-444: FOXNEWS, NDN: Investigate ad industry change on ad "viewability" on ad integration
  • AEPC-657: Move Anvato cue point handling to Anvato plugin
  • AEPC-632: Flash: Octoshape plugin integration for Flash (Phase 1)
  • HTML-578: HTML5: Upgrade to dash-js.1.4
  • HTML-582: Weather: HTML5: Customer reports playback doesn't start on HTML mode
  • HTML-584: When seeking in android in fullscreen, the play head is off by a lot
  • AEPC-675: AT&T: Flash or combo: Multiple setMedia(loadURL or playFile) calls are slowing to a crawl
  • AEPC-677: Foxnews: Flash: Customer reports that setting IMA enabled=false is not working as expected
  • AEP-564: WebMD: Flash: ended event not firing on their page
  • AMPST-154: Single Embed: FLASH: When advanced page is loaded, RTE is displayed
  • AEPC-686: WebMD: Flash: Customer reports alpha not taking effect for adOptions
  • AEPC-685: WebMD: Flash: Customer reports inability to override left top ad options message with localization strings
  • AEPC-684: Flash: single-embed:flash:IMA-ads: Switch between ad playback and try pausing ad, ad does not pause.

Build 06/12/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • HTML-572: NDN: HTML5: Playback not happening after ad on iOS7 iphones and ipads
  • HTML-562: WebMD: Flash mode: Ad reloads during pre-roll when user play pauses (from console doing amp.pause() and amp.play() )
  • HTML-564: HTML5: Firefox 38 should play DASH sample
  • HTML-331: Chromecast: ChromeCast Receiver integration
  • HTML-573: WebMD: HTML5: Error not being recognized, disaplyed or being raised in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-539: WorldNow: HTML5: on mobile when skipping forward, the player always shows buffering bar and the play button doesn't function
  • AEPC-627: Worldnow: Flash: Report play button in control bar doesnt work when autoplay off
  • HTML-509: NDN: HTML5: Video does not start on Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • AEPC-667: AMP Standard: Metlife: End slate doesn't show the last frame of the video with endSlate enabled set to "false" in the config
  • AEPC-672: RTE observed in onCaptioninfo caption
  • AEPC-628: Flash: Produce Ad related AMP Flash Plugins
  • AEPC-648: Flash: Produce IMAOverlayAdProxy AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-630: Flash: Produce IMA AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-631: Flash: Produce Freewheel AMP Flash Plugin
  • FOXNEWS-1131: Foxnews: Flash: CC default message is not showing up
  • AEP-552: Flash: Enabling CC button through API i.e. amp.captioning.setHidden(false), enables the CC button but in caption dialog box , state remains OFF.
  • AEPC-668: ABCNews: Flash: Customer reporting issues with sprint 24 build
  • AEP-555: HTML5: Caption-Display: Enabling CC button through API i.e. amp.captioning.setHidden(false), enables the CC button but in player captionDisplay UI is not displayed
  • HTML-576: Worldnow: HTML5: Seeking after pause causes inabiity to resume playback
  • AEP-560: Flash: Plugin: When reference plugin enabled RTE is displayed on player load
  • AEPC-671: Produce Auditude Standard AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEP-562: ABCN: Comscorestreamsense beacons not firing on FW ad
Build 05/28/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEPC-624: ABC: Flash: FreeWheel is not firing slotImpression on flash
  • AEPC-653: OWN: Flash: Implement midrolls and post rolls for Freehweel in Flash mode
  • AEP-553: OWN: Flash: Freewheel: Terminate-ad:API: fw-ads not terminated if used API
  • AEP-472: OWN: Flash: During freewheel ad playback , when user does tries to pause through API state of button (UI) only does not change to play
  • HTML-565: OWN: HTML5: Freewheel post rolls ads are not playing
  • FOXNEWS-1129: FoxNews: TVE screen not loading on IE10/11
  • FOXNEWS-1132: Foxnews: Player not loading on IE8
  • AEPC-658: Worldnow: Flash: Support config driven control bar color
  • AEP-523: Flash: freewheel preroll ad : during preroll ad display, if user pauses ad , ad is not paused but state of button changes to play
  • AEPC-617: Flash: Remove JavaScriptProxy init from callback workflow
  • AEPC-629: Flash: Produce AdVendorSelector AMP Flash Plugin
  • NDN-158: NDN: HTML5: ComScore StreamSense implementation throwing error due to multiple instnaces
  • AEPC-649: Flash: Remove or modify getPlaybackMetrics from / in ApplicationUtils
  • AEPC-652: Flash: Add JSON configuration support to AdVendorSelectorPlugin
  • AEP-551: Flash: Plugin: Ads: switching between during ad or content not working
  • AEPC-654: Refactor IApplicationMediator to avoid unnecessary imports
  • AEP-554: Flash: Media-Analytics: API: Setting MA value from API is not getting reflected in P beacon
  • AEPC-659: WebMD: Flash: Ensure inpage_bitrate_index_limit if working
  • AEPC-661: Produce VideoMetrics AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-662: Produce VideoStatsInfoOverlay AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-665: Flash: Overlay:Ads: When Overlay ads are turned on, on player load RTE
  • HTML-571: Dramafever: Add features to Dramafever build.json (Freewheel, Comscorestreamsense)
  • AEPC-666: single embed: Ads: Freewheel: IMA: Events: For freewheel ads could see IMA events too in console

Build 05/14/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-516: IMA3: Flash: With new ad tag urls(provided by google),content playback is not been observed when preroll ad ends.
  • AEP-543: Dramafever: Flash: Captions: Expose textfield width and center/left alignment
  • AEP-289: ABCNews: Flash: Captions; Request to implement painted/scrolled captions
  • HTML-560: Controls mode persistent not working as expected.
  • HTML-561: Ads and captions not appearing when native controls enabled.
  • AEPC-634: Octoshape: Flash: Add support for live seek
  • AEPC-635: Octoshape: Flash: Add support for Go Live
  • AEPC-636: Octoshape: Flash: "Live / Go Live" label does not change state appropriately
  • AEPC-637: Octoshape: Flash: During stream start, duration & current time are not displayed at times
  • AEP-545: Metlife/NIIT: Flash: Want to add replay button on the controller.
  • AEPC-641: Octoshape:Flash: Add support for resume at live for live, DVR enabled streams
Build 04/30/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • Implement AMP Flash plugin parent script
  • Tokenization: Objects inside TokenizedArray is not parsed.
  • TVE screen not loading on 7.20
  • ABCNews: Flash: HTTPS is unsupported for feed URLs
  • Foxnews: AIS plugin APIs and Event not being propagated correctly
  • Foxnews: Flash: Add configurability for MOAT plugin to allow partner code
  • WebMD - add a method to select captioning language via API - flash
  • WebMD - add a method to the API to switch languages
  • Flash: Redispatch AdEvent.SKIPPED
  • HTML5: Redispatch AdEvent.Skipped
  • HTML5: caption language is not getting reflected in UI when changes is been made using API
  • Limit Flash invocation of wrapper build script to releases
  • If AEPCore / AEPComponents SWCs are not on disk, plugin build automation fails
  • Weather: HTML5: In HTML mode on IE11 fullscreen is not working
Build 04/16/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-532 Foxnews - TVE screen not showing in IE 10/11 on Windows 8
  • AEP-533 Localize branding plugin text
  • AEP-535 FLASH: FOXNEWS: IE7/8: JS error when index.html page is loaded
  • AEP-536 (PARENT-TICKET) IE 7/8 JS errors in FLASH, when samples page is loaded
  • AEP-537 FLASH: STANDARD: IE/8: JS error when simple/advanced.html page is loaded
  • AEP-538 FLASH: PREMIER: IE7/8: JS error when index.html page is loaded
  • AEP-539 FLASH: ABCNEWS : IE7/8: JS error when index.html page is loaded
  • AEPC-582 Implement plugin build scripts (parent task)
  • AEPC-584 Implement LinkedMenuPlugin build script Task
  • AEPC-593 Produce Recommendations AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-594 Produce ErrorMessagingView AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-595 Produce Outbrain AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-596 Produce Baynote AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-597 Produce Chartbeat AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-609 Implement static AMP Flash plugin support
  • AEPC-610 Implement RecommendationsPlugin build script
  • AEPC-611 Implement FeatureBarPlugin build script Task
  • AEPC-612 Flash: Restrict handling of IMAAdEvent.LOG to debug mode
  • AEPC-613 Implement dynamic forced plugin references in build process
  • AEPC-614 FOXNEWS: FLASH: RTE when samples index.html is loaded
  • HTML-494 HTML5: Postroll ads not been seen across devices
  • HTML-544 Chromecast: chromecast-sender: non-fatal: When user does a cast by clicking on cast button inside popup menu, JS error related to launch is displayed in console
  • HTML-547 Control bar issue on ipad when seeking
  • HTML-548 Restrict handling of IMAAdEvent.LOG to debug mode
Build 04/02/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AAEP-396 NDN: Flash: IMA3 overlays are causing content to self-resume (LONG TERM)
  • AEP-518 Webmd: HTML5: In dekstop safari mode, Mouseover to playoverlay button animation effect is missing
  • AEP-519 ABCNews:Flash: Comscore streamsense remove tracking for Ad pause and resume
  • AEP-520 WebMD: Flash- Update play-overlay asset
  • AEP-521 Bleacher skin for AMP player -- Update (HTML-459, AEP-475)
  • AEP-522 Flash: ima single ad overlay ad: during ad overlay display , if user pauses content , content pause not been observed
  • AEPC-567 Foxnews: Chromecast: Casting during playback does not pause and ovleray the Flash player as exepcted
  • AEPC-605 Foxnews: Flash: NielsenSDK support for STOP or similar needed?
  • HTML-490 Weather: HTML5: after seeking, the play/pause button shows play during playback instead of pause
  • HTML-514 Android(audio.html): When seek operation is complete state of button still in play state and not in pause state
  • HTML-535 HTML5: Getting JS error on sample test embed for Rogers (notificationEventMap)
  • HTML-542 ABCNews: HTML5: Comscore streamsense remove tracking for Ad pause and resume
  • HTML-545 eBay: Wrapper: Customer reports IE9 aborted XDR issue for config load
Build 03/19/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-512 WebMD: Flash: Eval and create customer skin for WebMD
  • AEP-514 Drama - Captioning setting is not preserved after reload
  • AEP-515 Drama - Captioning setting is not preserved after reload
  • AEP-517 NDN: Flash: Poster does not persist during static init with auto play on
  • AEPC-599 NDN: Flash: Add DFPLineItemId to the ad payload for IMA [PLAYER-2423]
  • AEPC-601 ABCN: Flash: Update ComscoreStreamSense config model and implementation to allow stacked tags (Flash)
  • HTML-508 Oprah: HTML5: content does not resume after midroll on iPad w/ ios7
  • HTML-512 Oprah: HTML5: Video does not auto advance
  • HTML-528 WebMD: HTML5: Eval and create customer skin for WebMD
  • HTML-530 Worldnow: Single-embed: player reference missing in event and element
  • HTML-531 HTML5: Few of caption samples page like(captioning-feed.html,captioning-multi-language-feed.html,captioning-multi-language) throws JS errors when user clicks on CC button
  • HTML-532 HTML5: Few of caption samples page like(captioning-feed.html,captioning-multi-language-feed.html,captioning-multi-language)when player loads JS errors are observed in console
  • HTML-533 HTML5: Few Sample page like(captioning-feed.html,captioning-multi-language-feed.html,captioning-multi-language)when user changes language JS errors are observed in console
  • HTML-534 NDN: HTML5: Add DFPLineItemId to the ad payload for IMA [PLAYER-2423]
  • HTML-537 ABCN: HTML5: Update ComscoreStreamSense config model and implementation to allow stacked tags (HTML5)
  • HTML-539 WorldNow: HTML5: on mobile when skipping forward, the player always shows buffering bar and the play button doesn't function
Build 03/06/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-489 FoxNews: Flash: Integrate MOAT Analytics as a plugin - finalize for FoxNews
  • AEP-491 Bleacher: Flash: For customer skin, use customer requested font
  • AEP-500 Weather: Flash: When developer tools are open, fullscreen doesn't work properly
  • AEP-505 Restore FeatureBar assets in plugin context
  • AEP-510 AIS(FOXNEWS): When user loads AIS in chrome and firefox , JS errors been obserevd in console
  • AEP-511 NDN/ABCNews: When user clicks on share or Facebook or twitter , error could be observed in console
  • AEPC-532 NDN: Support: Flash: Memory accumulation related to ad loading
  • AEPC-558 Chromcast: Review AMP Standard to work with Chromecast
  • AEPC-574 Produce Quantcast AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-579 Flash: Play overlay doesn't allow trackpad "tap" to start playback
  • AEPC-580 Produce Share AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-581 Produce ToolTip AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-585 ABCN: Flash: Update ComscoreStreamSense to latest version to allow stacked tag support
  • AEPC-586 [Foxnews] - NielsenSDK : call event7/stop on Content Change
  • AEPC-587 Extract SubClipSelector to ShareDialogPlugin
  • AEPC-588 Extract Gigya to ShareDialogPlugin
  • AEPC-589 Extract AddThis integration to ShareDialogPlugin
  • AEPC-590 Extract Direct Share impl to ShareDialogPlugin
  • AEPC-591 Using setPlayerProperty to set adsEnabled fails
  • AEPC-592 Non-VPAID IMA ads exhibit audio overlap when seeding new media
  • HTML-340 HTML5: Namespace all query parameters to avoid conflicts
  • HTML-485 Worldnow: HTML5: For captions, add presentation style of "roll-up" and "paint-on"
  • HTML-489 Weather: HTML5: when developer tools is opened, fullscreen is not working as desired
  • HTML-505 HTML5: Update our DASH implementation to dash-js 1.3
  • HTML-506 Rogers - For audio only stream, customer requested that iphone will not open the stream in native player
  • HTML-507 FLASH: (IE 7/8): Non fatal JS error is displayed in browser status bar, when playback starts
  • HTML-510 ABCN: HTML5: Update ComscoreStreamSense to latest version to allow stacked tag support
  • HTML-515 Compile Time Error while building Single Embed Projects like NDN, Bleacher etc
  • HTML-516 Consolidated JS errors
  • HTML-517 (FLASH/HTML5) When i try to destroy player by clicking on Destroy Players, players not getting destroyed
  • HTML-518 Foxnews(index.html): playback not been seen when player loads in desktop safari mode and device
  • HTML-519 NDN: 300.html : Timestamp getting overlapped in html5 player either in dekstop safari mode or device
  • HTML-520 across all players: native controls are not displayed when controls-native samples page is loaded in desktop safari mode or device
  • HTML-521 HTML5: When user taps inside controls-native in dekstop safari mode or device no playback is been observed
  • HTML-522 HTML5:(create-destroy-menu) when clicked on 4th link, could see that no player is loaded and JS error is displayed in console
  • HTML-524 Foxnews(html5): when user pause during playback , JS error related to Omniture could be seen in console.
  • HTML-525 HTML5: Ad is not getting paused when user pauses ad.
  • HTML-526 HTML5: Media Anaytics not working in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-527 In external and external-audio samples page, player is not loading up
Build 02/18/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-473 Flash: During freewheel VPAID ad playback , if user switches between thumbnail RTE is observed
  • AEPC-418 Configure BUILD SERVER - automate builds
  • AEPC-536 Foxnews: NielsenSDK: Flash: Reduce spaminess or frequncy of playhead update logs line in concole ofr NielsenSDK flash
  • AEPC-565 Worldnow: Flash: For captions, add presentation style of "roll-up" and "paint-on"
  • AEPC-566 Flash: End slate, when user clicks on play button displayed @ bottom left of control bar RTE is displayed
  • AEPC-571 Produce Linked Menu AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-572 Produce "Overlays" AMP Flash Plugin (or remove impl)
  • AEPC-573 Produce Comscore (legacy) AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-575 Produce Nielsen (legacy) AMP Flash Plugin
  • AEPC-576 Foxnews: Flash: Customer reports NielsenSDK had wrong ad type for live midrolls
  • AEPC-577 Deprecate Panache and Yume implementations
  • AMPST-150 Support player not loading
  • AMPST-151 PubSec: Flash: add rewind button back
  • HTML-464 ABCN: Flash: Please verify if observed Omniture call is expected
  • HTML-465 Need sample Google Chromecast sender apps for all platforms (Siro)
  • HTML-488 NDN: HTML5: Customer reports video does not play after preroll (iOS7)
  • HTML-496 FLASH: (IE 7/8): Non fatal JS error is displayed in browser status bar, when player is loaded
  • HTML-497 Manorama: IE9 Player does not load on First instance
  • HTML-499 Foxnews: HTML5: Realign Nielsensdk to match Flash Config events mapping
Build 02/05/2015
    Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-499 Bleacher: Flash: Minor discrepancies in bleacher skin
  • AEP-502 Bleacher: HTML5: For customer skin, the time to right of scrub should be total time and not current time
  • AEP-503 Flash: Confirm external new plugins are correct smaller size
  • AEPC-564 Flash Player: amp.evaluateBinding("#{media}"); should return a reference to the currently playing media object
  • AEPC-568 Foxnews: Flash: RTE preventing token auth HDN1 stream playback on ais.html
  • AEPC-569 FoxNews: Flash: variable player.name is not populating properly causing issues in Omniture
  • AMPST-152 Fix AMP Standard support player (bad config)
  • HTML-459 Bleacher: HTML5: Evaluate and implement new Bleacher skin
  • HTML-470 Need sample Google Chromecast sender apps for all platforms (Pradeep training version)
  • HTML-471 Bleacher: Html5: For customer skin, control bar layout on devices can be cramped...need to review
  • HTML-476 Bleacher: Html5: Volume control bar is hard to use on touch devices due to small track
  • HTML-483 HTML5: Player seek is broken on Yosemite Safari HTML5 likely due to video tag differences
  • HTML-486 Bleacher: IE 11: html5 player throws error inside player Error: The value of src is not supported
  • HTML-487 HTML5: During ad playback is dekstop safari mode, FS button is enabled
  • HTML-488 NDN: HTML5: Customer reports video does not play after preroll (iOS7)
  • HTML-498 HTML5: Update sample ad tags since old has gone bad in HTML5 mode?
  • HTML-500 NDN: HTML5: Comscore not sending CI param properly on iPad
  • HTML-501 FoxNews: HTML5: Nielsen live duration should have 86400 and not NaN when sent to new NielsenSDK
  • HTML-502 NDN: HTML5: ComscoreStreamSense not sending c3,c4,c6 in HTML5 mode
  • HTML-503 Foxnews: HTML5: Nielsensdk replace dummyCategory and Category with dynamic feed values
  • HTML-504 Pubsec DMA: HTML5: CC dialog buttons cause form submission to occure when AMP is within a form
  • SPRN-19 Process: Establish appropriate usage of Jira Agile (Scrum / Kanban) for use in Sprints
Build 01/22/2015
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-451 Eurosport: Flash: Analyze upgrade to Flashbuilder SDK 4.7 (DISCUSS)
  • AEP-475 Bleacher: Flash: Evaluate and implement new Bleacher skin for Flash
  • AEP-476 Flash: auto play off with ads on/off , When next content in steam is loaded, play button in control bar is missing
  • AEP-477 chromecast(Flash): RTE is displayed when sender samples page is loaded
  • AEP-478 Flash: Not able to hide or show chromecast button through API
  • AEP-479 ABCN - in their flash only embed, they don't see an ad call for Freewheel, please investigate
  • AEP-480 ABCN: Flash: RTE in flash only embed
  • AEP-482 EOnline: Flash: Customer reports Omniture event12 not firing correctly
  • AEP-485 NDN: Please take a look at their swfobject library to see if it conflicts with our player
  • AEP-486 FoxNews: Flash: Integrate MOAT Analytics as a plugin - initial effort
  • AEP-487 Bleacher: Flash: For customer skin, need to adjust the spacing to 10px per spec where needed
  • AEP-490 Bleacher: Flash: Update assets for 30 px button size
  • AEP-493 Foxnews: Flash: RTE is displayed when foxnews player is loaded
  • AEP-494 Standard: Flash: Content playback not been observed in advanced sample page
  • AEP-496 Bleacher: Flash: Volume control bar size magnifies when clicked inside volume panel
  • AEPC-527 Eurosport: Flash: NonHDcore: Support Smooth via third party plugin
  • AEPC-539 Flash: NonHDcore: Add support in VideoStatsInfoOverlay for generic OSMF MBR to allow HLS, Smooth, and other stream types to work
  • AEPC-554 Flash: During or prior to ad preloader, amp.terminateAd / amp.terminateAllAds causes RTE in IMA player
  • AEPC-560 Modify ant build script for HDCore removal
  • AEPC-561 ABCNews: Flash: ComscoreStreamSense: If true completion of the content, then event 57 �final stop� should be used
  • AEPC-562 Apply IMAADProxy changes in r17834 to version 4.2 of AMP
  • AEPC-563 Handle HDCore 3.6 Progress event for live streams
  • AMPST-149 PubSec - 4.14 can not play in IE9/10
  • HTML-448 Chromecast: JS error is observed when chromecast-sender-ima samples page is displayed
  • HTML-453 HTML5: Pass JSON config into Flash (settings_json) for new componentization efforts
  • HTML-467 Microsoft: HTML5: Customer reporting non-fatal Chromecast calls in IE browser
  • HTML-468 Non fatal JS error is been observed in IE status bar, when any samples page is been loaded
  • HTML-469 WorldNow - preroll not loading in mobile
  • HTML-472 Bleacher: Html5: For customer skin, Font type and color for time-location indicator should be same as that of req spec
  • HTML-473 Bleacher: HTML5: For customer skin, Font type for timestamp should be same as that of req spec
  • HTML-474 Bleacher: Html5: Some portion of Playhead overlap with timestamp at end slate
  • HTML-475 Bleacher: Html5: auto play false, if user clicks on volume control bar , volume control bar is hidden beside the playoverlay button
  • HTML-477 Chromecast: Flash: Non fatal JS error is loaded in consoleWhen chromecast-sender-freewheel.html is loaded,
  • HTML-478 Bleacher: HTML5: For customer skin, order the buttons per Flash ordering for now
  • HTML-479 Foxnews: Flash: JS error when user clicks on Login button in AIS UI
  • HTML-480 Bleacher: Html5: (Desktop safari mode/Android Device)When mouse over to volume control bar, volume slider bar position is misplaced
  • HTML-482 Bleacher: HTML5: For customer skin, use customer requested font
Build 12/24/2014
Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-470 NDN: Flash: Expose LoaderInfo INIT and COMPLETE events to page for AMP Premier SWF
  • AEP-471 Flash: For RTMP specific stream, if aasp_bypass: true not specified inside player node or in flash_vars, RTE is displayed
  • AEP-474 NDN Flash: autoplay set to false and when user clicks inside player playback is not been observed
  • AEPC-535 Implement plugin API for AEPCore framework
  • AEPC-543 NDN: Flash: Consider connect to media after the ad
  • AEPC-544 NDN: Implement and expose "mediaTimeout" provided by IMA SDK
  • AEPC-545 NDN: Expose ad playback termination via API
  • AEPC-546 Delay media resolution and internal stream connections until absolutely required
  • AEPC-547 The disableCompanionAds option must be coerced to a Boolean
  • AEPC-549 Flash: HDcore 3.6 upgrade (adds playhead update for Nielsen/Foxnews)
  • AEPC-550 Flash: Accept settings_json into the player from single embed
  • AEPC-551 Comscore pause beacon is triggered while seeking by dragging the thumb
  • AEPC-552 Alleviate direct media proxy dependency on mediators
  • AEPC-553 Flash: blocking ads shouldn't effect content playback
  • AEPC-555 Loading interstitial persists after media completion - post roll is being assumed
  • AEPC-556 Flash: invalid ad tag urls shouldn't affect content playback
  • FOXNEWS-1106 Foxnews: Flash: media.duration in binding is null until after the ad starts
  • FOXNEWS-1125 Foxnews: HTML5: Customer reports companion ads not firing in production HTML5 mode
  • HTML-446 Chromecast: Button state does not change to play when stream is paused
  • HTML-447 Chromecast: Button state does not change to play when resumed from playback
  • HTML-451 Expose terminateAd / terminateAllAds APIs to AMP wrapper
  • HTML-452 NDN:HTML5: Expose ad playback termination via API
  • HTML-454 Config: Several config+sample cleanup for recent implementations
  • HTML-455 Build: comscorestreamsense samples page is not getting generated even with inclusion of comscorestreamsense plugin in build.json
  • HTML-457 Flash: During preroll adplayback,if user terminate ad using API(amp.ads.terminateAllAds()) ads get terminated but content playback is not been observed after termination
  • HTML-458 HTML5 : During preroll adplayback,if user terminate ad using API(amp.ads.terminateAllAds()) ads get paused and after that no content playback is been observed
  • HTML-461 Adjust Single Embed configs and build process to have the new Flash plugins in place for distro
  • NDN-106 NDN: Flash: Refactor playback workflow to only load to only when play begins (dont connect before needed) [PLAYER-1113,1114]
  • Build 12/12/2014
    Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-395 OWN: Evaluate Comscore Streamsense
  • AEP-465 NDN: Flash: Estimate future size of smaller Flash player for NDN
  • AEP-468 Manorama: HTML5: Customer reports that Android 5 not working for live stream player
  • AEP-469 NDN: Flash: Use link report for generate estimate of smaller size
  • AEPC-525 ABCN: Flash: New Comscore Streaming Tag Impl
  • AEPC-537 ABCN: Flash: ABCNews reporting starting bitrate (mbr_starting_index) not working in recent builds
  • AEPC-540 Migrate classes using ProxiesLocator to explicit references to avoid unnecessary imports
  • AMPST-96 AMPFlashConsolidation: Deprecate AMP Standard project
  • AMPST-147 Microsoft: Flash: Cannot resume on DVR of live stream
  • AMPST-148 Flash: RTE when standard player loads
  • HTML-414 ABCN: HTML5: New Comscore Streaming Tag Impl
  • HTML-426 Foxnews: HTML5: Ensure Chromecast button is ready for use on FoxNews skin in Chrome html5 and overlay toolbat during sending.
  • HTML-433 HTML5: In-progress ad playback not cancelled as expected when re-setting the media
  • HTML-434 HTML5: Setting subsequent media after ad complete causes the new content to be skipped
  • HTML-437 Pause event not firing when user closes the browser/locks phone on Mobile devices during content playback
  • HTML-440 Foxnews; HTML5: Chromecast: Implement IMA for pre-rolls on Chromecast
  • HTML-442 HTM5L: when ad playback is complete and content playback is about to start, Notification "RESUME COMPLETE" observed in console
  • HTML-443 HTML5:With companion ads configured, could see JS error in console
  • HTML-444 HTML5: During ad playback in dekstop safari mode , FS button should not be enabled
  • HTML-445 Single Embed: CTE while building NDN
  • HTML-449 NDN: Add comscorestreamsense to HTML5 build for NDN
  • HTML-450 Foxnews: HTML5: Ensure OWN (premier), Foxnews (foxnews) and NDN (ndn) get access to Comscore Stream Sense in the build.json
  • Build 12/02/2014
    Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-455 HTML5(Android): In multiple.html, Timestamp is getting overlapped with control bar in second player
  • AEP-460 Weather: Customer reports AMP Premier does not initialize after destruction
  • AEP-462 Foxnews: Flash: Ensure Chromecast button is ready for use on FoxNews skin. Test it.
  • AEPC-537 ABCN: Flash: ABCNews reporting starting bitrate (mbr_starting_index) not working in recent builds
  • AMPST-145 * Flash: Config option for not showing control bar is not working
  • AMPST-146 * amp.controls.setMode() is not always working
  • HTML-421 Weather: HTML5: Customer reports issues with ads on Android Nexus 7
  • HTML-425 ABCN: HTML5: Customer reports Omniture calls are not being made on mobile devices
  • HTML-427 Foxnews: HTML5: Buffering spinner not going away after seek in html5 mode
  • HTML-428 Foxnews: Playback not been obserevd in index.html is loaded in Nexus 7
  • HTML-429 Omniture/Heartbeat: JS error is been observed when /heartbeat.html page is loaded
  • HTML-430 In multiple.html, When user selects Angle 2 from drop down menu the player is in prepay state and in background playback continues
  • HTML-432 Foxnews:When user click on 2nd thumbnail in index.html page, the player is in preplay state and in background playback continues
  • HTML-435 HTML5: Setting media with AIS-protected content does not properly cancel the previous playback
  • Build 11/13/2014
    Player | Support Player | Package
  • AEP-290 html5: Freewheel click throughs during pre-roll not happening on ipad
  • AEP-436 Clearchannel: Flash: Delay and interval settings are not working in IMA overlay
  • AEP-444 Flash: During player initialization, When user navigate to FS mode and comes back to normal mode the ads are not resized
  • AEP-446 ABCN: Flash: ABCNews Skin pass 2
  • AEP-448 ABCN: amp.control.setMode() is not working as expected + black strip at the top
  • AEP-450 Clearchannel: Flash: During player initialization preloader position is @ bottom of player for few seconds
  • AEP-454 HTML5: Control bar and its elements in SDK.html sample page is misaligned
  • AEP-456 HTML5(Android 4.4.4): When seek is been performed, some delay in seeking
  • AEP-457 HTML5(Android 4.4.4): Even after seek operation is complete , could see that buffering bar is still displayed on top of the player and state of the button in control bar is play
  • AEP-459 Single Embed: Facing CTE while building single embed custom projects(abcnews, weatherchannel etc)
  • AEPC-516 MurphyAndCo: Flash: Upgrade Adobe appMeasuremtn plugin for flash to the newest version
  • AEPC-521 Microsoft: Flash: NonHDCore: Evaluate if we can remove AASP or bypass with varaible
  • AEPC-522 Microsoft: Flash: Need API to setData() during playback
  • AEPC-526 Several: Flash: NonHDcore: Support HLS via third party plugin
  • AEPC-528 Flash: Minor timing issue during display of overlay.
  • AEPC-530 ABCN: Flash: Control bar visibility not restored properly when switching control visibility mode dynamically
  • AEPC-531 Foxnews: Flash: Instances of AdEvent.LINEAR_CHANGED cause RTE
  • AEPC-533 Add call to AdsLoader.destroy to purgeAdManager method Task
  • AEPC-534 NDN: Flash: Include removal of AdsManager container in purgeAdManager method
  • FOXNEWS-1072 Foxnews: HTML5: Not able to see ads in android browser but able to see it in chrome browser - samsung s3(4.3)
  • FOXNEWS-1122 Foxnews: HTML5: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 control panel issues (FOXNEWSAMP-38)
  • FOXNEWS-1123 Foxnews: Flash: Clean up Omniture props - Foxnews-42
  • FOXNEWS-1124 Fullscreen button is not working and captions display issue on Android.
  • HTML-338 HTML5: Handle FlashPlayer.coffee try...catch more discretely
  • HTML-386 Foxnews: HTML5: Design for Adobe Heartbeat
  • HTML-399 FoxNews. HTML5: Support: On galaxyS3, duration prior to playback shows 1s instead of real content duration (FOXNEWSAMP-27)
  • HTML-408 ABCN: HTML5: Create nice API around "external" full screen mode.
  • HTML-412 Weather: HTML5: During IMA ad playback , ad marker is positioned slightly out of scrubbar
  • HTML-413 Microsoft: HTML5: Need API to setData() during playback
  • HTML-416 ABCN: HTML5: ABCNews Skin pass 2
  • HTML-417 HTML5: Minor timing issue during display of overlay.
  • HTML-418 Weather: html5: Customer reports html5 player does not play the tweet from the twitter account after embed
  • HTML-419 Fox: Chromecast: Expose captioning to standard media control channel
  • HTML-420 Add support for Google Chromecast Track API for captions/subtitles.
  • HTML-423 External: JS error is displayed when external.html page is loaded in device or browser
  • Build - 10/30/2014
    • AEP-378 Foxnews: Duration removal options for small sizes (FOXNEWSAMP-7)
    • AEP-430 ABCN: Flash: Create new ABCNews skin
    • AEP-442 PNC: Flash: Enable SSL support for fragments via new HDcore param Improvement
    • AEPC-508 HHS: Flash: Add API to enable/disable captions Improvement
    • AEPC-517 Microsoft: Flash: Implement Subply for VOD streams Task Major
    • AEPC-519 Multiple deferred setPlayerProperty instructions fail after the first instruction
    • HTML-239 NDN: html5: PLACEHOLDER: any polyfill/function reactions? (pease thread)
    • HTML-279 HTML5: Improve Freewheel mid-rolls in HTML5 player (Second Pass)
    • HTML-285 Internal: Phase 2: All Hands Page: Add seek table to the page
    • HTML-319 HTML5: Research why simple pause-then-play sometimes freezes the frame and rewinds playhead
    • HTML-374 HHS: HTML5: Add API to enable/disable captions Improvement
    • HTML-383 ABCN: HTML5: Create new ABCNews skin Task
    • HTML-389 HTML5- Desktop mode: Auto hide the controlbar when the user is idle in desktop mode.
    • HTML-391 FoxNews: HTML5: Research why AIS chooser does not show up in html5 mode on Fox News production
    • HTML-392 Duration not being passed correctly to chromecast receiver.
    • HTML-393 Player state being incorrectly reported during media load on chromecast receiver
    • HTML-394 ABCNews HTML5: Freewheel pre-roll not playing on sequential playback
    • HTML-396 Weather: HTML5: iPad - preroll doesn't fit correctly (WEATHER-52, WEATHER-47)
    • HTML-397 Weather: HTML5: During preroll, if the control bar gets minimized, it doesn't come back up (WEATHER-50)
    • HTML-398 Update support config XML to make functional again in Flash mode
    • HTML-401 HTM5 Desktop Mode: When volume slider bar is just dragged above the volume control bar , volume control bar icon disappears
    • HTML-402 HTML5: Volume slider bar is non functional in Fullscreen safari desktop mode
    • HTML-403 Start time not honored when preroll ads enabled on chromecast.
    • HTML-404 HTML5: Playoverlay is displayed on top of the player throughout with no video playback been seen rather audio could be heard on the background, when autoplay :true in desktop safari mode
    • HTML-405 HTML5: Dash: dash sample page not playing in IE11/Win 8.1, shows error in console
    • HTML-406 HTML5: If freewheel mid roll ads are present, ad marker in scrubbar during content playback is misplaced.
    • HTML-407 HTML5: During freewheel ad playback in desktop safari mode or in ipad, ad scrubbar starts from midway
    • HTML-409 NDN: Enable Omniture in build Task
    • HTML-410 eBay: HTML5: Remove prevention of same media item
    • HTML-411 HTML5: With ads enabled , after ad complete content playback not been obserevd
    Build - 10/16/2014
    • AEP-410 HTML5: IMA3: Investigate whether or not the AdFullscreenProxy micro architecture is still needed.
    • AEP-428 Weather: Flash: Determine if raw PNG assets do in fact only require a single click to initiate a player action
    • AEP-432 Weather: Flash: Customer reports poster image does not appear on desktop
    • AEP-434 Weather: Flash/HTML5: Discuss workflow request made on behalf of Deepak at Weather
    • AEP-439 Flash: When user mouseovers on the control bar elements, the mouse over state is not displayed
    • AEP-440 NDN HTML5: Companion ads not been displayed with valid companion request
    • AEP-441 NDN HTML5: When user taps inside preview.html samples page no playback is been observed
    • AEPC-491 Flash: Discuss viability of persisting poster image for all use cases
    • AEPC-505 Flash: Upgrade HDCore to version 3.5
    • AEPC-510 FoxNews: Flash: New NielsenSDK, even when excluded, still accesses Nielsen resources for all players
    • AEPC-511 NDN: Flash: On NDN main sample page, the player is not responding to being playback
    • AEPC-512 NDN: Flash: autoplay=false not being honored in NDN sample page
    • AEPC-514 Relieve source compilation requirement from legacy AMP Standard Improvement
    • AEPC-515 Weather: Flash: Customer reports VPAID ads report negative durations
    • HTML-349 Weather: HTML5: Customer asking for HTML5 couch-mode plan/positioning
    • HTML-354 OWN: HTML5: Customer reports Player doesn't initialize on ipad/iphone
    • HTML-367 HTML5: Pause playback and perform seek operation in safari dekstop with PDL Content, player gets stuck
    • HTML-369 NDN: HTML5: Share button is not triggering any actions (NDN-2114)
    • HTML-370 HTML5: Chromecast: Implementation of cast.receiver.media.Player incorrectly reporting IDLE state.
    • HTML-371 HTML5: Video plays in the background after loading duplicate media (same stream url)
    • HTML-372 Chromecast: Create sample page demonstrating a generic Google Sender implementation.
    • HTML-375 Foxnews: HTML5: Include new Nielsen the desired locations/builds
    • HTML-376 NDN: HTML5: IN all players, HTML5 share button was did not trigger share event(s)
    • HTML-377 Dramafever: HTML5: Include chromecast modules in Dramafever builds
    • HTML-378 ABCN: HTML5: Freewheel: seeing double ad calls and double play instructions when video advances
    • HTML-379 HTML5: For html5 player, Updated delay value for overlay ad is not been considered
    • HTML-380 HTML5: For html5 player, Interval value is not been considered during overlay ad playback
    • HTML-381 Microsoft: HTML5: CaptioningWrapper Subply Issue Fix
    • HTML-382 HTML5: During ad playback in HTML5 player, Full screen button should not be enabled
    • HTML-384 Weather: HTML5: Preroll "does not stop" after seeding player Support
    • HTML-385 Weather: HTML5: Customer reports clicking on pre-roll is not launching ad url as expected
    • HTML-387 HTML5: In html5 player, after ad playback ends content playback is not observed
    • HTML-390 Position of Cue points in HTML5 player is not displayed @ center of scrubbar.
    Build - 10/07/2014
    • Nielsen sdk plugin Cleanup
    • Resolves: HTML-372
    • Resolves: HTML-369
    • Resolves: HTML-370
    • Resolves: HTML-371
    • Resolves AEPC-511. See ticket comments for further details.
    • AEP-333 OWN: Make sample page for recordContentChange
    • AEP-375 Foxnews: Flash: New Nielsen plugin integration
    • AEP-408 Weather: Flash: Ad playback fails without an ads request
    • AEP-409 HTML5: IMA3: Update IMA HTML5 implementation to reflect changes in custom ad playback API
    • AEP-411 Bleacher: Support: Research suspected player loading issues
    • AEP-413 Manorama: Flash: MA "sa" property is not fired with the beacon in Windows IE 9 until developers tool is on (by pressing F12).
    • AEP-419 Weather: Flash: Customer reports Win 8.1 Chrome video issue (Weather-35)
    • AEP-420 Weather: Flash: Customer reporting in Full Screen IE10, IE11 ads are not sized/aligned properly (Weather-39)
    • AEP-422 Getting errors when hiding/unhiding div - Weather
    • AEP-426 When user tries to pause the ad in html5 player, ads not getting paused
    • AEP-427 Overlay ad could be seen on top of mid roll ad playback
    • AEPC-447 Upgrade Media Analytics loader and full SWC's (if needed) (if not, resolve)
    • AEPC-473 Dramafever: Flash: Customer DramaFever claims videos do not begin after ad playback
    • AEPC-480 When captioning passed inside track node through config overrides, Language is not displayed in captioning UI
    • AEPC-492 Make config / flashVar processing dynamic
    • AEPC-496 Flash: With one particular VPAID creative, ad is not getting resized accordingly upon return from full screen mode
    • AEPC-498 Weather: Flash: Implement MSG_AD_COUNT option for excluding the ad count within adOptions
    • AEPC-499 Expose view initialization to wrapper API
    • AEPC-500 eBay: Flash: Resizing of player unhides the control when supposed to be hidden
    • AEPC-502 Render loading interstitial inactive when not visible
    • AEPC-503 Setting resumeDVRAtLive to true does not resume HDS stream at live point after a pause.
    • AEPC-504 Overlay Ad not seen in FLASH Player, When invalid or no pre-roll ad tag url is been passed
    • AMPST-136 Fox: HTML5: Chromecast: Integrate Fox's Omniture into receiver
    • FOXNEWS-1119 FoxNews: HTML5: Setting Options not properly styled (Foxnews-17)
    • FOXNEWS-1120 FoxNews: HTML5: CC sometimes cut off on tablet (Foxnews 19)
    • FOXNEWS-1121 Flash: Default CC button not applying default styles (Foxnews 16)
    • HTML-226 Fox: Chromecast: Captions: Add 608 support
    • HTML-263 Foxnews: HTML5: New Nielsen plugin integration
    • HTML-266 HTML5 ON DESKTOP Improvement Items tracking ticket
    • HTML-287 Fox: HTML5: Chromecast: Set up testing receiver and web sender
    • HTML-293 HTML5: Mouse: Add right click menu, similar to youtube
    • HTML-305 HTML5: Re-evaluate need for seek call after midrolls in HTML5
    • HTML-306 Research the possibility of supporting IMA midrolls in single-video-tag mode for HLS content
    • HTML-323 ABCN: HTML5: Add support for FreeWheel click thrus
    • HTML-337 Manorama: Flash: On Ready handler Flash is not ready to handle SetParams in IE 9
    • HTML-339 HTML5: Mouse: Add mouse interactions to control bar when device is desktop.
    • HTML-342 Weather - HTML5 - controls don't work when switching videos
    • HTML-345 The firing of the ready event is not consistent between Flash and HTML5.
    • HTML-348 Investigate if it is feasible to disable the error event handler while ads are playing
    • HTML-351 Weather: HTML5: Buffering bar remains after seek in Safari desktop with PDL content (weather-28, weather-29)
    • HTML-352 Add ability to listen to messages in receiver app.
    • HTML-353 The ready event is not being fired after the first instantiation of the player
    • HTML-355 Investigate using Google's default media channel for controlling media playback on ChromeCast
    • HTML-356 Use IMA SDK to retrieve companion ads
    • HTML-357 Control bar is not seen in ipad(html5 player) when user taps inside the player during playback
    • HTML-358 When midroll ad ends, content playback is not been observed
    • HTML-359 There is a brief pause and display of playoverlay button, when next mid roll ad is about to start
    • HTML-360 Overlay Ad not seen in HTML5 Player, When invalid or no pre-roll ad tag url is been passed
    • HTML-362 Autoplay not working in iOS8
    • HTML-364 When caption are enabled, Caption-text are displayed on top of caption dialog box
    • HTML-365 Companion ads are not been observed even with valid companion block in desktop safari mode
    • HTML-366 Companion ads displayed in html5 player but could see the JS error in console related to companion ads
    • NDN-154 NDN: HTML5: Player does not initialize under private browsing(Incognito mode) tab on mobile
    • NDN-155 NDN: HTML5: Black Screen Appears after ads (on the Inline 590) in Safari (NDN PLAYER-1991)
    Build 4.7.0002 - 09/17/2014
    • AEP-403 OWN: Flash: Support in CC3 testing
    • AEP-405 Weather: Player doesn't launch in Ubuntu
    • AEP-412 Manorama: Mid-roll and post-roll overlay ads are not removed even after the video ends
    • AEP-414 Weather: Let Weather Channel know about issues in their companion ad workflow
    • AEP-415 Weather: Correlate Flash and HTML modes' companion ad handling procedures
    • AEPC-129 Standardize on one method of property access for BaseConfigurationProxy
    • AEPC-456 Foxnews: Flash: PLACEHOLDER: Autoplay cookie followup?
    • AEPC-464 Manorama support
    • AEPC-483 Flash: Freewheel ads not been observed in flash
    • AEPC-489 NDN: IMA SDK does not honor PPID values after first application
    • AEPC-490 eBay: Flash: Persist poster image until media / ad playback begins in static init case
    • AEPC-494 Live indicator is never dismissed
    • AMPST-116 Investigate need for slateImageUrl in AMP Standard
    • AMPST-143 Foxnews - Default CC button not applying default styles
    • AMPST-144 BeInSports: Flash: Live/GoLive Indicator not reflecting behind-live status
    • HTML-248 HTML5: Dash: Implement DASH DVR functionality
    • HTML-286 Research how Flash full screen can work
    • HTML-292 HTML5: Mouse: Add mouse interactions to volume controls when device is desktop.
    • HTML-295 HTML5: Mouse: Hover states for all controls
    • HTML-317 Create Ad Choices Sample Page
    • HTML-332 HTML5: Dash: Implement stats overlay for DASH playback
    • HTML-333 HTML5: Dash: Upgrade to latest DASH 1.2 version
    • HTML-334 HTML5: Dash: Alter buffer startup time or consider configurable
    • HTML-335 HTML5: Dash: Errors in console dash-live.html samples page
    • HTML-336 Manorama: HTML5: Customer requests Replay button to be config-driven rather than CSS
    • HTML-341 Weather: HTML5: Media gets cut off when played in fullscreen
    • HTML-343 Controls don't work (volume, play/pause) when we change video by clicking on a different thumbnail on the playlist although video plays.
    • HTML-344 Weather: HTML5: Full screen while media plays on a desktop browser shows the video cut off.
    • HTML-346 External mode example not working in both Premier and Standard
    • HTML-347 When end-slate is displayed,position of play state button in control bar is shifted bit up
    • NDN-102 LATER: Flash: ads: Even after NDN-101, non VPAID ads may be cropped..need to fix
    • NDN-153 NDN: Player displays white box when "mode" parameter specified
    • NDN-156 NDN: Flash: When in fullscreen mode, the audio resumes but not the video (NDN player 1987)
    Build 4.6.0003 - 09/04/2014
    • OWN: Assist live event page updates for Gene (Frank/Hudi)
    • NDN: Flash: Send PPID for DFP (NDN PLAYER-1837) (dev done, waiting for QA after DFP bugfix)
    • Video error on Firefox 32 - HSN
    • NDN: Flash: Allow PPID set be changed per media item
    • Add support for displaying the loading interstitial when player is statically initialized
    • Rogers: Support: Rogers media claims stream "cuts out" and results in SNF
    • FoxNews: Flash: Expand getPlayerProperty to include PlayerVO scope and getAutoPlay method
    • NDN: Flash: Ads autofit option incorrectly cutting off bottom of non-VPAID ads
    • Poster not showing up in the new AMP standard version
    • Preloader icon not visible at player start
    • Remove FOX News specific samples pages
    • Research how Flash full screen can work
    • Foxnews: HTML5: Pair getAutoPlay with getPlayerProperty for Flash
    • Position of Cue points in NDN HTML5 player is not displayed @ center of scrubbar.
    • Adchoices logo been displayed in html5 player, when there is no ads
    • Buffering text is not displayed in Buffering bar UI.
    • ABCN: HTML5: Content doesn't resume after first ad on their site
    • ABCN: HTML5: With Freewheel settings from ABC, ad playback incorrectly starts prior to user pressing play on Safari desktop
    • ABCN: HTML5: Customer reporting Omniture media.open firing twice instead of once
    • ABCN: HTML5: Drag-scrub in html5 not showing proper UI
    • NDN: HTML5: Allow PPID set be changed per media item
    • Play overlay appears between ad and content
    • IPAD Control bar does not show up
    • During midroll ad, when second ad playback starts in the list of 4 ad slot.
    • PPID not getting passed in html5 ad call
    • NDN: HTML5: Ads: Implement DFP single ad call driven prerolls+overlays
    Build 4.5.0001 - 08/20/2014
    • AMPST-131Cannot seek in standard version for a VOD playback
    • HTML-283HTML5: During freewheel pre-roll or midroll ad playback, ads get paused with out user interaction with ad control bar
    • AMPST-137Apple Skin: Update the new assets provide for volume mute and restore buttons
    • AEP-381Weather: Flash:When volume starts as muted, clicking doesnt unmute
    • AEP-392Weather: Flash: Customer reports VPAID controls are covered up (placeholder)
    • AMPST-135Apple: Prepare custom skin for AMP Standard (first time) for Apple
    • HTML-284ABCN: Flash: Playlist button needs mouseover hover state (minor UI)
    • AMPST-130Customer Fox Entertainment (Addison Interactive) claims loader is not visible2d
    • AMPST-139Apple: skin feedback: Fwd: APPLE FLASH video question
    • HTML-289HTML5: Why error message: Plugin could not be found: "volumepanel"
    • AMPST-111AMPFlashConsolidation: No-DVR stream should hide scrub and timecodes
    • HTML-247Customer Nodalcast requires assistance implementing AMP for Android 2d
    • HTML-290Apple: Additional skinning asks
    • HTML-301Post Roll Ads not working on HTML5 Player
    • AEPC-475Inlcude FLA in Flash build script
    • AMPST-138When core_ads_enabled is not present in std config.xml and when end slate is displayed, Replay and play button is missing and buffering or loader is displayed
    • AEPC-481When control mode is set as auto or none and when buffering bar UI is displayed it will not auto adjust
    • AEP-397AdOptions displays the wrong message during final ad playback 1h
    • AEP-398AdOptions is unnecessarily pluralized1h
    • AEP-399Dramafever: Flash: Volume control bar button for dramafever outdated(need to update asset)
    • HTML-300Foxnews: HTML5: On Android Play timer overlaps share button
    • HTML-296HTML5: Ad-choices button missing, when pre-roll is displayed in html5 player
    • HTML-297Dramafever: HTML5: When content playback starts in DF html5 player, timestamp and scrubber behaves weirdly
    • HTML-302HTML5: Volume panel styles move to core from custom projects
    • HTML-294ABCN: HTML5: Freewheel preroll ads not playing
    • HTML-303ABCN: Add Outbrain to premier build
    • AEP-400Flash: Update missing assets
    • AEP-401Weather skin: Pause button appears dithered
    • NDN-150NDN short term patch: ignore IMA content resume request for NDN non-linear workflow1h
    • NDN-152Flash: Seeing non-fatal RTE after overlays related to default time period of 15 second
    • HTML-304HTML5: IMA: Midroll ad is not getting paused and when mid roll ad ends content playback starts but scrubber and timestamp is behaving weirdly
    • HTML-264OWN: HTML5: Midrolls failing to resume content on ipad
    • HTML-307Adchoices button and Ad Count getting overlapped in 300.html(Ipad Devices)
    • HTML-308unwanted space between CC button and FS button in 300.html.(To see issue click on 2nd thumbnail)
    • HTML-309Ads not observed in html5 player(300.html)
    Build 4.4.0001 - 08/07/2014
    • Build updates:
    • -Single embed build# 2.4.0008, Flash build# 4.4.004
    • Change Logs
      AEP-377 Foxnews: Flash: Minor undesired vertical space still left under title (FOXNEWSAMP-4)
      AEP-379 OWN: Flash: Omniture prop47 not being sent - Oprah
      AEP-380 NDN: AdChoices logo not working in Flash (PLAYER-1883)
      AEP-384 NDN: Flash AND HTML5: amp.pause() during ads not consistently working in NDN 11.1 (PLAYER-1900)
      AEP-386 NDN: Flash: Clicking on overlays is causing pause events but still playing video
      AEP-387 NDN: Flash: NDN says 1.4 pre-release is unresponsive
      AEP-389 NDN: Flash: AdChoices full button is not showing in small skin in Flash
      AEP-390 Include AdChoices assets in NDN reduced size FLA / SWF
      AEPC-471 Flash: Fix default skin button horizontal spacing
      AEPC-472 Televisa: Flash: Problem handling non-linear ads - Televisa
      AEPC-474 Capture, log and report SNF errors encountered during continuous playback
      AMPST-132 Remove ad case for uncaught error handling
      AMPST-133 Player won't load without Media Analytics
      AMPST-134 Apple: Flash: Custom skin for Apple
      HTML-173 Fox: Chromecast: Implement Freewheel mid-rolls in HTML5 player (First pass)
      HTML-241 Fox: Chromecast: Add ad messges to general API for non-AMP Sender apps
      HTML-242 SpotX ads via DFP hanging on iPhone
      HTML-251 Controls mode not being honored when set via the config
      HTML-258 ABCN HTML5: Pausing Freewheel pre roll is not pausing the ad
      HTML-259 ABCN HTML5: Customer reports akamai-ended CSS clas not being removed consistently
      HTML-261 Internal: All Hands Page: Add seek table to the page
      HTML-262 Foxnews: AIS: Chooser icons minor style issues (FOXNEWSAMP-14)
      HTML-265 [ABCN] HTML5: Create dummy playlist button in control bar
      HTML-267 NDN: HTML5: IMA ad playback should honor setting of volume
      HTML-268 Weather: HTML5: Full screen button should not be allowed during ad playback
      HTML-269 NDN: AdChoices logo not working in HTML5 (PLAYER-1883)
      HTML-270 NDN: HTML5 Send PPID for DFP, and wrap the Flash impl (NDN PLAYER-1837)
      HTML-273 Count down timer is not displayed, during freewheel pre-roll or mid-roll ad playback in devices like iPad 3 or android in safari or chrome browser.
      HTML-274 During freewheel ad pause, when clicked on playoverlay button ad playback is not resumed.
      HTML-275 Add enterFullScreen to Flash API
      HTML-276 NDN: HTML5: Re-connect the small skin in html5 mode
      HTML-280 HTML5: DFP/IMA3 midrolls cause scrub to have wrong duration after ad play
      HTML-281 HTML5: AdChoices logo is not clickable in html5
      NDN-146 NDN: Script timeout causes uncaught error and ad termination
    Build 4.3.0000 - 07/24/2014
    • Build updates:
    • -Single embed build# 2.3.0006, Flash build# 4.3.008
    • Change Logs
      AEPC-470, APE-374,: Contains fixes for Buffering bar UI(Zebra animation) not being displayed when mode is default
      AEP-371: Contains playoverlay icons update for WC flash
      AEP-370: Contains playoverlay icons update for WC html5
      AEP-369: Skin update for WC html5 player
      AEPC-467: Replay button not displayed when End slate is reached
      HTML-255: CC button display during ad content play in HTML5 player
      AEPC-465: Porting Overlay ad support back to premier.
      AEPC-463: Ad not paused when clicked on play button in controlbar.
      AEPC-455: Move chromecast button to more std position
      HTML-250: Restoration of user agent hinting sample pages
      HTML-249,AEP-362,AEP-363,AEP-360,A EP-364: Support tickets for WC
      AEP-361: Icons in control bar must be centered for WC player.
      AEP-365: Size increase of button hit states to 40px for WC player.
      AEP-368: Skin update for Flash WC player
      AEP-372: CSS update, Title and description update for WC html5 player.
      AEP-373: Display handover icon, when mouse over to volume control bar for WC player
      AEP-354: Playlist button creation for ABCN Flash player.
      AEP-356: FS bypass for flash for ABCN Flash player
      General bug fixes and improvements.
    Build 4.2.0004 - 07/10/2014
    • Build updates:
    • -Single embed build# 2.2.0004, Flash build # 4.2.004
    • Change Logs
      Revision# :16694,16700,16706-16707,16714,16716
      Tagging AMP Core v4.2 per completion of Sprint 2.
      modified to fix a regression issue (ad not pausing)
      Resolved FOXNEWS-1113
      Resolves AMPST-124.
      AEP-352 in progress.
      Tagging AMP Core v4.2 per completion of Sprint 2.
      Revision Numbers.
       Resolves: HTML-233
       Resolves: FOXNEWS-1117
       Fixed HTML-233
       Contains SE build# updates for premier,ndn,fn,df and cc.
      Revision Numbers.
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1116.
       FIXES AMPST-110
       Build# update for premier flash
       Change log for premier flash
       FIXES NDN-144: removes RTE
       FIXES AMPST-128: added null check for adProxy to avoid regression on AMP Std
      Revision Numbers.
       Change log commit and Premier SE build# update
       Foxnews SE build# update
       NDN SE build# update
       DF and Std SE build# update
      Revision Numbers.
       FIXES AMPST-120 added null check for adProxy to avoid regression on AMP Std
       Resolved AMPST-120
        Resolved FOXNEWS-1113
       Resolved Resolved AMPST-122
       Resolved Resolved Resolved AEPC-457
      Revision Numbers.
        Resolved AMPST-120
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1116
      Revision Numbers.
        16589-16591,16596-16599,16600, 16607-16611,16615-16617,16630,16632,16634,16636,16638-16639,16642-16643,16646-16649,16652-16654
       Resolved AMPST-120
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1116
       AEP-352 in progress.
       Resolves FOXNEWS-1112. Minor fix to build script file.
        AEP-352 in progress.
       Resolved AEPC-448
       Resolves AEPC-449. Addressed a CTE in legacy AMP Standard.
       Fixes AMPST=79
       Resolved DRAM-40
       Fixes NDN-104(display markers)
       Resolves AEPC-445.
       Fixes NDN-104(display markers),Foxnews-1094..
       Resolves FOXNEWS-1110.
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1104: Fixed an issue caused during media player pause state
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1107
       Resolved FOXNEWS-1104
       Fixes AEPC-446
       Fixes AMPST-113,114,115, NDN-104
       contains log text for Intermediate premier build# : 4.2.001
       Resolved: ClearChannel-193: Fixed an alignment issue in volume bar
       Resolved: Clearchannel-193: MIgration: Create Flash skin SWF's for iheart and PRN skins
       Resolved: AEP-350 - Skin for weather channel
       Adjusted the position of stream timeindicator
       Resolved: CLEARCHANNEL-196 - port popout button
       Adding the fla again.
       Resolved: CLEARCHANNEL-196 - port popout button
       Resolved: Clearchannel-193: MIgration: Create Flash skin SWF's for iheart and PRN skins
       Added play overlay button for iheart
       Implemented: CLEARCHANNEL-196 - porting popout button
       Resolved: Clearchannel-193: MIgration: Create Flash skin SWF's for iheart and PRN skins
       Branching AMP Core for Sprint-2.
       Directory name change.
       Branching AMP Premier for Sprint-2.
      Revision Numbers.
       config updates for foxnews
       Fix - HTML-226, HTML-236 (chromecast flash without advanced settings)
       contains change build#, feed and assets update for foxnews
       contains change logs for SE premeir
       Progress: HTML-235
       Resolves: HTML-234
       Foxnews-1111 Update and removing screenmarkes from ima
       Resolves NDN-143
       FOXNEWS-1111 update
       Resolves FOXNEWS-1111
       Resolves NDN-143
       Resolves Clearchannel-195, Clearchannel-192
       Clearchannel-195, Clearchannel-192 - Update
        Resolves: FOXNEWS-1103
       Progress: AEPC-417
       Progress: HTML-235
       Progress: AEPC-417
       -NOTE: Consolidated API to match documentation
       SWF updates:
       committing 4.2.001 latest into premier folder
       SWF updates:
       committing 4.2.001 into clearchannel folder
       committing clear channel assets into clearchannel folder
       HTML-224 Update/fixes
       Contains build# updates for ie,
       Clearchannel# 4.2.0000
       Weatherchannel# 0.2.0000
       Flash build# 4.2.001
        SWF Updates:
       Committing weather.com assets into weatherchannel
       Contains log changes for Intermediate SE ClearChannel build 4.2.0000
       CLEARCHANNEL-192 Adding Assets (Update)
       CLEARCHANNEL-192 Update
       HTML-224 Weatherchannel Update
       - Streamlined initial language selection
       Resolves: HTML-231
       Resolves: HTML-232
       HTML-224 Weatherchannel Update
       SPRINT-2: DEV and QA